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What is ECNR/Non-ECR in Passport : Meaning, Documents and Eligibility

Team AckoJan 30, 2024

An Indian passport offers you the opportunity to travel to several countries for business, education, or leisure. The Indian passport offers proof of citizenship, and will be assigned an ECR or ECNR Status depending on your emigration status. Emigration checks may be required when you travel, according to your passport. Learn more about ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) and ECR (Emigration Check Required) status in our guide.

With an ECNR in passport, you can travel without an emigration check. By default, all passports issued after 2007 have an ECNR Status, otherwise they will be given an ECR check if the passport holder needs to clear an emigration check.




What is ECNR or Non-ECR in Passport?

Your Indian passport will have an emigration status to inform the emigration officers whether or not they need to clear your passport. An Indian passport may have one of the following assigned to their passport's emigration status:

  1. The ECR Passport

  2. The ECNR Passport

The ECNR passport's full form is Emigration Check Not Required. On the other hand, ECR status means that an Emigration Check is Required. Children under 15 years old will get an ECR status passport automatically. The meaning of having an ECNR Status passport is that you can travel overseas without an emigration check.

ECR Passport 

The orange ECR passports help immigration officers identify and fast-track the emigration process for those who have not received formal education. An ECR passport protects the holder from exploitation at overseas workplaces. This passport is known as an ECR passport, and was introduced in 2018. An ECR passport does not have an address page, and is used by those who do not have higher, formal education. 

ECNR Passport 

The Emigration Clearance Not Required (ECNR) passport is for those who have passed 10th grade, with the academic qualifications necessary to travel on business or holiday trips. ECNR passports allow holders to travel worldwide without an emigration clearance.

When and How to Apply for ECNR or Non-ECR in Your Passport 

The Indian Emigration Act of 1983 states that, Indians can travel to certain countries for employment, only after applying for a "Emigration Clearance", in order to protect their interests while overseas. These countries include the UAE, Yemen, Thailand, Syria, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can find the full list in the countries that require the ECNR.

You will not require an emigration certificate to travel to many countries. Several countries allow you to travel without an emigration check, with your ECNR passport. 

Eligibility for ECNR or Non-ECR in Passport

There are several individuals who may be exempted from requiring an Emigration Check Required on their passport. These people include:

  • Official and Diplomatic passport holders

  • Government officials

  • Income tax payers

  • People with professional degrees including

    • Doctors 

    • Lawyers 

    • Engineers 

    • The dependent children and spouse of these degree holders

  • Those who have passed 10th standard and above

  • Sea cadets and seamen who have CDS and passed the finals of Nautical Sciences from these institutes:

    • S. Rehman

    • S. Chanakya

    • S. Jawahar

    • NIPM, Chennai

    • MTI, Chennai

  • Have immigration visas for countries including

    • The USA

    • The UK

    • Australia

  • Have a degree or a diploma from a polytechnic institute 

  • Have a nursing diploma covered under the Indian Nursing Council Act of 1947

  • Adults over 50 years old

  • Have spent 3 years overseas with their spouses

  • Children below 18 years, traveling with one or both parents

What are the Documents Required for an ECNR or Non-ECR Passport

To apply for an ECNR passport, you need to submit address proofs with the relevant annexures at the Passport Seva office. Your academic qualifications and certificate should also be submitted to show proof of your higher formal education. 

Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders

People with diplomatic and official passports do not need to provide any further documentation.

Gazetted Government Officials 

Gazetted government officials and their children and spouses are eligible for ECNR. The following documents are required for Gazetted Government officials:

  1. Identity Certificate - Annexure A

  2. PI letter - Annexure H

  3. NOC - Annexure G

For Gazetted Government employees’ children:

  1. Identity Certificate in Annexure A

  2. Government employee’s passport copy

  3. Certificate of leaving the school

  4. Birth certificate

For the spouses of the Gazetted Government employees:

  1. Identity Certificate in Annexure A

  2. Copy of marriage certificate 

People with Matriculation or Higher Education 

You will need to submit your matriculation pass certificates, and any higher education certification

Adults Over 50 Years Old 

  • Birth certificate

  • Certificate of school leaving

Children Below 18 Years Old 

Note: Children will be able to apply for an ECNR after they become 18 years old. 

  • Certificate of school leaving

  • Birth certificate issued by the Municipal Authority or relevant officer

Income Tax Payers

This category includes income tax payers, their dependent spouses, and children below 18 years old. They need to provide:

  • Income tax proof for the past year

  • IT return statement for past one year stamped by the IT authorities and a photocopy of the PAN card


  • Attested copy of marriage certificate 


  • Birth certificate

  • Certificate mentioning leaving from school

Professional Degree Holders 

This category includes people with a professional degree which includes doctors, lawyers, and engineers. In addition, this category covers their dependent spouses, and children. 

  • Certificate of professional degree


  • Attested copy of marriage certificate


  • Birth certificate

  • Certificate of school

The National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) or the State Council for Vocational Training (SCVT), 

This category includes those who have received vocational training in a three-year diploma, or an equivalent degree. Certificates from institutes that are recognised by the Central or State Governments of India are eligible. 

  • Pass certificate issued by the institute


Nurses who have a degree that is recognised under the Indian Nursing Council Act. 1947 are eligible for the ECNR. 

They need to provide a:

  • Nursing certificate

People With Overseas Stay for More Than 3 Years 

Individuals who lived overseas for more than three years, along with their spouses, are eligible.

They need to submit:

  • Photocopy of the passport including the page with ECR / non-ECR

Spouses need to submit:

  • Attested copy of the marriage certificate 

  • Passports of both spouses should have the spouse’s name mentioned 

  • Statement with details of entry and exit dates, along with the passport

Seamen, Deck Cadets & Sea Cadets

These individuals can apply with:

  • Continuous Discharge Certificate

Immigration Visa Holders

Individuals who have immigration visas from another country can submit their:

  • Photocopy of the immigration visa

  • Permanent Resident card of nation 

Documents Required to Check ECNR or Non-ECR Status in Your Passport 

You can check the current status of your ECR or ECNR on your passport with a request. In the request, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Form EAP-2

  • Rs. 300, paid via Demand Draft or cash

  • Original passport

  • Address proof

  • 2 attested copies proving any of the eligibility criteria mentioned above

  • 2 copies of first 4 and last 4 pages of your passport

Benefits of ECNR or Non-ECR Category on Passports

One of the questions you'll notice on your passport application form is "Are you eligible for a Non-ECR category passport?”. If you have not passed 10th standard and do not have the qualifications and certificate to prove it, then you will put NO. You will select YES as the answer to this question if you passed 10th standard or come under any of the Non-ECR categories.

With an ECNR passport, you get fast-tracked clearance by skipping the emigration checks. This makes it easier and faster to get through the port of entry (usually an airport) when you travel for work, study, or holiday. 

An ECR passport safeguards workers from being exploited in the countries mentioned in the ECNR required list. The Indian Emigration Act issues the ECR so that Indian workers can travel safely to and from their country of employment, and are assured of a healthy, safe, and comfortable passage and work. 

Convert Your Passport from ECR to ECNR  

Do you have an ECR passport, yet want to travel overseas to work? You will need to convert your ECR passport to an ECNR in order to travel for employment. The ECR status removal is simple and straightforward. 

Follow these steps to apply for an ECNR:

  • Log in to the Passport Seva official website to download the application listed under miscellaneous service

  • Request an Emigration Check Required deletion service

  • Submit two attested copies of your college certificates, as well as 10th and 12th standard certificates

  • Provide address proof, which can be

    • voter ID

    • electricity bill

    • phone bill

    • lease or rental agreement

  • PAN card copy and original 

  • Rs. 300 request fee 

  • Hand in your original passport, as well as 2 copies of the first and last 4 pages

  • Visit your nearest passport office to submit the ECR deletion form with the required documents

Your request to delete the ECR stamp will be processed within 5 to 7 working days, after which you can travel around the world for work! 

Countries That Require an ECNR 

The Indian government's Emigration Act safeguards Indian citizens working overseas from exploitation and challenges. There are currently 18 countries which require you to receive an Emigration Clearance from the Protector of Emigrants (POE) attached to the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. You will need to apply for the ECNR passport status before you travel to any of these countries:

United Arab Emirates (UAE)


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
















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Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions related to ECNR.


Which is better, ECR or ECNR?

ECR or ECNR passports are beneficial depending on your educational qualifications and your intended purpose of travel.

  • With an ECNR passport, you get fast-tracked clearance by skipping the emigration checks. This makes it easier and faster to get through the port of entry (usually an airport) when you travel for work, study, or holiday. 

  • An ECR passport safeguards workers from being exploited in the countries mentioned in the ECNR required list. The Indian Emigration Act issues the ECR so that Indian workers can travel safely to and from their country of employment, and are assured of a healthy, safe, and comfortable passage and work.

Is ECNR the same as non-ECR?

Yes. The ECNR is now known as Non-ECR. 

Can you get an emergency ECNR? 

Yes, you can obtain a one-time exception to the rule for submitting the required documents in case of an urgent ECNR requirement. 

How do I get an ECNR clearance?

After you apply for an ECNR clearance, your application will be processed online by your jurisdiction's emigration office. When your application is approved, you will receive an electronic emigration clearance.

Can I get a job with an ECR passport?

With an ECR passport, you need to get an Emigration Clearance check from the PoE office, along with being verified by a recruitment agency.

Disclaimer: The above content is sourced from secondary sources on the internet and is meant for informational purposes only. It is subject to changes. It is recommended to take the help of an expert before making any related decision.


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