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9 Amazing Things You Should Do in Kenya on Your Next Trip in 2024

TeamAckoJan 18, 2024

Kenya is one of the best places to plan a vacation if you are a wildlife enthusiast. This South African country is packed with mesmerising landscapes and national parks. The most amazing part about taking a trip to Kenya is that it is very affordable. There are many national parks and safaris in this country, so if you are an adventure-seeker, this country is a must visit, at least once.


In this article, we have created a list of 9 things to do in Kenya and all the other related information you need to know before planning your vacation here.



9 Best Things to Do in Kenya 

From a wildlife safari at Masai Mara to hiking to Mount Kenya and watching the wildebeest migration, below are the 9 best things to do in Kenya.  

1. Explore a Beautiful Village in  Maasai Mara 

First of all, keep in mind that this is one of the most popular things to do in Kenya, which makes it quite touristy. Maasai Mara, when you see it live from your eyes, will not look like anything you've seen on TV!

Nonetheless, visiting a village in the Maasai Mara is essential when touring Kenya. The most important thing is to find a method to have an authentic experience rather than visiting only the places in Maasai Mara village, which everybody just tours. You can stop at any of the communities you pass through while driving through the Maasai Mara National Reserve, but if you locate a local, experienced guide, he might take you to some offbeat destinations. This is also one of the most popular things to do in Kenya with family. 

  • Location: Southwest Kenya

  • Timings: Open year-round

  • Best Time to Visit: July to October for the Great Wildebeest Migration

  • Major Attraction: The annual Wildebeest Migration, Big Five Game Viewing

2. Immerse Yourself in the Majestic Beauty of Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is well-known for its biodiversity, but the sight of Africa's highest mountain is the main attraction for visitors. The snow-capped Kilimanjaro can be seen in the background of Amboseli National Park's rather flat environment.

Amboseli is Kenya's largest national park and the greatest area to see elephants, which are present in abundance. This National Park's dust-covered elephants have a great wild appearance. Seeing these massive creatures in such a beautiful setting, combined with the towering background of Mt. Kilimanjaro, makes it one of the most unique things to do in Kenya.

  • Location: Southern Kenya, near the Tanzanian border

  • Timings: Open year-round

  • Best Time to Visit: June to October, dry season

  • Major Attraction: Mount Kilimanjaro views and large herds of elephants.

3. Explore the Wonders of the Great Kerio Valley

Kerio Valley is located in the Great Rift Valley, on the border of the Kerio Valley Escarpment. The Tugen Hills are visible from this vast valley. If you're seeking fun things to do in Kenya, paragliding in this location should be at the top of your list.

Lake Kamnarok in Rimoi Game Reserve is located within the valley and is also a fantastic site to visit in Kenya. Also, if you are thinking of adding things to do in Kenya other than safari, then you should definitely consider including this in your tour plan. 

  • Location: Rift Valley, western Kenya

  • Timings: Open year-round

  • Best Time to Visit: July to September

  • Major Attractions: Stunning Rift Valley landscapes and cultural interactions with local communities.

4. Indulge in Sun-soaked Bliss at Diani Beach

Diani Beach spans about 11 miles along Kenya's southern coast. If you enjoy going to beaches, you must visit Diani to get one of the best beach experiences in East Africa. A beautiful coral reef protects this paradise of white sands, tropical vegetation, and jade-coloured waters. Skydiving in Diani Beach is also one of the best things to do in Kenya.

A taxi ride from Mombasa to Diani Beach costs about 4,000 Ksh and takes about an hour. If you're on a tight budget and want to visit Kenya, you should go camping on Tiwi Beach, which is 5 kilometres north of Diani Beach, as visitors also consider this a fun thing to do in Kenya. 

  • Location: South Coast of Kenya

  • Timings: Open year-round

  • Best Time to Visit: December to March and July to October

  • Major Attractions: Pristine white-sand beaches and coral reefs for snorkelling and diving.

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5. Witness the Thrilling Wildebeest Migration from a Hot Air Balloon 

The Great Migration brings nearly 1 million wildebeests, antelopes, zebras, gazelles, and their predators from Tanzania's Serengeti into the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The animals migrate in search of water and grazing sites from July to October. So is this the best season to witness wildlife in Kenya? Well, it is!

The Maasai Mara is a must-see in Kenya. To be honest, no Kenya trip is complete unless you spend at least one day in the Maasai Mara. This is, however, the most expensive Kenyan tourist attraction. This animal display, as well as the timeless African scenery and the Big 5, is best observed from a hot-air balloon, which is one of the best things to do in Kenya. 

  • Location: Maasai Mara and Serengeti (Tanzania)

  • Timings: July to October (Maasai Mara); timing varies in Serengeti

  • Best Time to Visit: July to witness river crossings

  • Major Attraction: Massive herds crossing the Mara River.

6. Enjoy a Day in the Country’s Capital- Nairobi 

A city tour of Kenya's capital is highly recommended. See the best places and interact with locals to learn about their lives in this African city of nearly 4-5 million people. The Nairobi National Museum and the National Archives provide insight into Kenya's history. This museum is on the outskirts of the city, whereas the National Archives is in the heart of Nairobi. They house various historical records from the country's past.

Although it is not the most exciting thing to do in Kenya, if you have a day to spare in Nairobi, this is a great place to learn about Kenya's history. If you're seeking fun things to do in Kenya, go ziplining at Kereita Forest Adventure Sports, which is about 1.5 hours north.

  • Location: Capital city of Kenya 

  • Timings: Bustling city, always open

  • Best Time to Visit: All year-round, but slightly cooler in July and August

  • Major Attractions: Nairobi National Park, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Giraffe Centre 

7. Get to the top of Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is roughly 245 kilometres north of Nairobi by car and is located right on the equator. The mountain is termed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

It rises to around 5,199 metres (17,057 feet), making it Africa's second-highest mountain and one of the most popular things to do in Kenya. The advantage of climbing Mount Kenya is that the routes are hardly congested; therefore, you will most likely have the top trails to yourself when trekking Mount Kenya. This adventure takes roughly five days to reach Lenana Peak (the third-highest peak reached by most climbers).

  • Location: Central Kenya

  • Timings: Open year-round

  • Best Time to Visit: January to February and July to October

  • Major Attraction: Africa's second-highest peak, diverse ecosystems

8. Extend a Friendly Hand at the Giraffe Manor Hotel 

Have you seen Instagram photos of an amazing breakfast spread, pretty girls, and giraffes that were taken in Kenya? These images were undoubtedly taken at the Giraffe Manor House. For those who can afford it, this is one of the most popular things to do in Kenya. The Giraffe Manor Hotel appears to be off the beaten path, but it is located in southwest Nairobi and has become a top Kenyan sight because of social media influence. 

Many celebrities are seen spending a night here to enjoy wildlife up close. If you can't afford to stay at the Giraffe Manor Hotel, you can still visit the Giraffe Centre in Lang'ata. There is a wooden observation platform where you can get up close and personal with the rare and endangered Rothschild's giraffes. You can feed, pet, and interact with these enormously tall creatures without any fear.

  • Location: Nairobi suburb

  • Timings: Accommodation is open year-round for guests

  • Best Time to Visit: All year-round

  • Major Attraction: Unique experience of giraffes roaming the property.

9. Experience Bioluminescence Magic in Kilifi 

Kilifi, a beautiful creekside town in Kenya, is well-known for its magical bioluminescent plankton. By simply moving through the water at night, you can see this natural phenomenon. Because of your movements, the bioluminescent plankton will begin to glow. Swimming in the water is a shimmering, sparkly experience. While the beaches on the South Coast are cleaner, the North Coast offers a unique experience in Kenya, that is swimming in bioluminescent water.

Swimming in bioluminescent water at Kilifi is one of the free things to do in Kenya, and no tour guide is necessary. Just inquire about the best beach location, and you are set for fun. 

  • Location: Coastal Kenya

  • Timings: Open year-round

  • Best Time to Visit: November to March

  • Major Attractions: Beautiful beaches, water activities, and cultural festivals.

Now, this is the end of our Kenya checklist blog. Hopefully, the points we have listed as things to do in Kenya will help you plan and execute a fun-filled vacation. There are many amazing places to visit and many popular things to do in Kenya, and we have listed some of the best ones so that you can get the most out of your trip. 

However, planning an international trip is not only about shortlisting the best things to do and places to cover; you should also think about getting travel insurance as soon as you decide to go there. Travel insurance can save you from a lot of unforeseen damages. 

So, purchase insurance to enjoy your Kenya trip without worrying about damages!

To get answers to some common questions related to things to do in Kenya, check below.


1. What are the authentic foods in Kenya that one should try while visiting this country?

Some of the best authentic dishes of Kenya are Githeri, Sukuma Wiki, Irio, Ugali, Kenyan Pilau, Wali wa Nazi, Kenyan Stew, etc. 

2. What are some things to do in Kenya with family? 

You and your family can discover family-friendly adventures like exploring Nairobi National Park, visiting the Giraffe Centre, or enjoying the scenic beauty of Karura Forest. From wildlife experiences to cultural attractions, Kenya offers memorable activities for families. 

3. Are there things to do in Kenya other than go on safari? 

Absolutely! You can experience the vibrant city life in Nairobi, relax on the stunning beaches of Diani, or hike Mount Kenya. Kenya's diverse landscapes provide opportunities for activities beyond safari. You can enjoy a well-rounded travel experience in this country.

4. Where can I find cultural experiences in Kenya? 

Explore Kenyan culture by visiting places like the Bomas of Kenya or participating in traditional Maasai village visits. These experiences offer insights into the rich heritage and traditions of the country.

5. Where can I experience the nightlife in Kenya? 

You can experience vibrant nightlife in the country’s capital, Nairobi. Visit popular spots like Westlands or Brew Bistro for a taste of Kenya's lively evenings. There, you can enjoy live music, dance, and the friendly atmosphere that defines Kenya's nightlife scene.

6. What are the must-visit markets in Kenya for shopping enthusiasts? 

You can visit the Maasai Market for traditional crafts or the City Market for fresh produce. You can also indulge in the unique offerings of the Maasai Market in Nairobi. Kenya's markets are a shopper's paradise, with diverse items to suit every taste.

7. What are some free things to do in Kenya?

Explore Nairobi's Uhuru Park, visit the Maasai Market, or stroll through Karura Forest—all without spending any bucks. Kenya offers several cost-free activities that let you enjoy its beauty and culture without having to spend plenty of money.


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