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Car Insurance in Ranchi

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Ranchi is one of the most populated cities in Jharkhand, India. As more and more people move into the city, the number of vehicles on the road increases. More cars on the road make people prone to road accidents and fatal injuries. According to the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Transport Research Wing, Jharkhand saw 3,040 road accidents in 2020.

Benefits of ACKO Car Insurance in Ranchi
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There is no doubt that you need car insurance, and the Motor Vehicle Act mandates that you do so. Let's also go through some benefits of purchasing ACKO's car insurance in Ranchi.

1. Less Paperwork
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ACKO understands that your security is supreme when you drive a car on the roads of Ranchi. Now you don't have to visit any office to show your documents. Just upload them online with ACKO, and you are done. You can quickly call customer support for any confusion or questions. The ACKO platform is here to provide convenience to its users, with car insurance facilities.

2. Hassle-Free Premium Deposit
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By buying car insurance from ACKO, you get the option to pay your car insurance premium online. You can visit the online platform and use the pay premium button. It is a hassle-free process because if you book your car insurance offline, you will have to pay a significant amount upfront. That makes the insurance cover costly, and also does not offer many add-ons.

3. Multiple Add-ons
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You get multiple add-ons to make your car cover more comprehensive and secure. Also, the site gives you the flexibility to decide the premium amount. Here, you not only get multiple add-on facilities, but it is also pretty cost-effective.

4. Trusted & Credible
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ACKO has credible and trusted car insurance plans in Ranchi. Its insurance cover offers up to 95% hassle-free claim experience to buyers. Also, it makes the new car insurance and renewing process very convenient. As of now, it has over seven crore users across India. Therefore, booking your car insurance plan with the ACKO platform is a good option that you can consider.

5. Instant Policy Approval
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Whenever you book your car insurance cover offline, you will have to wait for many days. However, when you book your car protection online, you get instant approval. It takes less time and is also very cost-effective. Not only this, but online platforms like ACKO also provide cashless access to the garages in your local area.

Car Accident Stats in Ranchi 
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Ranchi is the tourist capital of Jharkhand. Ranchi encompasses the head offices of different manufacturing companies, which keeps the roads busy day and night. As more people take to the streets every day, the chances of road accidents are higher.

Current data suggests the chances of an accident. Let us look at the various reports that signify the importance of getting reliable car insurance in Ranchi.  

  1. Almost 35% of accidents in this city happen due to two-wheelers.  

  2. 88% of death happens because bike riders do not wear helmets. 

Statista's report shows that 3044 people were killed in road accidents in Jharkhand. Ranchi was the top city in the state with the highest casualties.

Step by Step Guide to Buy Car Insurance in Ranchi 
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Now that we have discussed the benefits of booking a car insurance cover. Let's also understand how you can book your car insurance to get the best advantage of it.  

1. Understand the Requirements
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Jharkhand has witnessed over 4000 road accidents every year. When you book your car insurance cover, it is essential to ensure that it protects you and the people with you.

 In India, getting a third-party car insurance cover is compulsory for the car owner. So, you can prepare a list of all the requirements and start discovering your insurer.  

2. Select Right Platform 
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You can find many insurers to get car insurance in Ranchi, but finding a reliable insurer is important, as it will give you a convenient experience. Moreover, you get everything you need in one place if your policy is with an insurer like ACKO. 

You do not need to run through much documentation. In addition, you can quickly check claim history and customer experience to make other decisions. 

3. Choose the Best Car Insurance Plans 
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Once you choose your insurer, you can start knowing about their various car insurance plans. However, it's recommended to select from the following car insurance coverage types:  

3.1. Third-Party 
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According to the Motor Vehicle Act, getting third-party insurance coverage is crucial. A third-party insurance plan covers third-party damage and injuries. However, the drawback of this insurance cover is that it does not give personal protection.  

3.2. Comprehensive 
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Comprehensive cover is suitable for those car owners who want to protect themselves and third parties. Getting comprehensive car insurance in Ranchi, covers the driver and any third party involved in the accident. On top of that, it also covers car damage and other terms you have chosen.  

3.3. Own Damage Cover 
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Suppose you get a third-party cover to meet traffic law requirements. In that case, you will also require to get a damage cover. This insurance cover protects you and your car. So, you can easily claim damages and medical expenses when a car accident happens to you.  

4. Look for Add On Covers 
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Add-on covers are completely value-for-money deals. These provide added security to the car owners. You can get a hassle-free repair service, if your car's engine struggles on the road

Thus, it's also essential to have some add-ons to your car cover. Let's discuss the add-on covers you can consider while buying your car insurance in Ranchi:  

4.1. GAP Value Cover 
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GAP value cover is a plan that covers the difference between the claim amount and the vehicle's value.  

4.2. Consumable Cover 
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Generally speaking, comprehensive car insurance does not cover consumables such as nuts and bolts, oil filter, and AC gas oil. If you want protection for these, you need to get a consumable cover as an add-on. 

4.3. Key Loss Cover 
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Sometimes your car key gets lost, damaged, or stolen; in this case, you will need to buy a new key. So, if you need compensation for the same, it requires buying critical loss cover with the current insurance plan.  

4.4. Road Side Accident Cover 
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This add-on cover provides you with the replacement of flat tyres and other essential repair services on the road. So, it's also a useful add-on that you can get with your car insurance in Ranchi.  

4.5. Depreciation Cover 
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Your car's market value depreciates with time. Depreciation cover is recommended if you want to maintain your car's value. For example, if theft, fire, or accident happens, the insurer pays the depreciated amount as a claim. In that case, you can recover the difference value under depreciation cover.  

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According to reports, Rachi is the city that has a high number of road accidents. This Indian state ranks 20th for the most increased road accidents. This city often sees car accidents due to bikers riding a bike at high speed. 

Along with this, some drunk drivers drive their vehicles and cause accidents. Hence, it's an excellent time to book your car insurance in Ranchi, if you want to protect your expensive vehicle and yourself.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are the commonly asked questions about car insurance in Ranchi.


1. Why do Car Owners need to Have Car Insurance in Ranchi? 

Ranchi is a city that records a high number of road accidents. However, the number of road accident cases has decreased. But still, you will find the accident cases are high. Also, under the Motor Vehicle Act, it's compulsory to have reliable insurance coverage.  

2. Can I Renew Car Insurance? 

You get a hassle-free car insurance renewal facility when you buy your car insurance cover from sites like ACKO.  

3. Which is the Right Platform to Book Car Insurance in Ranchi? 

ACKO is the ideal site to book car insurance in Ranchi. This platform provides you with 100% online booking and a 24x7 customer support facility. Also, you will find car insurance covers very affordable and reliable.  

4. After Getting Car Insurance in Ranchi, can I Drive a Car in other Cities in India? 

You need a reliable car insurance cover to drive your car anywhere in India. So, if you don’t have car insurance yet, you should get one soon. 

5. Which is the Best Car Insurance Cover for Car Owners in Ranchi? 

Choosing a third-party or comprehensive car insurance cover is suitable for first-time car users. However, if you select a third-party cover, you must book OD cover to protect yourself and your car.