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Bajaj Pulsar 125 Bike Insurance

Get your Bajaj Pulsar 125 bike insured in a simple and hassle-free way!

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Bajaj Pulsar 125 Bike Insurance

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The right kind of bike insurance can save you from legal hassles and financial inconvenience. Therefore, you need to go for a Comprehensive Bajaj Pulsar 125 Bike Insurance Policy. You can purchase such a plan without much effort via ACKO’s website and the mobile app. This article will help you understand the nuances of insuring your bike online and how to make the most of it.

Why Choose Online Two-wheeler Insurance for Bajaj Pulsar 125?
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The online infrastructure makes it super simple for you to compare bike insurance, and buy or renew a suitable policy quickly. Here’s why you must consider buying Bajaj Pulsar 125 Two-wheeler Insurance online.

Anytime Bike Insurance
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You are not restricted by working hours to insure your bike via online modes. The ACKO app and the website is functional 24x7. Thus, you can pick a suitable time and insure your bike easily.

Paperless Insurance
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In the online method, you can skip the paperwork and insure your bike within minutes. For example, when you buy insurance from ACKO, there’s no need to upload documents or fill physical forms.

No-commission Insurance
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As you buy directly from the insurer, there is no scope for agent commission. You can insure your Bajaj Pulsar 125 by visiting ACKO’s website/app without paying agent commission.

Types of Bike Insurance for Bajaj Pulsar 125
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You can insure your Bajaj Pulsar 125 with the following types of two-wheeler insurance policies in India.

Third-party Liability Plan
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If you want minimal bike insurance for your Bajaj Pulsar 125, then you can opt for this Third-party Bike Insurance Plan. It is a low-cost, low-cover plan, and it insures you against third-party liabilities. Therefore, the policy will cover your liabilities in case you injure (death is also covered) a third party or damage their property.

Comprehensive Plan
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While the Third-party Plan is beneficial, it does not cover damages to your bike. On the other hand, a Comprehensive Plan includes the Liability-only Cover and insures your Bajaj Pulsar 125 against damages because of accidents, calamities, etc., in addition to offering a bike theft cover.

What’s Covered in Bajaj Pulsar 125 Bike Insurance? (Inclusions)
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A Bajaj Pulsar 125 Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan offers the following coverage. Note that the policy does not include a Personal Accident Cover.

What’s Not Covered in Bajaj Pulsar 125 Bike Insurance? (Exclusions)
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Your two-wheeler insurance policy has the following situations as exclusions; they are not covered.

Add-on Coverage for Bajaj Pulsar 125
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You can enhance your two-wheeler’s Comprehensive Cover with the following add-ons.  

ACKO’s Claim Process
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You need to follow the below-mentioned steps for a hassle-free claim settlement process.

Step 1: Visit your ACKO account via the website/app and click on ‘Claim Now’.

Step 2: Share information about the reason for raising a claim. For example, upload photos of the damaged bike.

Step 3: Based on the shared information, follow the stated process. For example, Instant Claim Settlement for minor damages such as dents.

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Here are three top reasons to select ACKO’s Comprehensive Cover for your bike.

Low Premium
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ACKO’s bike insurance plans are low on premium and high on features. With a digital infrastructure and No-commission model, you get superior insurance coverage without spending a lot of money.

No-effort Insurance
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Buying or renewing a two-wheeler insurance policy from ACKO is as effortless as it can get. The buying process can be completed within minutes; renewing takes less time than buying!

Seamless Claim Settlement
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Our tech-based processes and a customer-friendly claims team make the entire claim settlement process hiccup-free for you. You can even opt for Instant Claim Settlement for minor claims.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Common two-wheeler insurance questions and answers.


I already have bike insurance for my other bike; do I need one for my Bajaj Pulsar 125 as well?

As you already have a bike insurance policy, you do not need to buy the Personal Accident Cover again (provided it is covered under the policy). However, you will be required to insure your Bajaj Pulsar 125 with either a Third-party or a Comprehensive Plan.

Bike insurance is of less use to me as most of the time, my bike is kept in the garage; can I skip renewing the policy?

You should not skip renewing your Comprehensive Policy even if your bike is not in use because bike insurance is a legal requirement. Also, the bike can get damaged even in your garage or can be stolen. Insurance will be handy in such unfortunate circumstances.

Is it compulsory to renew bike insurance with a Comprehensive Cover?

No, you have the option to go for a Liability-only policy or a Comprehensive Cover. However, it is suggested to opt for the latter for wide-ranging coverage.

Can I buy insurance directly from ACKO for my new bike?

Yes, you can insure your new bike directly from ACKO.

Will a Comprehensive Cover insure my bike if it is damaged due to a cyclone?

Yes, natural calamities are covered under a Comprehensive Cover. However, the coverage will depend upon the stated terms and conditions of the policy.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Bajaj Bike Models/Variants
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