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Mysore, also known as Mysuru, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India. Not surprisingly, it is the second most populated city in the state of Karnataka. The higher the population, the busier the roads. And with increased road traffic comes an increased possibility of road accidents. That is why it is wise to buy wide-ranging car insurance in Mysore. In this article, we have enumerated the car plans we provide in Mysore and the benefits of insuring your car with us.

Car insurance plans in Mysore
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The following are the ACKO policies that you can buy in Mysore.

Third-party Insurance
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According to The Motor Vehicles Act, possessing this policy is a legal obligation in India. It covers accident-related injuries, death and property damage to a third party.

Own Damage Cover
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This Cover financially protects you from accident-related damages and theft. The inclusions under accident-related damages include collisional damages and damages resulting from manmade and natural catastrophes.

Comprehensive - Basic
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This policy offers the financial protection of both a Third-party and Own Damage Cover. It also has an option of upgrading coverage by buying add-ons.

Comprehensive - Super Saver
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Under this plan, you get Comprehensive Policy coverage and more. If your car endures accident-related damages and you inform us, we will repair it in a network garage and return it to you for free. However, if you choose to get your car repaired, a Rs. 5,000 deductible is applied.

Zero Depreciation - Basic
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As you may be aware, the value of car components depreciates with time. A Zero Depreciation - Basic plan provides the coverage of a Comprehensive - Basic Policy and also financially protects your car parts from depreciation regarding claim settlement.

Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver
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A Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver plan offers the same inclusions as a Zero Depreciation - Basic plan at a lower price. The key difference is that during an accident-related claim, you must first put down Rs. 5,000 as a deductible.

Zero Depreciation - Super Saver
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A Zero Depreciation - Super Saver plan offers the same inclusions as a Zero Depreciation - Basic plan plus one more benefit. You can avail of free transportation for claim-related repairs. However, if you get your car patched up without telling us, a deductible of Rs. 5,000 will be applicable.

Personal Accident Cover
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A Personal Accident (PA) Cover is technically not a car insurance policy. Nevertheless, as per Indian law, all motor vehicle owners ought to buy it. It offers monetary compensation if you are involved in a car accident and incur physical disability or death.

As per a report by NCRB, a chunk of the road accident cases in India were from Karnataka. That is why it is wise to drive carefully and take adequate precautions against road accidents while driving in Mysore. Apart from driving carefully, it is also recommended to buy Comprehensive Car Insurance (or its variants). That way, you do not need to worry about finances for car repairs if your car gets involved in an unfortunate accident. Also, as per The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all car owners ought to possess Third-party Insurance to drive legally in India; thus, you need car insurance in Mysore to comply with the law.

Benefits of buying car insurance in Mysore from ACKO
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In this section, we have highlighted the reasons why you should choose our car insurance in Mysuru.

Low-cost plans
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Our digital infrastructure enables us to function on low operating costs compared to traditional insurers. We use the savings to reduce the cost of our insurance products. Since we sell direct-to-customer, our policies are commission-free as well.

Quick settlements
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If you have raised a car insurance claim before, you may be aware of how long it takes to receive a settlement. In contrast, ACKO offers a speedy claim process. For instance, we settle approved minor damage-related claims within just a few hours.

Repair-related transportation
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If your car incurs damages due to an accident, just call us, and we will transport your car to a nearby network garage and return it to you once the repairs are completed. However, please note that this benefit is applicable only under some policies.

How to file a claim with ACKO
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If your car gets damaged in Mysore, here’s how you can raise a claim against your ACKO car insurance policy.

After the submission of your claim, our team will process your request and settle it as per the terms of your policy.

How ACKO car insurance can financially protect you in Mysore
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If you buy ACKO four-wheeler insurance, you can be financially protected in Mysore in the following ways.

Frequently asked questions
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In this section, we have responded to some of the most common questions regarding car insurance in Mysore.


Does ACKO provide car insurance in Mysore?

Yes, ACKO provides car insurance in Mysore.

How do I find out the premium payable for insuring my car in Mysuru?

You can find out the premium payable for insuring your car in Mysuru by visiting our car insurance premium calculator tool and entering the requested details.

Which are the car insurance plans that ACKO offers in Mysore?

You can find the car insurance plans that ACKO offers in Mysore by visiting this website’s home page and entering your car-related and previous policy (if applicable) details.

Will I be penalised if I drive without car insurance in Mysore?

Yes, if you drive without basic car insurance, you can get penalised by traffic police. This is because Third-party Insurance is a legal requirement to drive in India.