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Ampere Bike Insurance

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Ampere Bike Insurance

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Bike insurance is a good way to ensure that you have ample financial support in case something happens to your Ampere bike. You might be the best rider in town but accidents can happen despite that. Other drivers and riders on the road might not be that good at riding/driving or might have one bad day leading to a crash. Ampere bike insurance insures your bike against such instances as well as other situations such as damage due to calamities, fire, and vandalism. However, you must choose the right cover for it. Here’s more on that.

Benefits of Purchasing ACKO Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy for your Ampere Two-wheeler
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Still feel buying insurance is an inconvenient task? Well, things have changed drastically in the last five years when it comes to online bike insurance. And ACKO is at the forefront of this change. Now, insuring your bike is as easy as online shopping. Here are the main benefits of picking ACKO for insuring your Ampere scooter.

1) Buy Direct
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Skip dealing with middlemen and agents and buy directly from This direct approach will save you a lot of time and effort concerning Ampere 2 wheeler insurance.

2) Low Premium
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ACKO is a digital insurance company. As a result, the company’s operational expenses are lesser than a company that has several physical office spaces and a big task force. ACKO’s efficient tech-driven approach offers low-cost policies without cutting down on the coverage or the services.

3) Quick and Reliable Insurance
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With ACKO, buying, renewing, and claiming insurance is quick and hassle-free. You can perform almost all essential tasks by logging in to the website or via the ACKO app. The customer support team is always at your service if you need any assistance.

Insurance Plans for Ampere Bikes
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Broadly, you have two options while insuring your Ampere bike. You can either go for the minimalistic Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance or choose a wide-ranging Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance. In the minimalistic cover, the insurer will assist you in case your bike is involved in an incident where a third party is injured or their property is damaged, The damage to your Ampere bike is not covered in this policy. This is taken care of in the Comprehensive Cover.

The Comprehensive Cover includes the cover of the minimalistic plan and offers an Own Damage cover, which comes in handy in case the Ampere bike is damaged due to calamities, fire, vandalism, etc. Another benefit of choosing a Comprehensive Plan is that it allows you to opt for add-on covers. Such covers are great concerning specific coverages.

What’s Covered in Ampere Bike Insurance (Inclusions)
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Every Ampere scooter insurance policy is governed by a set of inclusions. Simply put, if the reason for bike damage is mentioned in the list of inclusions stated in the Policy Wordings, the insurer will settle the claim. Here are some common inclusions of a Comprehensive Ampere Two-wheeler Insurance Plan.

What’s Not Covered in Ampere Bike Insurance (Exclusions)
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There are instances where the insurance company directly rejects the claim. Such instances are also mentioned in the Policy Wordings of the plan and fall under the exclusions section. Here’s an overview of the section.

Add-ons for Ampere Bikes
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Add-ons are covers that offer specific insurance protection. You need to pay extra to include these add-ons in your Comprehensive Cover. These are not standalone policies. They can only be purchased with a Comprehensive Cover. Thus, if you are thinking of going for a combination of a Third-party Cover and an Add-on, it is not possible. Here are some popular add-ons available in the online market.

Note that insurers might have different names for the add-ons and might charge different premiums for them. Their coverage might also differ. Therefore, make sure to check the features and pricing in detail before buying the add-ons. Also, do not go on a shopping spree concerning the add-ons; it will increase your final insurance bill to a great extent. Instead, select only those add-ons that you think will offer value for money.

Claim Process
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While choosing an insurer, it is crucial to check the claim process offered. Merely enabling buying online insurance is not enough when it comes to convenience. The claim process also needs to be convenient and hurdle-free. That is why digital insurers offer a Cashless Claims Process. It is a process by which the insurer and the garage where the bike is repaired ensure bill settlement among themselves and you are not directly involved in the process. For you, the process is swift and hassle-free as the insurer and garage have a tie-up and the billing process is majorly sorted amongst themselves.

The other way to settle claims is to go by the Reimbursement Process. Here, you get the bike repaired, pay the bill to the garage, and then apply to the insurer to get the bill reimbursed. Compared to the Cashless Process, the Reimbursement Process is lengthy, tiresome, and inconvenient.

Here are the basic steps involved in raising a bike insurance claim:

Step 1: Apply for a claim by contacting the insurance company.

Step 2: Share policy details.

Step 3: Share details about why you want to raise a claim.

Step 4: Coordinate with the assigned claims officer.

Step 5: Choose either a Cashless or a Reimbursement Process and follow the instructions.

Step 6: Receive money in your bank account. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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Listed below are common questions and answers concerning bike insurance.


Do I have to pay a huge amount to insure my new bike?

It depends upon you whether you want basic coverage, wide-ranging cover, or a wide-ranging cover with add-ons. The cost for each will increase, respectively. However, insurance policies are usually for a year. As you do not have to pay for ten years in advance, the insurance amount should not be that huge irrespective of the policy.

I plan to shift from Maharashtra to Gujarat in the coming months. What happens to my bike’s insurance policy in this case?

Your bike insurance policy will remain active till the end of the policy period. The policy covers the entire country. However, it would be better if you have a word with your insurer about it if you are going to shift permanently. A change in location might impact the payable premium, especially at the time of renewing the policy.

Can I include my new electric bike’s insurance policy in my existing car insurance policy?

No, such a feature is not yet available. You will have to buy a separate plan for your electric bike.

Will the Comprehensive Cover insure my bike against flash floods?

Yes, a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy does offer a cover against flash floods as per the terms and conditions.

Will the Third-party Cover insure my bike against flash floods?

No, a Third-party Cover does not offer Own Damage cover. And as damage due to flash floods comes under the Own Damage cover, a third-party plan will not cover it.

What is the process to renew electric bike insurance online?

The process to renew bike insurance online is like buying the policy. Simply log in to the insurer’s website and renew the plan by making the online payment.

Does installing an anti-theft alarm on the bike reduce insurance premium?

Yes, installing an anti-theft alarm can lead to a reduction in insurance premium provided the alarm is certified by the Automotive Research Association of India.

Is there scope to avail discount when it comes to the payable premium for a Third-party Policy?

No, the third-party premium is fixed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). These rates are standard and there is no scope for discounts. However, the IRDAI might change the premium on an annual basis.

I want to buy add-ons for my Comprehensive Plan for one month only. Can it be done?

Usually, add-on covers are available with a one-year coverage. Such short-term add-on covers are not common.

Is it legal to buy bike insurance directly from a private insurance company?

Yes, it is legal to buy bike insurance directly from a private insurance company provided it is an IRDAI certified/registered company.