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Health Insurance in Goa

Discover the top health insurance plans in Goa with comprehensive coverage and affordable premiums.

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Goa, the smallest-sized state in India, is situated between Karnataka and Maharashtra. With its Portugal-influenced past, Goa is known for its culture, architecture, biodiversity hotspots and beautiful beaches. Despite its small size, it has the highest Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) per capita (2020-21) among Indian states. Unfortunately, with rapid development usually comes increased health risks to the local population. Furthermore, since medical costs are usually high in cities, it may also be difficult for the common man to afford quality healthcare.

Fortunately, health insurance in Goa is available online. So, Goans can easily buy suitable policies and be financially protected against the high medical costs. On this page, we'll be highlighting ACKO’s 1 Crore Sum Insured Health Plan in Goa and the different features and benefits it offers.

Need for health insurance in Goa
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Since Goa is located on the coast, the tropical climate in this region may give rise to dehydration, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, as is true in most developed cities, the working class of the city may be susceptible to lifestyle-related diseases and diseases stemming from unhealthy eating habits. 

To make things worse, the cost of availing healthcare in metropolitan cities is rapidly rising due to medical inflation. Thus, not having health insurance in Goa can cause you to exhaust your savings to meet your medical needs.

Why should you buy online health insurance in Goa?
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Now that we have established why acquiring medical insurance in Goa is crucial, here’s why you should opt for online over offline health insurance.


Low-cost policies
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Buying health insurance online is less expensive than buying it offline. Online insurers spend less on operation costs as compared to their offline counterparts. Thus, the accumulated savings are used to offer attractive prices on their insurance products.


Ease of use
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Online health insurance in Goa is also accessible on a smartphone and can be used to purchase and renew a health policy. Additionally, you can also raise claims and perform other functions remotely.


Compare prices and benefits
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Another key advantage of opting for online medical insurance is being able to check out different options. You can narrow down the best health insurance in Goa by comparing plans online based on their coverages, services, and prices.

Benefits of buying medical insurance in Goa from ACKO
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As you may know, ACKO is a fast-growing, leading insurance company in India and currently caters to a whopping 7.7 crore customers. Our 1 Core Health Plan is a unique offering in the health insurance space and was made after analysing the diverse customer requirements. Its distinct features and benefits make it a must-have policy. The following table lists some of its key features.

Key features ACKO advantage
Co-payment 0%
Deductions at claim Nil
Waiting period Nil
Pre-hospitalisation coverage Up to 60 days
Post-hospitalisation coverage Up to 120 days
Room rent Up to Rs. 1 crore (any hospital room of your choice)
AYUSH treatment Up to Rs. 1 crore
Daycare treatment Up to Rs. 1 crore
Critical Illness Cover Included in the same plan
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) charges Up to Rs. 1 crore
COVID-19 treatment Up to Rs. 1 crore
Teleconsultations Up to Rs. 1 crore
Network hospitals 14,000+ hospitals
Inflation protect 10% increase of sum insured per annum (terms and conditions apply)
Ambulance charges Up to Rs. 1 crore
Preventive health checkup Every year for insured members above the age of 18 years



What is covered in the ACKO Health Insurance Plan in Goa?
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The following are the key inclusions found under our 1 Crore Sum Insured Health Plan.

✅Hospitalisation that is medically required: The scope of coverage of health insurance plans is usually limited. Conversely, ACKO’s health plan is exhaustive and covers all medically required hospitalisation. The only condition is that you have to disclose your medical history before buying our policy.

Pre and post-hospitalisation coverage: We cover not only your hospitalisation expenses but also medical expenses incurred up to 60 days before hospitalisation and 120 days after hospitalisation.

Daycare treatment costs: Daycare treatments are medical procedures that can be completed within 24 hours.

✅Ambulance charges: Most health plans do not cover ambulance charges for trips to and from the hospital. However, ACKO’s plan covers trips from your house to the hospital and back, up to the sum insured limit.

✅Transportation during health facility unavailability: If you happen to be in an area lacking health care facilities, we will cover transportation to a well-equipped medical centre. The modes of transportation we cover include ambulance, train and commercial or medical aircraft.

What is not covered in the ACKO Health Insurance Plan in Goa?
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We cover a host of medical scenarios and exclude only a few. The following are some of the exclusions.

Hidden health conditions: As previously mentioned, we expect you to share your full health history at the time of policy purchase. If you claim against a pre-existing health condition that you did not disclose to us, we will decline your claim.

Eye-sight correction procedures: We do not cover treatment of eyesight below 7.5 dioptres.

Maternity-related medical costs: Healthcare costs relating to childbirth and child delivery are not covered.

Gender-altering procedures: We do not cover expenses for medical procedures for gender change.

Supplements and hormonal treatments: Our health plan does not cover supplements and hormone treatments.

Suicide attempt: Costs of treating bodily impact due to a suicide attempt is not covered.

Weight-loss surgeries: We cover these only if medically necessary.

Dental and cosmetic surgeries: We cover such procedures only if required after being involved in an accident.

Note: The inclusions and exclusions mentioned above are solely for explanatory purposes. Please refer to the policy wordings of ACKO’s 1 Crore Plan to know the exact details.

List of ACKO’s cashless network hospitals in Goa
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As the name suggests, cashless network hospitals offer cashless hospitalisation in cases where they have a tie-up with your insurer. The following reputed healthcare centres are a part of our cashless network hospitals in Goa.

Note: These are just some of our prominent cashless hospitals in Goa. To see the full list click here.

Tips for finding the best health insurance policy in Goa
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Follow these tips to find the best health insurance policy in Goa.

Reasons to buy health insurance in Goa
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Here are further reasons to buy health insurance in Goa.

Types of health insurance in Goa
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The different types of health plans offered by ACKO include the following. Note that they are subject to availability. 

  1. Illness-specific health insurance plans

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some of the commonly asked questions regarding health insurance in Goa.

What makes ACKO’s 1 Crore Plan the best health insurance in Goa?


Here are some reasons that make ACKO’s 1 Crore Plan stand out as the best health insurance in Goa.

  • No waiting period for pre-existing health conditions.

  • No copayment or deductible clauses.

  • No room rent cap

  • COVID-19 treatment, intensive care unit (ICU) and ambulance charges covered up to Rs. 1 Crore.

  • Coverage for AYUSH treatment, teleconsultations and daycare treatments.

  • Coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation expenses up to 60 days and 120 days, respectively.

  • Over 14,000+ cashless network hospitals across the nation and a good range of medical facilities in Goa.

How to determine which health insurance has the best cashless coverage in Goa?


To determine which health insurance has the best cashless coverage in Goa, compare the list of network hospitals of different medical policies. Then, based on the range and reputation of the network hospitals, you can zero down on the best insurance policy.

Is obtaining a health insurance cover in Goa mandatory?


No, unlike third-party car and bike insurance, it is not mandatory to obtain health insurance in Goa. Nevertheless, it is useful to have one to be protected against the financial implications of medical emergencies.

Does ACKO offer the full percentage of health insurance coverage in Goa, or are there any copayment clauses in the policy?


Yes, ACKO offers a full percentage of health insurance coverage in Goa (Rs. 1 crore policy), so there are no copayment clauses in the policy.


Disclaimer: *Except for exclusions like maternity benefits, undisclosed diseases, etc. Please check policy wordings for more details.
The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.