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Dubai Frame: Complete Guide

TeamAckoMay 20, 2024

Are you going to Dubai and want to do something different? Do not miss the Dubai Frame! It's not just a beautiful building; it's an experience with amazing views of both the old and new parts of the city. And if this is your first time visiting, don't worry! We've got you covered. In this guide, you will learn what the actual Dubai frame is, where it is, when it's open, how much tickets cost, what to do inside and the best ways to get there. 

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So, let’s get all the information you need to have a great time!



What is the Dubai Frame?

The Dubai Frame is a museum, observatory, and monument in Zabeel Park, Dubai. It has the world's biggest frame record. It's 150.24 metres tall and 95.53 metres wide. It's empty on the inside, like a picture frame. The frame is also called the Frame of Dubai or Berwaz Dubai. It was made to show how Dubai has transformed from a fishing town to a city with many different cultures.

You can see old Dubai from the north side of the building and newer parts of Dubai from the south side. The idea for the project came from Fernando Donis, and in 2009, it was chosen by an international jury as the winner of a design challenge. In January 2018, the Dubai Frame opened its doors to everyone.

Handy information about Dubai Frame 

Dubai Frame Address

Zabeel Park Jogging Track - Za'abeel - Al Kifaf - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Dubai Frame Opening Hours

Everyday 9 am - 9 -pm

Nearest Metro Station

Al Jafiliya Metro Station, located on the Red Line

Nearest Bus Stop

Karama 1 2

Best time to go

Before Sunset

Dubai Frame Ticket Prices

Approx. 1,136 INR 

Dubai Frame Design and Guide

The Dubai Frame is made of a combination of glass, steel, aluminium, and concrete. On one side, you can see sights typical of modern Dubai, and on the other, there are older parts of the city. 

At the top of the frame is a viewing deck that extends across it. The floors are made of glass, so you can see the amazing view of the ground below, which is almost 150 metres below. 

The area between the two towers, with its glass-bottomed top, is a metaphor for a bridge between the past and the present. In the lower part of the frame, there is a museum about the city's past and a video exhibit about the city's future. 

With the help of special effects, the museum takes you on a trip from a village of nomads who fished and dug for pearls in the past to a projection of 50 years in the future.

Inside the Dubai Frame—Things to Do guide

1. Breakfast At The Top of Dubai Frame

Start your morning with a delightful cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is available at the top of Dubai Frame from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. There are a lot of restaurants available with a variety of cuisines, including Asian and you can enjoy your favourite breakfast while watching the sun rise.

2. The Past Museum

When you enter the 'Old Dubai Gallery,' you will be transported on an exciting journey through history. You will gain a much better understanding of Emirati culture and witness how Dubai evolved from a fishing village to what it is today. This will be done through the use of artefacts, videos, sounds, projections, and fragrances to take you to the past.

3. The Present Dubai

Once you have completed exploring the past museum, head straight to your next stop, the Sky Deck Level, the present Dubai. The entire floor is surrounded by glass walls, and from there, you will get a full view of Dubai's breathtaking skyline. 

Through augmented reality and interactive screens, you'll get some insider information and understand the city's growth. You'll learn about the skyscrapers, landmarks, and modern features such as Dubai's economy, infrastructure, and architecture, all presented in 3D.

4. The Future Gallary

After exploring the history and present state of Dubai, it's time to explore the Future Dubai Gallery. This tube uses augmented reality to show what the future might hold. Immersive sound and video effects make you feel like you've been transported to Dubai in the year 2050 by a time machine. You'll find many futuristic things in this place, such as air taxis, underwater habitats, and amazing space missions.

5. Souvenir Shop

The top of the Dubai Frame has two small kiosks that sell indulgent treats—Godiva Chocolates and a Japanese bakery called Yamanote Atelier. At the exit gate, there is a Dubai Frame souvenir shop where you can purchase elegant items such as mugs, T-shirts, caps, and keychains featuring the Dubai Frame icon.

How do I reach Dubai Frame?

By Metro: The Dubai Frame can be easily reached via the Metro, which is both the most economical and efficient mode of transportation. The closest metro station to the Dubai Frame is Al Jafiliya, accessible via the Red Line. Both Dubai Frame and Zabeel Park are just a short distance from the metro station.

By Bus: Bus transportation in Dubai is affordable and convenient. Al Karama Bus Station—02 is the closest bus stop to Dubai Frame. From here, it is a 15-minute walk to the Dubai Frame.

By Cab: Booking a taxi is the most convenient way to get to the Dubai Frame. Several taxi services, such as Ola, Uber, and Careem, are available in Dubai, but they cost a little more than other options.

Dubai Frame Ticket Cost

There are several ticket options for the Dubai Frame. These rates are relatively budget-friendly.


Price (INR)

Adults (13-59 years)


Child (3-12 years)


Senior citizens (above 60)


Child below 3 years



The rates mentioned are as per current exchange rate (May 14, 2024)

Handful Fun Facts About The Dubai Frame

  • Fernando Donis, who designed the Dubai Frame, is the same person who designed the Porsche Design Tower and the Dubai Renaissance Tower.

  • The Dubai Frame is so massive that you need to stretch your neck to look at it.

  • The Dubai Frame is made of a combination of glass, steel, aluminium, and concrete. It is said that about 2000 tons of steel were used in its construction.

Tips for First-Time Visitors

  • Only 200 visitors can enter the building per hour, so it’s better to arrive a little early and make the bookings in advance.

  • If you want to get a little more discount, go for combo tickets.

  • You can't bring pets with you.

  • There is no photography allowed in the gallery. Other than that, you can take pictures.

  • You can't bring food or drinks from outside.

  • You should dress nicely.

  • Jumping on the glass floor is not allowed.

  • For parents, strollers are not allowed because it can damage the glass floor. You need to keep it outside and carry your child.

  • You can't smoke here.

Final Thoughts

We hope our guide has provided you with all the information about the iconic Dubai Frame and that you have a great time there. However, to be on the safer side, make sure to check for travel insurance. There are many mishaps related to belongings, and many people tend to lose their passports, which you have to keep with you. Travel insurance can save you a lot, not only in flight or baggage-related issues but in other ways as well.

So, travel safely and smartly, not recklessly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few questions asked about Dubai frame


1. What is the nearest metro station to the Dubai frame?

The Al Jafiliya Metro Station, situated on the Red Line, is the closest metro station. It's only a short stroll from the metro station to reach the Dubai Frame.

2. How much is the Dubai Frame ticket price?

The Dubai Frame ticket price for adults is INR 1136, for kids below 12 INR 682, and for elderly people (above 60) and infants (below 3 years), it is free.

3. What is the best time to visit Dubai Frame?

The best time to go to Dubai Frame is early morning or late afternoon. 

4. How much time is allowed inside Dubai Frame?

There is no time constraint inside the Dubai Frame. You are welcome to stay for longer and cherish the views at your own pace.

5. How many hours are required to explore Dubai Frame?

A good 45 minutes to 1 hour is enough to see the whole of Dubai Frame, but you can stay longer if you want.

6. Can we visit Dubai Frame at night?

Yes, you can visit Dubai Frame at night; however, there is an extra charge to go there. The prices of day tickets are usually a little lower than the prices of night tickets.


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