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Health Insurance in Faridabad

Discover the top health insurance plans in Faridabad with comprehensive coverage and affordable premiums.

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Known for manufacturing, Faridabad sees many working professionals settle here. As treatments advance, quality healthcare assumes vital importance.

Leading hospitals offer cutting-edge infrastructure, but costs are high. Having adequate insurance aids in providing affordable access to healthcare services required to get better without financial barriers. It delivers peace of mind when it matters most.

Which is the most suitable health insurance plan for me in Faridabad?
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ACKO offers 3 types of innovative health insurance - the Standard plan, Platinum plan, and the Super Top-up to meet diverse medical coverage needs.

The need for health insurance in Faridabad
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As Faridabad grows as an industrial and job hub, quality healthcare becomes vital for the increasing number of residents and migrants. Modern treatments at reputed hospitals can be expensive without adequate insurance.

ACKO’s cashless policies offer a direct settlement, reducing financial stress. As costs rise, prudent families proactively purchase tailored covers.

How much sum insured do I need in Faridabad?
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While Faridabad has a decent medical infrastructure, treatment costs can still run high, so having a minimum base cover of Rs.10 lakhs per insured member is advised. However, opting for a sum insured equivalent to your full annual household income or 50% of it for more comprehensive protection makes better sense.

For example, if your family's yearly earnings are Rs.15 lakhs, going for Rs.10-15 lakhs family health insurance plan would allow adequate coverage for hospitalisation needs. 

You can also factor in existing conditions like diabetes running in your family to choose the appropriate higher sum insured of Rs.10-15 lakhs for related surgeries, dialysis, etc., thereby helping you avoid paying huge bills out of pocket.

How much does health insurance cost in Faridabad?
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Faridabad has quality private healthcare with trusted hospitals. However, treatment costs are still 15-20% higher on average than in other Tier-2 cities. Plans like Family floater with a sum insured of Rs. 10 lakhs may charge over Rs. 9,000 as a yearly premium. 

Despite the higher premiums, investing in more comprehensive plans like Rs. 15 lakh or Rs. 1 crore makes strategic sense in Faridabad, considering faster medical inflation of 12-15% yearly. Hence, buying adequate health insurance is key not to feeling financial stress in case of medical difficulties. 

Factors to consider while getting health insurance in Faridabad
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Pre-existing diseases
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Disclose any illnesses, especially in elderly dependents, truthfully, even if it increases premiums so that adequate coverage is available during claims.


Family members
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Choose the appropriate family floater plan from ACKO based on the size of the family - spouse, children, siblings, and parents. Ensure every member is sufficiently covered.


Age of members
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Older parents may need higher coverage of Rs 15-20 lakhs for managing age-related treatments than younger family members.


Past claims
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Check if pre/post-hospitalisation expenses or OPD treatments have been claimed and the eligibility per member.


Network hospitals
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Verify if insurers cover top hospitals in Faridabad town for cashless facilities.

What benefits do I get for choosing ACKO?
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ACKO Platinum Health Plan
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Our topmost plan offers best-in-class benefits:

ACKO Standard Health Plan
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Our basic plan balances coverage affordably:

ACKO's Super Top-up
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The prudent way to boost existing medical cover:

Compared to other health plans, ACKO scores very high on transparency, innovation, and the use of technology to offer the most seamless and hassle-free experience. Key differentiators like zero deductions, unlimited features, and a cashless network are unmatched.

What is Inflation Protect, and how it helps in Faridabad
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Inflation Protect Sum Insured is a unique offering from ACKO under its health plans, automatically increasing your sum insured every year. This facility is very useful for people living in cities like Faridabad, where medical costs are steep and inflation in healthcare every year ranges from 15-18%.

Why is raising claims easier with ACKO policies?
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Filing health insurance claims is often boring, needing piles of paperwork that is confusing to gather during medical emergencies. ACKO leverages smart technology to simplify this entire journey.

You can start the reimbursement process directly via the user-friendly ACKO app or portal by uploading just a few documents, like prescriptions and reports. No lengthy forms are needed.

Wrap it up!
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As an emerging industrial center, Faridabad now has an excellent healthcare infrastructure through reputed hospitals that provide cutting-edge medical facilities. Having prudent health insurance coverage unlocks access to quality treatment for residents if they, unfortunately, fall ill. It is a financial protection to avail advanced medical care without worrying about expenses during times of need.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are few question and answers asked about Health insurance in Faridabad


What are the 5 benefits of health insurance?

  1. Cashless hospitalisation
  2. Coverage for medical tests, surgery, doctors' fees
  3. Tax benefits on premiums paid
  4. Peace of mind and financial protection
  5. Wellness benefits like health check-ups


Which health insurance is best in India?

ACKO is regarded among the best health insurers in India owing to its innovative yet affordable plans, seamless claim settlements, leadership in cashless insurance, and high customer satisfaction levels.

Do I need 1 crore health insurance?

₹1 crore health cover ensures tremendous financial peace of mind, covering complex treatments without money constraints. 

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries