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Toyota Rumion Car Insurance

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Toyota Rumion

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Buying your dream Toyota Rumion is an exciting moment. But the procedures don't end there. An important next step is to buy car insurance for your Rumion. You can legally drive your Rumion on Indian roads only when you have a valid insurance policy.

Let's understand why you need insurance for your Toyota Rumion and what policies are available.

Why Should you Buy Car Insurance for Toyota Rumion?
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It is mandatory by law to have at least third-party insurance for your Rumion before driving it. Driving without insurance can lead to fines or imprisonment.


Financial Security
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Insurance protects you from heavy financial losses in case of accidents, theft or natural disasters. It covers repair costs for your car and liabilities arising from damage to a third party.


Peace of Mind
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With insurance, you can drive your Rumion without worrying about potential financial stress due to unprecedented events.


Compensation for Injuries
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Car insurance also provides coverage for injuries sustained by you, your passengers or third parties due to an accident involving your car. This takes care of medical expenses. Note that this a mandatory coverage that you need to purchase separately.

The Most Common Types of Car Insurance for Toyota Rumion
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Third-Party Liability Insurance
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This basic insurance covers injury or damage caused by your Rumion to a third party person, property or vehicle. It does not cover your own vehicle damages.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
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This extensive coverage includes third-party liability along with protection for your own Rumion against damage, theft, etc. It provides wider coverage with add-ons.

Stand-alone Own Damage Cover
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This policy only covers damage to your Rumion due to accident, theft, natural calamity, etc. It does not cover third-party liability.

What is Covered

What is not Covered

What is Covered in Toyota Rumion Car Insurance?
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A comprehensive policy for your Rumion generally includes coverage for:

  1. Third-party liability for bodily injury or property damage

  2. Damage to your Rumion due to natural disasters like flood, earthquake etc.

  3. Damage or loss due to man-made causes like fire, theft, riots, etc.

  4. Damage to your Rumion from accidents

  5. Costs of replacing or repairing broken glass parts like windshield

  6. Loss or damage to accessories installed in the car like music system, seat covers, etc.

  7. Personal accident coverage for you and your passengers

  8. Legal costs arising from legal action against you for third-party damages

What is not Covered by Toyota Rumion Car Insurance?
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Though comprehensive insurance is extensive, some exclusions are:

  1. General wear and tear of Rumion parts over time

  2. Mechanical or electrical failure of parts

  3. Damage caused when driving without a valid driving licence

  4. Losses when Rumion is driven under the influence of alcohol

  5. Damage outside specified geographical limits

  6. Damage caused intentionally by policyholder

  7. Losses that occur when Rumion is used outside personal use, like for commercial purposes

  8. Consumable parts like engine oil, lubricants, etc

Add-ons for Toyota Rumion Car Insurance
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Some useful add-ons offered are:

  1. Zero depreciation cover: This add-on waives off the depreciation that is applied to parts when you make a claim. It means you get the full claim amount without any deductions made for depreciation.

  2. NCB protection cover: This add-on protects your No Claim Bonus even if you make a claim during the policy period. Normally, your NCB would get reduced when you make a claim. With this cover, your NCB stays intact.

  3. Engine protection cover: This provides protection against damage to internal parts of the engine, like pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, etc., due to water ingression or leakage of lubricating oil. Expenses for repairs are covered.

  4. Invoice price cover: In case of total loss or theft of your Toyota Rumion, this cover pays the full ex-showroom invoice price of the car instead of the IDV or Insured Declared Value.

  5. Roadside assistance: Provides services like towing the vehicle to the nearest garage, on-road repairs of minor mechanical or electrical faults, battery jump-start, emergency fuel delivery, etc.

  6. Consumables cover: It covers expenses incurred towards consumables like engine oil, gearbox oil, brake fluid, etc, in case these need to be replaced after an accident.

  7. Accessories cover: Your insured accessories, like the music system, seat covers, alloy wheels, etc, are covered against theft or damage. You get reimbursement for expenses.

Benefits of buying ACKO car insurance for your Toyota Rumion
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How to Buy/Renew Toyota Rumion Insurance from ACKO
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Follow these steps to buy/renew Rumion insurance:

Step 1: Visit the ACKO website or app and enter your vehicle number

Step 2: Choose a plan and add-ons and complete premium payment online

Step 3: Instantly receive policy copy by email and via the app

4 easy steps to raise a claim
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Step 1: Log in to the ACKO app/website

Step 2: Tap 'Claim Now' and fill details

Step 3: Upload the required documents

Step 4: For minor damages, receive an instant car insurance claim settlement. 

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Buying adequate insurance is crucial for complete peace of mind with your Toyota Rumion. Choose ACKO for an easy, convenient and hassle-free insurance experience.

Frequently Asked Questions on Toyota Rumion Car Insurance
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Frequently Asked Questions


What documents are required while buying Toyota Rumion insurance?

You need not submit any documents while buying Toyota Rumion car insurance from ACKO. All you have to do is share a few basic details of your car.

How is IDV calculated for Toyota Rumion insurance?

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your Rumion is calculated based on the manufacturer's listed selling price, invoice value, age of the car, depreciation rate, etc. IDV denotes the maximum cover offered for your car.

What is the claim settlement process for Toyota Rumion insurance?

You can raise a claim on our website and app. Depending on the type of claim, you may get an instant settlement, or our claims team will reach out to you for further assistance.

Can I get Toyota Rumion insurance without visiting an office?

Yes, with insurers like ACKO, you can buy and manage Rumion insurance completely online without any office visits. Everything is taken care of digitally.

How do insurers calculate premiums for Rumion insurance?

Your Rumion's premium is calculated based on IDV, voluntary deductible, NCB, add-ons opted, city, coverage, etc. Higher IDV and wider coverage mean higher premiums.

What will happen if I drive Rumion without valid insurance?

Driving without insurance can lead to heavy fines or imprisonment, as per the MV Act. Your licence may also get suspended. Your claim will also get rejected if insurance lapses. So, maintain insurance at all times.