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How Police Verification for Passport is Done in India

Team AckoFeb 27, 2024

The Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of India issues Indian passports to eligible citizens. When you apply for an Indian passport, your process goes through the Passport Seva office of the Consular and the Passport & Visa Division of the Ministry of External Affairs. You can then travel across the world on leisure or business trips. As an Indian passport holder, you can also travel to several countries visa-free or with a visa on arrival. In order to obtain an Indian passport, you will need to apply for an Indian passport.


As part of the passport application procedure, you will have to clear your passport’s police verification. In this process, the police will visit the residential address in the passport application, check the information given, and process the same with approval. The police are key decision-makers in establishing your address and identity in order to approve or reject your passport application. Make sure you file your passport application documentation correctly and adhere to all the rules and regulations to receive your passport fast and in a seamless manner.



What is Police Verification for Passport

As part of the passport application process, you will need to clear the police verification procedure. Police verification for passports in India is done in person. A police officer will visit the address you provided in your passport application form. The police will check the address against your application, and your registered police station will send an approval notification to your passport office. After police verification and approval, your passport will be issued, and you can travel with ease!

There are three stages in the police passport verification process, which are:

  1. No Police Verification 

  2. Pre-Police Verification 

  3. Post-Police Verification 

Learn more about the types of documents you need, whether you need to be present, how to check your passport police verification status, and more in this article. 

Online Passport Police Verification Process 

As part of Digital India, the Passport Seva has introduced an online passport police verification process to fast-track the passport applications. The 

mPassport is one of the tools the Passport Seva has rolled out, which is a digital, tablet, and computer-based application for police verification of passport applications. You can apply for a passport online via the Passport Seva portal or through the mPassport mobile application. 

Steps to Submit an Online Police Verification 

  1. Register on the online portal for Passport Seva. 

  2. Login to the Portal and click the "Apply for Police Clearance Certificate" link. 

  3. Submit after filling in all the details in the form

  4. Click on "Pay and Schedule Appointment" on the "View Saved/Submitted Applications" screen to schedule an appointment and make your payment 

  5. Once your payment is successful, click "Print Application Receipt" or wait for an SMS of the receipt, which you can show instead of a printout

  6. Visit the Passport Seva Kendra where your appointment is scheduled, and take all necessary documents along 

How a Police Passport Verification Process is Done for Passport: What to Expect? 

Once you have submitted your documents and all information required for your passport application at the Passport Seva Kendra, they will start the police verification process on your behalf for the Pre-Police Verification. The Passport Seva Kendra will send your address and identity proof to your closest police station.

The police station that is part of your jurisdiction will assign a police officer to verify your residential status at the address you provided in your passport application. Ensure that you are physically present at the address mentioned to clear this police verification procedure. You can expect the police officer to visit your address, crosscheck your identity, and then sign the required documents. 

After the police station verifies your address and identity, with an approval, they will send a verified report to the Passport Seva Kendra. After this, you can receive your passport within 3 to 5 working days. 

Special notes for Post-Police Verification and Adverse or Incomplete status:

  • If you have pending criminal cases, or if your application was incomplete, it will be sent to the police station headquarters to verify these details, assigning your passport application an incomplete or adverse status. 

  • If you applied for a tatkal passport or have an official or diplomatic passport, you are eligible for a post-police verification check which happens after your passport has been issued. 

Types of Police Verification for Indian Passport 

No Police Verification Required

Passports typically require either a Pre-Police or Post-Police Verification, but some applications may waive these for a "no police verification required" status. Government, PSU, and/or statutory body employees can submit  an “identity certificate” through annexure “B” (apart from their application documents) to receive a passport without police verification.

In addition, diplomatic or official passport holders will be waived from the police verification as part of their passport application process. The waiver can be utilised by submitting the annexure “B” documents. 

Pre-Police Verification

Before your passport is issued, you will have completed the majority of the police verification. This step includes filling the passport application, along with submitting the required documents to receive a passport. Your closest police station which falls under your residence's jurisdiction will carry out the police verification. The police verification process is where a police officer visits your residence address to verify the information you provided in the Passport application form, including address and identity proof. If all the information checks out, your registered police station will clear the police verification process on the passport application and approve your passport process. Expect your passport within 3 to 5 days after approval. 

Post-Police Verification

Generally, the default mode of police verification is Pre-Police Verification where the process happens before the passport is issued. However, Post-Police Verification checks happen after a passport has been issued. The instances that require a post-police verification include tatkal (urgent) passport applications, and in some cases, passports issued to government officials and diplomatic passport holders.

Documents Required for Indian Passport Police Verification

When you apply for a passport, you will submit most of the documents required to complete the process. All passport applicants need to submit the following documents. These documents are required even for diplomatic and official passport applications.

New Passport Application Documents 

For the passport police verification, you will need to submit the following documents when the police visit your residence, to establish your address and identity proof:

  • Address proof

    • Water bill

    • Electricity bill

    • Rental agreement 

  • Identity proof

    • Birth certificate 

    • Aadhar card

    • PAN card

    • Ration card

  • Affidavit

Passport Re-issue/Renewal Documents 

To renew or re-issue your passport, these are the documents you need to submit:

  • Old passport

  • Self-attested photocopy of

    • Two first and last pages of your passport, including your identification page and address page

    • ECR/Non-ECR page

  • Page with info about validity extension 

  • Observation page 

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)/Prior Intimation Letter (PI)

Checking Police Verification Status for Passport 

Your passport application will be given a label by the police according to the status of your passport and verification. There are 3 status types that your passport may receive, which include clear, adverse, and incomplete. You can approach the police station for further details about the status and information on how to amend or speed up the processes.

You can check the status of your passport in 4 convenient ways:

  1. Passport Seva website 

  2. Toll free number 1800 258 1800.

  3. SMS 'STATUS FILE NUMBER' to 9704 100 100

  4. mPassport Seva mobile app

Clear Status 

A clear status on your police verification states that your application is successful, and that the police were able to verify your address and identity particulars. In addition, the police have no concerns regarding your passport application, and that you do not have any issues with the police or any criminal cases. 

Adverse Status 

With an adverse status, your police verification is still pending, because the police were not able to verify your address or identity. This could be because of address or identify mismatches or incorrect information. Your passport may be cancelled, or held back in order for you to update or amend your information. An adverse status could also mean that you have a criminal case or other issues with the law that need to be addressed.

Incomplete Status 

If your documentation or particulars are incomplete, then the police will label your passport application as incomplete. If you have not stayed at your residential address for a particular period of time, your application may be pending as well. Depending on your application's status, the police may cancel, or approve your passport.

Conditions for No Police Passport Verification Needed 

Some passport applications may waive the Pre- and Post-Police verification checks for "no police verification required" status. 

  • Government, PSU, and/or statutory body employees can submit an “identity certificate” through Annexure “B” (apart from their application documents) to receive a passport without police verification.

  • If you are a diplomatic or official passport holder, you can avail of the no-police verification needed as part of your passport application process. This no police verification required waiver can be utilised by submitting the Annexure “B” documents. 

  • If you need a new passport because your old one has expired, you do not have to go through police verification. You just need to show the previous police verification proof and a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most asked questions related to the Police Verification for Passport in India


Do police take money for passport verification?

No, police officers will not take further fees nor processing charges. Police verification is part of the application process and all fees for the same are included in the application fees. 

Is police verification required for a passport?

Not all passport applications require police verification. Government employees and diplomatic passport holders do not need a police verification for their passport. 

Can police reject passport verification?

Yes, in rare circumstances, your passport application may be rejected and assigned an adverse or incomplete status. Passport verification rejection usually happens because of address mismatch, criteria not fulfilled, or other factors. Ensure you follow all steps and provide relevant documents. 

Will the police notify me before the verification? 

Generally, you will receive a notification via SMS or email that the police will be visiting your residence to verify your address and proof of identity. You will need to make sure you are available in person at the given address to speed up the process. 

Is police verification needed to get a new passport with a new address?

Yes, any changes in the applicant's name, address or other personal details in the passport require police verification.

What happens if police verification fails for a passport?

You may receive an adverse or incomplete status if your police verification fails. In case this happens, your passport application will be cancelled or withheld to understand the criteria for the rejection. Some cases may require further information, or you may need to update your address or identity particulars. 

What will happen if we miss police verification for our passports?

If you miss your police verification process, you can immediately contact your local police station or Passport Seva Kendra to request a follow-up visit. In case you are not able to contact the above, your passport application may be considered incomplete, or cancelled and you will have to file a fresh application. 

How long will my passport arrive after police verification?

If your police verification process is approved and successful, you can expect to receive your passport within 3-5 working days. 

Should I go to the police station for passport verification?

No, the police verification is done in person. A police officer will visit the address you provided in your passport application form. Once the accuracy of the information is verified, the police station will notify the passport office. After this, the passport is issued to the applicant. However, if you missed your police verification, you can go to your local police station for the same.

What if the police visit while I am not there?

You may speak with the police officer and give an explanation for your absence. In this case, the police officer may ask you to visit the police station once with the required ID proof.

Can I reschedule my passport police verification date?

Yes, you can. The Passport Authority permits you to reschedule or cancel the appointment for a period of 2 days, and this can be done without paying anything. However, if you exceed this limit, your application will be considered cancelled, and you will be charged for a fresh passport.

Is police verification mandatory for minors?

No, police verification is not required for people younger than 18.

What if the police officer asks for money for my passport verification?

If the police officer asks for a bribe to clear your passport verification process, you can contact the below numbers. 

Tel No. 23070408

Tel. No. + 91 11 23011357

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Disclaimer: The above content is sourced from secondary sources on the internet and is meant for informational purposes only. It is subject to changes. It is recommended to take the help of an expert before making any related decision.


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