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Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor (THASP): A Detailed Guide

TeamAckoMar 14, 2024

The Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor (THASP), an initiative of the Tripura government, funded by the Central Government of India, was created to financially assist persons in Tripura living below the poverty line. The initiative is open to all households in the state of Tripura with an annual income of less than Rs.1.5 lakh. 

Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor

The Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for the Poor, which was launched in 2014 and was updated a year later, provides financial assistance to the poor in the country in the event of hospitalization, covering the cost of treatment for operations, therapies, serious illnesses, and so on. 

Keep reading this article to dive deeper into the details of THASP and the role it plays among the citizens of the state.



Key Objectives of THASP 

The main objective of the ‘Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor’ was to provide financial assistance to people in the state living below the poverty line.

The initiative, with a sum assured of Rs.1.15 lakh, intends to reduce the cost of healthcare for families and individuals undergoing treatment at any empanelled hospital in the state. The Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for the Poor (THASP) pays for treatments, hospitalisation, critical care, and procedures as per the sum insured. 

Benefits of THASP

Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor benefits are listed below: 

  • Treatment costs up to Rs.1.15 lakh would be reimbursed directly to the nominated facility.

  • Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for the Poor (THASP) is a family floater scheme.

  • This scheme covers transport costs from Agartala to the specified hospital and back. The highest reimbursement for transport expenses is Rs.10,000.

  • The maximum amount guaranteed is Rs.1.15 lakh. If the patient's treatment at the indicated hospital exceeds the ceiling limit, the patient must face the excess costs.

  • In case of financial support for transport, the money will be advanced from the programme either through a bank draft or straight to the beneficiary's account. 

Types of Coverage Offered by THASP 

The Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor (THASP) would cover only seven critical diseases, according to the Family and Welfare Department of Tripura's list of ailments and treatments covered by the policy. The cost of the treatment will be limited per the Central Government health plan. Coverage for The Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor includes: 

  • Expenses for eye surgeries

  • Cancer treatment

  • All renal and neonatal diseases

  • Cardiovascular surgeries

  • Medical cover for neuro surgeries

  • Treatment for polytrauma

Eligibility Criteria for THASP 

In order to avail of this scheme, you have to fulfil all the Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor Eligibility criteria as described below: 

  • Up to 5 family members are covered by the Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor (THASP). They may consist of the policyholder's parents, lawful spouse, and unmarried children, but only until the policyholder becomes 25.

  • The family's annual income cannot be higher than Rs. 1.5 lakh.

  • To be eligible for the Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor (THASP), each family member's name must appear on the family ration card that the Tripura government issues.

How to Claim THASP Health Coverage

The following procedure assures that people eligible for the Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor Coverage the paperless reimbursement from the network/empanelled hospital:

  • As soon as the application for medical expense coverage is approved, the empanelled hospital will receive a fax or email from Tripura state officials referring the patient for treatment. The patient will also receive a copy of the referral letter.

  • When the hospital receives the recommendation letter, it will determine whether the therapy is covered under the scheme's terms and conditions.

  • The treatment facilities will subsequently be covered based on whether the treatment is listed among those covered by the State Illness Fund.

  • If the therapy is approved, the State Government will provide coverage of up to Rs.1.15 lakh. The empanelled hospital will notify the Tripura Health Department of the cost of expenses and issue a bill for the coverage.

  • Along with the bill for medical charges, the empanelled hospital shall email the director of the Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor (THASP), details of the healthcare amenities offered to the patient. The Director will then validate the bill, and the Tripura Health Department will return the sum to cover the costs.

Final Words

With rising medical costs for treatments and hospitalisation cited as one of the primary causes of financial insecurity, the Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor (THASP) seeks to provide financial assistance to those in the state who fall below the poverty line. This scheme has been helping a lot of families to get the right treatment without struggling with finances. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you want answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for Poor


1. What is the Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for the Poor?

THASP is a government-sponsored health insurance system in the Indian state of Tripura. It attempts to safeguard the economically disadvantaged by providing inexpensive healthcare services and covering a variety of medical expenses.

2. How can one apply for the Tripura Health Assurance Scheme for the Poor?

Eligible people can sign up for THASP at specified enrolment centres. Typically, the application process includes submitting applicable income and identity documentation. Local health offices and online portals provide detailed information on the enrolment process.

3. Is there a THASP premium or enrolment fee?

THASP is intended to be affordable to those who are financially disadvantaged. There is usually no enrolment fee, and the plan is government-subsidized. However, in some situations, small copayments may be required.

4. Can THASP beneficiaries choose their healthcare providers?

Yes, THASP gives beneficiaries the freedom to choose healthcare providers inside the network. The scheme is linked to a network of hospitals. 

5. Is maternity care included in THASP?

Yes, THASP usually offers maternity care coverage. This may include costs for prenatal care, birth, and postnatal care. Its goal is to guarantee that pregnant moms receive appropriate medical care and assistance during this critical time.

6. Can beneficiaries change their information once they enrol?

Yes, recipients can amend their information, such as changes in family size or contact information. This can be done at approved enrolment centres or through internet portals.

7. What happens if a recipient moves within Tripura?

THASP is intended to be transferable within the state. If a beneficiary moves inside Tripura, they can continue to use the scheme's healthcare services. It is critical to notify the authorities of a change in address in order to ensure that benefits are delivered in a timely manner. 


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