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Mercedes Benz Car Insurance

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Mercedes Benz Car Insurance

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Mercedes-Benz produces some of the world's most premium and luxurious cars. Buying a Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan for your Benz car is a no-brainer as it provides a financial backup in case of damages to your vehicle or third-party losses. This article will provide all the information related to purchasing motor insurance online and car insurance for Mercedes Benz cars. Mercedes-Benz is a premium car brand, and purchasing car insurance is crucial to safeguard yourself from financial liabilities arising due to damages to your car. Moreover, a Third-Party Liability Motor Insurance is compulsory to meet the legal requirements and to avoid penalties. But the main benefit of a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy is the financial backup it provides when you need it the most. So, four-wheeler insurance is the key to a worry-free drive.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Benz Car
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Purchasing Mercedes car insurance online is simple, quick and easy. Below are some of the reasons why you should buy Mercedes Benz car insurance online.

1. Instant Purchase
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You can purchase the Benz car insurance policy instantly, thanks to the digital process with zero paperwork. There is no filling of forms or tedious documentation. Hence, you can buy a car insurance policy in just a few minutes from ACKO.

2. Compare Policies
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You can compare different car insurance policies offered by ACKO before making the purchase decision. This flexibility is not available when you buy insurance offline. Compare car insurance plans, add-ons and additional services before purchasing the policy.

3. Convenient
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You can purchase/renew car insurance online from anywhere and anytime via ACKO’s website or mobile application. There is no need to visit the insurer’s office or any agent. Purchase/renew the policy from the comfort of your home/office.

Car Insurance Plans for Benz Cars
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Below are the car insurance plans for Mercedes Benz cars.

Third-party Car Insurance Plan
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Purchasing at least a Third-party Insurance Policy is mandatory as per law. It is a basic plan for your Benz car and covers damage to third-party property and injury/death of a third party. In addition to the third-party cover, a Personal Accident (PA) cover is also compulsory. You can purchase the PA cover separately. Note that the Third-party Policy does not cover damages to your vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan
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A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy comes with dual covers: Third-party Liability cover and Own Damage (OD Insurance) cover. The insurance plan provides coverage against third-party liabilities and damages caused to your car due to natural disasters, man-made calamities, fire, explosion or accident. Unfortunate incidents such as theft or total loss of the insured vehicle are also covered by the policy. You can enhance the policy coverage by opting for add-on covers.

What’s Covered in Benz Insurance? (Inclusions)
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The Comprehensive Benz Insurance Plan from ACKO provides coverage against the following.

Exclusions of Benz Car Insurance
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If your car suffers damage/loss due to the below circumstances, you cannot raise a claim against Benz insurance:

Add-ons for Benz Insurance
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You can extend the coverage of the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan by purchasing add-ons. A car insurance add-on is an individual cover that provides additional benefits/services. Below are the available add-ons for Mercedes Benz car insurance.

Why choose ACKO Car Insurance Policy for your Benz Car?
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Listed below are the key benefits of purchasing car insurance for your Benz car online from ACKO.

Go Paperless

No Documentation
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There is absolutely no documentation when you purchase Benz insurance from ACKO. All you have to do is type in your vehicle-related details and previous policy details to insure your car.

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Free Pick-Up and Drop
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ACKO will pick up your vehicle from your location within one hour for repair works if you have raised a claim request. The repaired vehicle will be delivered to your doorstep within 3 working days. This service is available in select cities.

Low Premiums

No Agent Commissions
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ACKO works on a direct-to-consumer model. That means when you buy a policy from ACKO, you directly deal with the insurer. There is no agent or middlemen involved. Hence, you need not pay agent commissions while buying/renewing Mercedes insurance policy.

ACKO’s Claim Procedure
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It only takes 2-3 minutes to register a car insurance claim on ACKO. With a 100% digital process and no paperwork, the process is quick and simple. Follow the steps below to file a car insurance claim.

Documents required for a Mercedes-Benz car insurance claim
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Since ACKO is a 100% digital insurance provider, our insurance experience is completely paperless. Meaning, you do not have to produce any physical documents or complete any paperwork. However, while raising a claim, you may have to upload the soft copies of the following documents.

How Mercedes-Benz car insurance premium is calculated
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The following criteria is considered while calculating the premium of a Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan. You can get a free quote for your Mercedes-Benz car insurance by visiting the ACKO website.

1. Car’s information
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The premium payable for car insurance is usually dependent on the car’s age, engine capacity and make. The reason for this is that the price of spare parts may vary depending on these factors. Thus, you may be required to input these details while buying a policy.

2. Type of policy
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There are two types of insurance plans usually offered for cars. Namely, Third-party Car Insurance Plan and Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan. The latter is the more costlier of the two, but offers better coverage.

3. No Claim Bonus (NCB)
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As the name may suggest, NCB is a bonus an insurer may grant the insured for not raising a claim during a policy term. This bonus is usually granted in the form of discounts in the policy premium during policy renewal.

4. Insured Declared Value (IDV)
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The IDV of a car refers to its approximate current market value. In the event of loss or damage beyond repair of your insured car, your insurer may pay you this IDV amount as compensation. The more the IDV value you select, the more premium you may have to pay.

5. Add-ons selected
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As previously mentioned, add-ons can be selected under a Comprehensive Car Insurance plan. Add-ons help to extend the coverage of the base plan. There are add-ons available for different requirements. However, you may be charged more for the same.

6. Personal Accident (PA) cover
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A PA cover provides monetary compensation in the case of the insured incurring accidental disability or death. Also, it is mandated by law to be in possession of one. However, this may increase the premium payable of your Mercedes car insurance.

7. Tax
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As with most products and services in India, car insurance is usually sold with a Goods and Services Tax (GST). So, after choosing your car insurance plan, you may be billed 18% of the policy premium as tax. Thus, increasing the overall price.

How to reduce the premium of a Mercedes-Benz car insurance policy?
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Follow the below tips to reduce your Mercedes-Benz Comprehensive Car Insurance policy premium.

1. Avoid making claims
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As mentioned earlier, if you do not raise any claims during the policy term, you may earn a No Claim Bonus (NCB). This may reduce the policy premium amount. Usually, you can reduce up to 50% NCB after completing five consecutive claim-free years.

2. Buy online car insurance
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Buying car insurance online may be more cost-effective than buying it offline. This is because there are no intermediary costs like middlemen fees and other similar operating costs. So, online insurers may be able to offer their policies at more affordable costs.

3. Compare plans
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Several insurers have taken their products online. So, buying car insurance online may give you the added advantage of being able to compare plans. This may help you narrow down a policy that offers adequate coverage to your car and also fits your budget.

4. Choose only necessary add-ons
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Add-ons can be opted for under a Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan. They help to enhance the coverage of the base plan. However, you may be charged more depending on the add-ons you select. So, choose only the required add-ons while buying your policy.

5. Opt for voluntary deductibles
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If you opt for voluntary deductibles, you may have to pay a percentage of the repair costs when you raise a claim for vehicle damages. However, this may bring down the policy premium. So, if you are confident that you are a safe driver, you can choose this option.

Mercedes-Benz car insurance renewal process
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Follow the below simple steps to renew your ACKO car insurance.

Step 1: Log on to the ACKO official website or download and open the ACKO mobile application on your smartphone. Then, login to your personal account.

Step 2: If you wish to switch plans, you can. Alternatively, if you are happy with your current plan, you can stick with the same.

Step 3: Once you choose your preferred plan, you will have to make an online payment for the same. Immediately you will be emailed your renewed policy document.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Benz car insurance.



Which documents do I need to submit to buy Mercedes Benz insurance on ACKO?

You need not submit any documents to purchase car insurance at ACKO. Visit the ACKO website/app and enter vehicle-related and previous policy details and buy the insurance policy online within a few minutes. There is no documentation required.

How can I renew Mercedes Benz car insurance online?

The renewal process is almost similar to the purchase process. Sign in to your profile via the ACKO website/app. Select the insurance plan and add-on covers of your choice and complete payment online. The renewed policy will be instantly sent to your registered email ID. That is how you renew Mercedes Benz car insurance online.

What is the procedure to get an NCB discount while renewing Benz car insurance?

There is no additional procedure. ACKO will apply the discount on the premium during the insurance renewal process, provided you have made zero claims during the previous policy period. You can get up to a 50% discount if you have made zero claims for five consecutive years.

What is the cost of Mercedes Benz car insurance?

Mercedes Benz insurance cost depends on the type of plan and add-ons you choose. Also, the model and age of the vehicle, location of vehicle registration plays a part in finalising the Mercedes Benz car insurance premium. In simple words, the higher the value of the car, the higher the Mercedes car insurance price.

What is the benefit of Personal Accident cover, and is it mandatory?

A Personal Accident (PA) cover is mandatory. It covers disability/accidental death of the driver or owner. You can purchase the Personal Accident cover while buying/renewing the car insurance online on ACKO. You need to buy only one Personal Accident cover even though you own multiple vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz India CEO Believes Auto Industry is Well Prepared to Deal with Coronavirus
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– March 10, 2020

Managing Director and CEO, Martin Schwenk believes that the auto industry is well prepared to tackle the Coronavirus. He said that the auto industry is ready to deal with the deadly virus because of its expertise in supply chain management. He added that the auto industry has always been witnessing some sort of disruptions and all manufacturers would be able to mitigate the impact to a certain extent. Mr Schwenk added that all vehicle manufacturers have set up procedures and processes to tackle any issues related to supply chain management.