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Car Insurance in Chandigarh

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Chandigarh, the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, is one of the most well-planned Indian cities. Unfortunately, car accidents can occur in a well-planned city as well. If you are a resident of this city and own a car, this article is for you. Read ahead to know more about car insurance in Chandigarh.

Car insurance in Chandigarh
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In this section, we have listed ACKO’s car insurance plans for your four-wheeler.

Third-party Insurance
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This is the most basic car insurance policy. It is law-mandated and offers coverage against third-party liabilities. Its inclusions are third-party injury (including death) and property damage.

Own Damage Cover
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As you may have guessed, an Own Damage (OD) Cover offers coverage against damages to your own vehicle. Its prominent inclusions are car theft, impact-caused damages, and damages brought about by natural and manmade occurrences.

Comprehensive - Basic
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A Comprehensive Basic plan is a mixture of a Third-party and an OD Cover and offers the combined coverage of both the plans. An additional feature of this policy is the option to extend coverage by purchasing suitable add-ons.

Comprehensive - Super Saver
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Under this plan, you get the benefits of a Comprehensive Policy and free vehicle transportation services during claim-related repairs. However, if you forget to inform us before repairing your insured car on your own, you have to pay Rs. 5,000 as a deductible during claim settlement.

Zero Depreciation - Basic
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As you may be aware, vehicle components are subject to depreciation. However, ACKO’s Zero Depreciation Cover preserves the value of your car’s parts during claim calculation. To give you a clear picture, if you do not have this cover and your car endures an accident, you would be compensated with only a fraction of the damaged part’s cost, unlike the full value (as applicable) of the damaged parts if you have this cover.

Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver
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This plan offers the coverage of Zero Depreciation Cover at a reduced cost. However, if you raise a damage-related claim, you have to first pay a deductible of Rs. 5,000 from your side before we pitch in.

Personal Accident Cover
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A Personal Accident (PA) Cover is technically not a type of car insurance policy but is included here for explanation purposes. It offers compensation if the insured suffers accident-caused disability or death. This coverage is legally mandatory for all car owners.

Need for car insurance in Chandigarh
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Car accidents are unpredictable. While driving carefully and following traffic rules can help to reduce the probability of encountering accidents, certain situations are out of your control. For instance, you might drive carefully, but it’s difficult to say the same about other drivers in the city. Someone else’s mistake might result in your loss. That is why it is wise to insure your car with a wide-ranging car insurance policy. 

Car insurance in Chandigarh is essential to ensure financial assistance in case of car-related mishaps. Besides, it is mandatory to insure your vehicle with at least a Third-party Liability Policy. Failing to follow this rule can lead to monetary penalties. Thus, it’s best to insure your car in Chandigarh and keep the policy active with timely renewals to follow the law and ensure financial safety.

Benefits of buying car insurance in Chandigarh from ACKO
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Here’s how ACKO excels as a car insurance provider in Chandigarh.

Cost-saving plans
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Since ACKO operates digitally, our operating costs are on the lower side as compared to that of traditional insurers. This gives us an edge when it comes to policy pricing, resulting in cost-saving plans for you.

Instant settlements
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Usually, the time taken for settling accident-related claims can be from a few days to a few weeks. However, since ACKO’s claim process is quick, the turnaround time for settling minor damage-related claims is just a few hours. Even major claims are settled promptly.

Claim-related transportation
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We offer free car transportation for claim-related repairs under certain plans. In such cases, we will come to your location, pick up your car and take it to a nearby network garage. After the repairs are done, we will deliver your car to your doorstep.

How to file a claim with ACKO
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Raising an accident-related claim with ACKO in Chandigarh requires the following steps.

After the submission of your claim request, our team will process your claim as per your policy’s coverage. 

How ACKO car insurance can financially protect you in Chandigarh
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ACKO’s comprehensive car insurance can financially protect you in Chandigarh in the following ways.

Frequently asked questions
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In this section, we have responded to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding car insurance in Chandigarh.


Can I claim ACKO insurance if my car endures accident-related damages outside Chandigarh?

Yes, you can claim ACKO insurance even if your car endures accident-related damages outside Chandigarh, provided the location where the accident occurs is within the geographical limits covered by the policy. 

Where in Chandigarh can I buy ACKO car insurance?

You can buy ACKO car insurance online via our website/mobile app from anywhere in Chandigarh (across India). You do not need to visit any physical office.

Is car insurance compulsory in Chandigarh?

Yes, as per The Motor Vehicles Act, car insurance is compulsory in Chandigarh and across India.