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All You Need to Know About Health Insurance for Differently-abled individuals

Team AckoJul 22, 2021

‘The only disability in life is a bad attitude.’ – Scott Hamilton, American Figure Skater

Disability should not be perceived as an inability and looked down upon. Differently-abled people do not need pity. They deserve to be treated with same dignity as abled people. Yes, they have challenges and only an evolved society can help in overcoming them.

 Health Insurance for Differently-abled individuals

It won’t be incorrect to state that differently-abled people need support but so do abled people. And insurance is a good way of ensuring financial support in case of health issues. But are differently-abled individuals eligible for health insurance? Read ahead to know the answers to such questions and learn more about health insurance for the differently-abled.

Paucity of Knowledge

There is a lot of confusion with regards to health insurance for the differently-abled. This can be mainly attributed to the lack of knowledge about such plans and the terms and conditions associated with it.

People usually find it difficult to wrap their head around definitions, inclusions and exclusions of a health insurance policy. Therefore, they still rely on offline methods to purchase health insurance such as approaching an agent or visiting an insurance company’s branch for the policy. Nowadays, a health insurance policy can be purchased easily online but lack of awareness around such a process might act as a hurdle for potential policyholders. To add to it, one more clause pertaining to differently-abled individuals makes things complex.

Understanding health insurance for the differently-abled

There are two types of disabilities, congenital and accidental. Congenital disabilities are acquired by an individual at birth itself. While the second type is an acquired disability mainly due to an accident. Insurers might not insure people with a congenital disability as it is a high-risk case for them. However, those who are differently-abled because of an accident can avail health insurance. Insurers do not distinguish between abled people and those who are differently-abled because of an accident.

The insurance company might need some health-related documents to insure a differently-abled individual. For example – documents such as a medical report stating the nature and extent of disability.

Are there any tax benefits for differently-abled people availing a health insurance policy**?**

Differently-abled people availing a health insurance policy can get tax benefits under section 80U and 80DD of the Income Tax Act. This deduction can be up to Rs. 1,00,000 depending upon the nature and extent of the disability.

Which are the government schemes for differently-abled people availing health insurance?

Government of India had launched some productive schemes for the welfare of differently-abled individuals. Nirmalaya health insurance scheme is meant for those facing mental disabilities. The Swavalamban health insurance scheme can be availed by people whose total family income is lower than Rs. 3,00,000.

Importance of health insurance in India

It is important to avail health insurance in India to avoid monetary losses associated with medical costs involved in treating any diseases, injuries, etc. However, it is crucial to purchase a good health insurance policy. There is no standard health insurance policy as individual requirements determine which is a good health insurance policy and which is not.

Features of a good health insurance plan:

  • Wide coverage

  • Low prices

  • Simple-to-understand clauses

Features of a good health insurance company:

  • Online infrastructure

  • Wide network of hospitals

  • Stress-free claims

  • High claims settlement ratio

Keep in mind to read and understand the inclusions, exclusions, terms and conditions of a health insurance plan before purchasing the policy. Online health insurance providers offer complete transparency regarding inclusions and exclusions. You can get a better understanding of health insurance policies by getting in touch with the insurer’s customer support team if you do not get a complete understanding about the policy by reading about it on the insurer’s website.

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