BMW Car Insurance

So you own a BMW Car? Hats off just to that!

Planning to renew the insurance of your good old BMW 1 Series  or looking for the best car insurance for your brand new BMW 7 Series – you’ve landed in just the right place.

Let’s dive into the car insurance basics for your BMW car.

Understanding BMW Car Insurance

Must-know Coverage for Your BMW Car

You can get following kinds of insurance policies for your BMW Car:

Third-Party Car InsuranceComprehensive Car Insurance
Only covers third-party injuries and damages, and not those to your own vehicle.Gives third-party policy + coverage for losses and damages to your own car
Mandatory by Indian Motors Act.It’s not mandatory to buy coverage for your own car’s damages, but then we all know the state of Indian roads. And, who doesn’t love their BMW car?
Additional coverage like bumper-to-bumper cover, engine protector is NOT available.Additional coverage, like engine protector, bumper-to-bumper cover, no-claim bonus protector cover are available, at a slightly extra premium cost.

Why You Should Insure Your BMW Car?

Most BMW cars drive well on Indian roads and are priced to match affordability and mileage. With a suitable comprehensive car insurance, you can:

  • Be sure that you’re rightfully compensated if your BMW car was stolen or damaged beyond repairs.
  • Get coverage for a third-party if your car caused an accident and the third-party was injured or their property damaged.
  • Get comprehensive coverage, in case damages were caused to your car [during an accident or because of natural calamities].
  • Be sure that no traffic policeman heavily fines you for not having a car insurance policy. Strictly, say no to bribery!

Good-to-Have Insurance Add-ons for BMW Cars

  • Zero Depreciation Cover:

Irrespective of the model of BMW you have, depreciation is applicable on all kinds of metal, plastic, and fiber glass parts. In case of repairs / replacement claims, you would have to pay for the depreciation cost. However, with zero depreciation add-on, you can get that covered.

  • Return to Invoice Cover:

So that, if your car was stolen or completely damaged, the claim settlement amount from the insurance company is not as little as the current market value of the car. Instead, it would be as much as its invoice value. This is possible even in a case where your car was two years old, with a 20 percent lower current market value.

  • Engine Protector Cover:

A regular comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover the damages to your engine. With an engine protector cover you could claim for those damages too. Whether you own a high-end car like BMW 7 Series or BMW X5 or regular hatchback like BMW 1 Series, it makes sense to buy this add-on. This add-on is also suitable for cars located in flooding prone areas.

  • No-claim Bonus Protector Cover:

If you are a good driver and have a tendency to claim less, you would certainly know about the no-claim bonus that you can earn for every claim free year. This bonus helps you in earning as much as 50 percent discount. However, a single claim can reduce the accumulated NCB to zero in the next year. The solution to safeguard that NCB is to buy this add-on. High-end BMW cars have higher own-damage premium. So if you have accumulated enough NCB and don’t want to lose it for a claim, this is a good-to-have add-on.

  • Passenger Cover:

This personal accident cover for passenger is a must-buy for any BMW car owner. A lower end model of BMW may not come with safety features like airbags or child safety locks. If you use your BMW car to drive your family on a daily basis, it makes sense to buy this add-on.

A lot of insurance companies offer specific add-on coverages at an additional premium cost. Depending on the model of BMW you have, do enquire with your insurer about these coverage options. Key replacement, roadside assistance, personal accident cover of passengers could be a few such options.

Things a Car Insurance Covers For Any BMW Car

  • Personal accident coverage for owner-driver
  • Accident-related damages to your car
  • Damages caused during a natural calamity like flood or storm
  • Loss because of fire, explosions
  • Compensation for Stolen car

Things a Car Insurance Does Not Cover For Any BMW Car

  • Wear and tear caused over the years [including flat tyres]
  • Losses caused when the car was driven without a driving license
  • Damages caused when the car was being driven under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving outside the geographical limits
  • If the car is used for anything beyond it’s legal purpose [racing, illegal activities, organized crime]

Questions you might ask about BMW Insurance

How can I renew my BMW Insurance online?

Your BMW Car Insurance Policy can be renewed online very seamlessly through your insurer’s online portal or your broker’s portal.

  1. If you have already selected an insurance company you can go to the insurer’s portal and renew it online by filling in the details.
  2. All you need to fill are your car details (like Vehicle Registration Number, Engine/Chasis Number), your previous insurance details and your contact details. Once done, you can then renew the policy online by paying via netbanking, wallet or credit/debit card.
  3. Also, it is not necessary to continue your insurance policy with the same insurance company as the previous year. You can easily purchase car insurance online policy from a different insurer, as long as you are aware of the benefits and features being offered

The car insurance of my BMW 7 Series has already expired. Is vehicle inspection mandatory?

Yes. Inspection is mandatory if the insurance for your car has already expired. You need to schedule an inspection before purchasing the policy. Once the surveyor approves, you can purchase the plan immediately online.

Is an online insurance policy valid for car?

Of course it is valid. You get valid online car insurance in India by renewing the policy online. All you need to do is fill in your previous policy car details and get a valid insurance policy emailed to your registered email id. A printout of that would suffice.

How do I get no-claim bonus at the time of renewal?

If you have not claimed in the preceding year, then you can avail a No-Claim Bonus (NCB) at the time of your next renewal. Keep one thing in mind: your car insurance renewal has to happen before the previous policy expires. If your policy lapses, you lose your NCB.

At the time of renewal of your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy, you need to mention your last NCB and whether you have made any claim in the last year or not. You get discount on the own-damage premium as per the NCB grid provided by IRDA.

All vehicle Type NCB Grid% of discount on own damage premium
No Claim in the last 1 year20%
No Claim in the last 2 consecutive years25%
No Claim in the last 3 consecutive years35%
No Claim in the last 4 consecutive years45%
No Claim in the last 5 consecutive years50%

How much more do I need to pay for comprehensive car insurance?

The premium for a simple third party only insurance is fixed by the IRDAI. A comprehensive insurance policy includes own-damage premium too. The own-damage premium varies slightly from one insurance company to another and is dependent on a lot of factors, including your claims history and the age of your car. The overall premium for comprehensive insurance is slightly higher, but highly recommended if you are looking for complete coverage for your BMW car.

Models Manufactured by BMW : Which One Do You Drive?

Brand NameVariantsEngine CCMileage(kmpl)BHPWt. (kgs)Price Range(in Rs)
BMW 1 Series118d Sport119523.2614814253,100,000 to 3,317,000
BMW 3 Series320d Sport Line (Navigation)199522.6919015904,270,000 to 4,568,900
BMW 3 Series320i Prestige199817.5718415853,690,000 to 3,948,300
BMW 3 Series320d Prestige199522.6919015903,750,000 to 4,012,500
BMW 3 Series320d Luxury Line (Navigation)199522.6919015954,270,000 to 4,568,900
BMW 3 Series320i Luxury Line199817.6118415954,270,000 to 4,568,900
BMW 3 Series320d GT Sport Line199519.5918415951,995,000 to 2,134,650
BMW 3 Series320d M Sport199522.6919015954,590,000 to 4,911,300
BMW 3 Series320d GT Luxury Line199519.5918415954,735,000 to 5,066,450
BMW 3 Series330i GT Luxury Line199815.3425215904,830,000 to 5,168,100
BMW 5 Series520d M Sport199518.1219017205,480,000 to 5,863,600
BMW 5 Series520D199518.1219017205,050,000 to 5,403,500
BMW 5 Series520i Luxury Line199714.0418417205,400,000 to 5,778,000
BMW 5 Series520d Luxury199518.1219017205,480,000 to 5,863,600
BMW 5 Series530d M Sport299314.6925817856,200,000 to 6,634,000
BMW 6 Series640d Eminence299317.54313188511,500,000 to 12,305,000
BMW 6 Series640d Design Pure Experience299317.54313188512,200,000 to 13,054,000
BMW 7 Series730Ld Design Pure Excellence299316.77265192011,600,000 to 12,412,000
BMW 7 Series730Ld M Sport299316.77265192012,300,000 to 13,161,000
BMW 7 Series730Ld DPE Signature299316.77265192012,500,000 to 13,375,000
BMW 7 Series740Li DPE Signature297912.5320192012,800,000 to 13,696,000
BMW 7 Series730Ld M Sport Plus299316.77265192012,800,000 to 13,696,000
BMW 7 Series730Ld Design Pure Excellence (CBU)299316.77265192014,500,000 to 15,515,000
BMW 7 Series750Li Design Pure Excellence (CBU)299316.77265192015,700,000 to 16,799,000
BMW 7 Series750Li M Sport (CBU)439512.05450230016,200,000 to 17,334,000
BMW X1xLine sDrive20d199520.6819015003,575,000 to 3,825,250
BMW X1Expedition sDrive20d199520.6819015003,185,000 to 3,407,950
BMW X1M Sport xDrive20d199520.6819015004,199,000 to 4,492,930
BMW X3xDrive 20 D xLine199518.5619016255,390,000 to 5,767,300
BMW X3xDrive 20 D Expedition199518.5619016254,885,000 to 5,226,950
BMW X3xDrive28i xLine199813.7724516305,490,000 to 5,874,300
BMW X3xDrive30d M Sport299316.5525816506,100,000 to 6,527,000
BMW X5xDrive30d Design Pure Experience (5 Seater)299315.9725821857,430,000 to 7,950,100
BMW X5xDrive 30d Expedition299315.9725821857,430,000 to 7,950,100
BMW X5xDrive30d Design Pure Experience (7 Seater)299315.9725821856,790,000 to 7,265,300
BMW X5xDrive30d M Sport299315.9725821857,730,000 to 8,271,100
BMW X5xDrive35i Design Pure Exp 5S299315.97258218515,700,000 to 16,799,000
BMW X6xDrive40d M Sport299315.87313234012,100,000 to 12,947,000
BMW Z4sDrive35i297910.3730613407,750,000 to 8,292,500
BMW Z4sDrive35i Design Pure Traction297910.3730614007,850,000 to 8,399,500
BMW M3Sedan297910.75431163512,600,000 to 13,482,000
BMW M4Coupe297910.75431161212,800,000 to 13,696,000
BMW M5Sedan439510.1560178013,600,000 to 14,552,000
BMW M6Gran Coupe439513.15560178017,700,000 to 18,939,000
BMW X5 MX5 M43959575235016,200,000 to 17,334,000
BMW X6 MX6 M43959575234016,700,000 to 17,869,000

News Related to BMW Car:

BMW Launches 2021 R1200 and R1600

– August 4, 2020

German bike manufacturer, BMW Motorrad, has unveiled the 2021 updates for the BMW R1200 and the R1600 range. The 2021 BMW R1200GS gets the option to disengage ABS and is available in a new paint scheme: Austin Yellow. Meanwhile, the BMW R1200R also gets similar updates and a new paint scheme: Mineral Grey Metallic. BMW Motorrad has been updating most of its range to 2021 models and it also launched the 2021 BMW S1000R and the BMW S1000XR. BMW has also updated the touring range with the BMW K1600GT featuring a new colour option, adaptive cornering lights, standard reversing assistance, DRLs and TPMS. Meanwhile, the BMW K1600GT gets engine protection bars with the comfort package. As for the BMW K1600B, the touring bike gets new DRLs, TPMS and adaptive lights. The comfort package includes features such as keyless start, Shift Assist Pro quick-shifter, central locking among others.

BMW Re-Introduces 320d Sport in India

– August 4, 2020

BMW India has reintroduced the BMW 320d Sport in India. The German car manufacturer had discontinued when it overhauled its portfolio, especially the 3-series. The BMW 320d Sport is priced at Rs. 42.10 lakh ex-showroom. With the relaunch of the 320d Sport, the 3-series now comprises the BMW 320i Sport, the reintroduced 320d Sport, the mid-range 320s Luxury Line and lastly the range-topping 330i M Sport. While the 320d Sport is priced at Rs.47.50 lakh, the top variant is priced at Rs. 48.50 lakh. Both the 320d Sport and 320d Luxury Line draw power from the same 2-litre diesel unit, which is capable of producing a maximum power of 188bhp and a peak torque of 400Nm. Compared to the Luxury Line variant, the 320 Sport does not get ambient lighting, BMW Live Cockpit Professional, Sensatec-covered instrument panel, Parking Assistant, Apple CarPlay and Vernesca leather upholstery. The BMW 320d Sport features BMW Live Cockpit, which comes with an analogue instrument console and a touchscreen infotainment system. It also boasts of rearview camera with front and rear Park Distance Control, Black/Beige or Sensatec Black upholstery.

BMW Launches S 1000 XR in India

– July 20, 2020

If you are enamoured by enticing sports bikes from top foreign bike manufacturers, you can now buy the new BMW Motorrad S 1000 XR in India. The adventure sports bike will cost you around INR 20.90 lakhs, which is the ex-showroom price. The German bike manufacturer’s offering is available in Ice Grey and Red. The 2020 model of the bike has received the following prominent upgrades: symmetrical headlamps, 2-step adjustable windscreen, and improved bodywork. Acting President of the BMW Group India, Arlindo Teixeira termed the newly launched bike as an agile achiever that offers uncompromising ergonomics and awe-inspiring performance. The new bike features a 999cc 4-cylinder engine, six-speed transmission system, and engine drag torque control (MSR). This sporty bike comes with a 6.5-inch TFT display pane and a standard 3-year warranty that can be extended for the 4th and 5th year.

Bengaluru: BMW Opens Pre-owned Four-wheeler Showroom

– July 9, 2020

If you were on the hunt for a pre-owned BMW in Bengaluru, you can get the vehicle you desire by visiting the brand’s new showroom. BMW Group India has come up with BMW Premium Selection (BPS) in the city. The showroom will offer pre-owned BMW cars and features a Sales and a Customer Lounge. The entire area covers 7,500 square feet. Potential car buyers can have a look at the stock easily via the Virtual product Presentation and acquaint themselves with details like mileage, specifications, and the price of the available cars. Since the brand’s launch in the country in 2011, they have opened 24 BPS facilities but the one in Bengaluru is its largest yet. The facility offers customer support regarding insurance and finance requirements. The vehicles offered by the BPS facility in Bengaluru haven’t aged more for more than five years and feature a warranty of up to two years.

BMW Says Comprehensive Software Update in July Will Usher in Several New Services

– July 3, 2020

BMW, this month, will launch its comprehensive software updates for its vehicles, which will bring in several new services in terms of navigation and connectivity. Every BMW, which has Operating System 7, that will roll out from its factory, will include these new features. For those vehicles that are already on the road, the services will be added through a free over-the-air software upgrade. This will be available to owners from third-quarter onwards. Among the updated features is the BMW Map, which is a lot more intuitive than the previous version. Connected Parking also helps search for parking slots with other additional features. There is also the connected charging feature. To make it more innovative and sustainable, the company is supplementing with charging management and other services. The BMW Digital Key will turn the iPhone to a fully digital car key. Also, BMW cars will receive the support of Android Auto with this software update. Other features that will be part of the upgrade are BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and Remote Software Upgrade, which keeps drivers up to date with software updates similar to smartphones.

BMW Announces It May Add Microtransactions to its Cars

– July 2, 2020

BMW is hoping to add microtransactions for its vehicles, stating that it views cars as digital platforms. It calls it personalisation and it provides the hardware and software in the vehicle at the time of manufacturing it so that it can be adapted at a later point in time. This can be tweaked as per the customer’s needs or preferences. By enabling microtransactions in its cars, it makes it possible for BMW to tweak functions in the car such as heated seats, automatic high-beams, etc. Through these microtransactions, the company is looking to leverage the possibility of monetising several functions of the car. These functions could be based on subscription through in-car software through the company’s mobile app. By subscribing for these functions, owners can use the functionality for a certain period of time. The company is still working out the modalities in terms of cost and the types of features or functions that will be under this feature.