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Ssangyong Car Insurance

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Ssangyong Car Insurance

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There are some aspects that you need to look after if you own a car. For example, you need to drive responsibly, be alert while driving, and buy car insurance. Yes, buying or renewing the insurance policy for your car is an essential component of driving a vehicle in India. Thus, if you are a proud owner of a SsangYong Car, you need SsangYong car insurance for it. The type of policy you purchase is up to you. But you need to insure your vehicle before driving it on Indian roads. Not complying with this mandate can lead to legal issues. 

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for SsangYong Cars
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You will receive the following benefits by insuring your SsangYong Car with a Comprehensive Plan.

Low Expenses
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You will not have to spend a huge amount from your pocket to repair damages to your car due to fire, calamities, accidents, etc. The insurer will take care of the repair cost as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

Assistance in Case of Liability
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If you accidentally injure a third party or somehow their property gets damaged because of the insured vehicle, the insurance company will cover you for the liabilities.

Peace of Mind
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With a good car insurance company by your side, you do not have to worry about unnecessary repair expenses, managing the entire task of car damages and repairs. The insurance company will help you out with it.

Insurance Plans for SsangYong Cars
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You have the following two options while buying or renewing the car insurance policy for your SsangYong vehicle.

Basic Plan
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The Third-party Car Insurance Plan is a Liability Policy and a basic plan. This is compulsory as per the law of the land. The premium for this is low and so is the coverage.

Advanced Plan
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A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy is a better cover for your SsangYong car as it offers enhanced coverage than the basic plan. It not only covers the Liability Policy’s inclusions but also offers insurance coverage against fire, theft, calamities, etc.

What’s Covered in SsangYong Car Insurance (Inclusions)
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If you are looking for a Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan for your SsangYong car, it will have the following inclusions. Some points might differ from one insurer to another.

What’s Not Covered in SsangYong Car Insurance (Exclusions)
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The insurance company will not be liable for claim settlement as per the SsangYong Car Insurance Policy for the following exclusions.

Add-ons for SsangYong Car Insurance
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You can enhance the coverage for your SsangYong’s Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy by selecting suitable add-ons. Here’s a list of popular add-ons.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Car Insurance Policy for your SsangYong Car
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You will enjoy the following benefits by choosing ACKO as your insurance provider for your SsangYong car.

Online Car Insurance
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ACKO offers online car insurance policies at low premiums. You get enhanced coverage and top-notch services by purchasing or renewing your car insurance policy directly from

Expert Assistance
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With easy-to-understand information on the website, explanatory blogs, and prompt query redressal via the Help Centre, ACKO offers expert assistance for all things insurance.

Hurdle-free Claim Settlement
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Our claim settlement process is smooth and efficient due to our tech-based infrastructure and dedicated claims team. With features like Instant Settlement, your claim settlement process will be hurdle-free.

Claim Procedure
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Here’s an overview of the claim procedure followed by the majority of the insurers. The exact process can differ.

Step 1: Let the insurance company know about the incident for which you desire to claim against your car insurance policy.

Step 2: Share details either online/offline about you, the policy, and the incident/accident.

Step 3: Cooperate with the assigned claims executive concerning claim settlement.

Step 4: Opt for either the Cashless Claims process or the Reimbursement Claims process

Step 5: Follow the specified process and get the claim settled.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here’s a detailed Q and A section to end doubts concerning car insurance for SsangYong car models and variants.



Can I buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy from the Regional Transport Office while registering the vehicle?

The Regional Transport Office does not issue vehicle insurance policies. You will have to purchase a plan from an insurer. For example, you can visit to buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan for your SsangYong Car.

My Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy has expired. And I am not going to use the car for the next four months. Is it okay to renew the plan after four months?

It is suggested to renew your car insurance plan at the earliest. Failing to do so might lead to a premium hike due to resetting of the No Claim Bonus (if applicable) and Car Inspection.

I plan to buy only the Invoice Protection add-on. Is it possible?

The Invoice Protection add-on is not a standalone policy. It is an ‘add-on’ to a Comprehensive Plan. Thus, it needs to be clubbed with a Comprehensive Plan.

Are Third-party Car Insurance rates fixed or can I get a discount on them?

Third-party Car Insurance rates are fixed. They are declared by the insurance regulatory body. There are no discounts available for it.

What is the meaning of Network Garages?

Insurance companies often settle car insurance claims directly with the garages. Garages with whom insurers have such an agreement are termed as Network Garages.

Car Insurance for Ssangyong Car Models/Variants:
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Below are the car insurances for Ssangyong Car models in India: