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Car Insurance - Add on Covers

Getting involved in an accident means facing an unplanned financial crunch. A basic car insurance policy type—the third-party liability insurance—does not provide enough coverage. In fact, even a comprehensive car insurance plan may also miss out on a few crucial liabilities. Add on covers in motor insurance come into the picture when you need extended coverage. Like the name suggests, add-on covers for car insurance offer additional protection to your insured vehicle, which can help you enhance your basic car insurance policy.

Accessories Cover for Car Insurance

Your car is definitely an icon that reflects your personality, style and aura. Almost every car owner likes to pamper their prized possession with...

NCB Protection – Car Insurance

A car insurance policy is a way to protect your hard-earned possession. With a car insurance policy, you put a shield against a financial loss...

Accident Cover – Car Insurance

Accidents are dangerous and can cause permanent damages to your life and therefore it becomes important to prepare yourself against any mishaps. But then...

Consumables Cover – Car Insurance

When you go ahead to make claim for accident-related car repairs, your car insurance company does not pay for certain parts, like Consumables. With...

Invoice Protection / Return to Invoice – Car Insurance

A basic car insurance policy protects you only from certain liabilities related to your car. But, to fully safeguard it, you need a solid...

Roadside Assistance – Car Insurance

Immediate assistance during accidents can reduce your misery. Here’s a service that assures you of the needed assistance during accidents. What Is Roadside Assistance in Car...

Car Engine Protection Cover

Natural calamities like floods are one of the primary culprits behind car engine damages during monsoon. However, a basic insurance policy does not cover the...

Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

What is a Zero Depreciation Cover? A zero-depreciation cover, also known as nil depreciation or a bumper to bumper insurance cover, pays the whole cost...