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14 Best Things to Buy in Dubai

TeamAckoMay 28, 2024

Getting a gift for someone you love is the best way to show them your care and love. And especially when you are in Dubai, a shopper's paradise, you need to get your hands on these unique souvenirs. In this blog, we have listed 14 unique things that anyone should buy when visiting Dubai in 2024.


Let’s get to know what things to buy in Dubai with this list:



1. Arabic attars

If you're a fan of fragrances and want to take back some of Dubai’s best souvenirs, this is one of the best things to buy in Dubai. Arabic attars are widely famous among Emiratis and are widely used by both men and women. They are available in variant sizes and fragrances and are plant-based products free from alcohol. They are oils, and you can even prepare a special mix by blending different scents. 

2. Oudh and Bakhtoor

Agarwood Oudh is an expensive oil made from the wood of Southeast Asian agar trees. It is a mix of some pure oils that are fragrant and help calm the mind. 

Bakhtoor is available in the form of coal chips, which are actually burnt agarwood. They are Dubai’s famous things for their unique fragrances and are highly demanded by the Emirate's households as room fresheners.

3. Aladdin Lamps

For those who like the story of Aladdin and the genie, Dubai has a famous item that will take you back in time. One of the best things to buy in Dubai if you do not want to carry around heavy things but still want to find something unique is an Aladin lamp, popularly known as Aladin ka Chirag in India. They are handy because they are light, come in many shapes and sizes, and make great souvenirs.

4. Kava Pots

If you are a coffee lover and prefer strong, black coffee, then this is the best thing to buy from Dubai.

They are decorated fancy pots used to serve coffee. They are suitable for everyday use and can also be used as a showpiece.

5. Hookah

Hookahs are famous for parties and are very famous in Dubai for their everyday use. They can be found anywhere in the world, but Dubai’s is a bit traditional. They are a fancy gift option and can be used for party occasions or kept for decoration purposes. 

6. Pashmina shawls

Pashminas are one of Dubai’s most famous things to buy. They are made of goat hair mixed with silk and have exclusive designs that are only available to Emiratis. They are very warm and available in variant colours and designs; they are the best things to get from Dubai. They are slightly on the expensive side, so the best way to check their authenticity is to do the ring passing test. 

7. Ceramic Crockery

Dubai offers a very nice range of dinnerware. It would just astound you how good the cutlery, serveware, and dinnerware are here in Dubai!

The ceramic crockeries are very long-lasting and are among the best things to buy in Dubai if you want to buy something that’s unique and valuable.

8. Lantern

If you are confused about what to buy from Dubai, then lanterns are an excellent option. They are exactly what you see in Arabic movies and are a good home decor option. 

They are very traditional in look, made out of glass or aluminium and they look great in any room. They are one of the best things to buy in Dubai and are a popular piece of home decor in the UAE.

9. Dates

Dried fruits are a great snacking option and can be given as a gift during Ramadan. What’s so special about Dubai’s dates? These dates are very pure and filled with nutritional values like copper and magnesium. They are well-liked by people all over the world because of their excellent taste. Dubai folks love snacking on dried fruits. They are an excellent option if you are thinking about what to buy in Dubai.

10. Local Shoes

Dubai is famous for its traditional local shoes, made by skilled artisans. These shoes are a great addition to anyone's wardrobe. They are lightweight and adorned with quirky designs made of threads, stones, and beads. They are a must-have on your list of things to buy in Dubai.

11. Arabian Carpets

If you want to buy something worth investing in, then go for Persian carpets. They are the best things to buy in Dubai, especially when it comes to beauty, tradition, and Dubai's worth. However, the only downside is that they are heavier to transport and quite expensive, too. But there’s no denying that they add a stunning look to the floors of your home. 

It’s so nice of the artisans that they customise it as per your preference if your taste doesn’t match any of the available ones. They are undoubtedly of great quality and are available in both hand-made and machine-made forms.

12. Camel Milk Chocolate

You must have tried milk chocolates in India, but do give camel milk chocolates a try if you want to bring the flavour of Dubai. It is said that only one business makes camel milk chocolate, and that is Al Nassma. They offer five kinds of chocolate bars: spicy, dates, 70% cocoa, whole milk, and cocoa. The ones that come in the shape of camels are the best.

13. Incense Burner

This is a censer, also called an incense burner, perfume burner, or pastille burner. It is a pot made to burn solid scents or incense. Censers come in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and materials and are very popular in Dubai’s shops and households. They are also handy options for gifting. You can hang them in your room to get that Dubai vibe look.

14. Lucky Stones

If you believe in the influence of planets and stars on your life, lucky stones are a must-buy thing in Dubai. These stones are said to bring good fortune to the person who owns them. Lucky stones are usually decorated with gold, silver, and intricate designs, and can be worn as a finger ring or a pendant.

We hope that after reading this, you have received some useful insights on what to buy in Dubai. This list contains all the unique items to buy and each of them is very unique on its own and makes you connected to Dubai’s rich culture and history. Apart from that, a little help will always add a lot for the local artcians whose lives revolve around tourists. 

We hope you had a great time in Dubai shopping and that you bring back home Dubai’s rich heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to things to buy in Dubai.


1. What is famous in Dubai for buying?

Dubai is famous for its gold jewellery, perfumes, electronics, spices, and many other things. The city's gold jewellery is famous for having beautiful designs at reasonable prices. Dubai's tax-free shopping policy also makes it a popular place to buy high-end goods, designer clothes, and the newest gadgets. 

2. What are the famous things to buy in Dubai for women?

Dubai has many things for women, including attars, Oudh and Bakhtoor, gold jewellery, pashminas, ceramic crockery sets, jutis (local sandals), and many other things.

3. What things can be brought from Dubai to India?

From Dubai to India, you can bring chocolates, electronics, perfumes, gold, clothes material, decors and spices. 

4. What is unique to buy in Dubai?

Unique items to buy in Dubai include Arabian Oud Perfume, Camel Milk Chocolate, Arabic Attars (fragrance oils), Dates, Persian Rugs, and traditional coffee pots.

5. How much gold can we carry from Dubai to India?

As per the laws set by the Indian government, there are certain restrictions on carrying gold. For male passengers, the total value of gold should not exceed INR 50,000 or 20 grams. For female passengers, the limit is up to 40 grams, which is equivalent to INR100000.


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