It won’t be wrong to term parenthood as a miracle. It is a start of a wonderful journey that is bound to overwhelm positively. A newborn baby brings unquantifiable joy not just for the parents but for the entire family. However, there is a lot of anxiety surrounding childbirth.

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It is normal for expecting parents to be a little scared. It is okay to be concerned. By taking certain precautionary measures, you can ensure that the mother and the bundle of joy don’t face any problems. And one term that comes to mind related to precaution is insurance. But does an insurance policy cover maternity? Is a group policy better or a single cover?

Know more about medical insurance in India related to maternity

What is the meaning of medical insurance in India related to maternity?

A maternity health cover is designed to take care of health needs related to pregnancy and childbirth. It covers health hassles arising during pregnancy as well as during a defined period after the delivery. With such a cover, expecting parents can secure their finances pertaining to birth of their child and avail quality healthcare without worrying about soaring hospitalization costs.

How is maternity cover different from a health insurance plan?

People usually have an individual health insurance plan, Mediclaim policy for family, group Mediclaim offered by employer, etc. Such policies may or may not cover maternity related expenses. For example – there might be a maternity inclusion in your Mediclaim policy for family but it will come with its share of limitations. Besides, will the cover mentioned in the Mediclaim policy for family be enough to meet the maternity expenses and provide a cover for your family? This question arises because a family health insurance cover is meant to cover unexpected medical issues but maternity is known. This where a dedicated maternity cover is preferred over a basic health plan.

Some insurance companies might provide a maternity cover as an Add-on to individual policies or family health insurance. In such cases, you have to compare the plans in detail to know which one meets your requirements.

Who should opt for it?

A maternity cover is a must for newly-wed couples. It should be opted in advance for those who are looking to start a family in the near future. The minimum entry age to avail this policy is 18 years and the limit is 45 years. It needs to be taken in advance as in most cases this cover comprises of a waiting period. Note that insurance companies might not provide an individual maternity cover in case pregnancy is already detected. Such an instance might be covered in a group policy.

What is a waiting period?

A waiting period is the duration where an insurance company will not cover the insured person. The insured person is only covered after the expiry of the waiting period. In a maternity cover, the waiting period can range from nine months to three years. Different insurers have different waiting periods for their maternity cover.

What are the inclusions of a maternity cover?


  •         Tests
  •         Medication
  •         Ambulance expenses
  •         Inpatient care
  •         Day care
  •         Pre-natal expenses
  •         Post-natal expenses
  •         Caesarean/normal delivery
  •         Room rent
  •         New-born baby cover
  •         Follow-up visits

What are the inclusions of a maternity cover?


  •         Pre-existing diseases
  •         Self-inflicted injuries
  •         Tests and treatment pertaining to IVF

How to purchase a maternity insurance plan?

Nowadays, a maternity insurance plan can be purchased easily online. You can compare various plans online using an insurance web aggregator website or by browsing individual websites. Once you have zeroed-in on your preferred insurer, you can make the online payment and purchase the policy from its website. If you have any issues related to understanding the cover or purchasing the policy, you can reach out to the insurance company’s customer care team and get them resolved.

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