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Benelli BX 250 Bike Insurance

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Benelli BX 250 Bike

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The Benelli Bx 250 is a stylish off-roading bike that competes with the likes of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and Yamaha R15 V4. It was first launched in 2016 and was discontinued in 2019. If you happen to own this spunky two-wheeler, this article is for you. Here, we have enumerated Benelli Bx 250 bike insurance types and the upsides of online bike insurance.

Importance of buying online bike insurance for Benelli Bx 250
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If you haven’t bought online bike insurance before, here’s what you are missing out on.

Zero paperwork
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Filling out physical forms can be a hassle. However, this is usually a part of the process of buying bike insurance offline. Online insurers save you this trouble thanks to their digital set-up.

24x7 access
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Buying/renewing bike insurance offline may require you to visit the insurance company in person or meet with a broker. The same is also applicable while raising accident-related claims. In contrast, if you opt for online bike insurance, you can buy/renew policies and access several insurance-related features from anywhere via the website/app of the insurer.

Adequate assistance
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If you are a first-time user of online bike insurance, you may not be familiar with its functioning. For this purpose, online two-wheeler insurers typically provide a detailed help section on their website/app. There is usually also a toll-free number if you prefer to clear your doubts by speaking to an executive.

Bike insurance policies for Benelli Bx 250
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You can insure your Benelli Bx 250 with one of the following bike policies.

Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
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A Third-party Bike policy is the most basic policy. It is also a legal necessity to ride on Indian roads as per The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. A Third-party Two-wheeler Policy offers coverage against collisional injury, death or property damage to a third party. However, you cannot claim damages occurring to your insured bike.

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
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A Comprehensive Two-wheeler Policy couples the legally necessary Third-party Cover and an Own Damage (OD) Cover. An OD Cover offers monetary protection against theft, collision-caused damages and damages resulting from natural and manmade mishaps. Not only does a Comprehensive Bike Policy offer you all-round coverage, it also gives you the option to supplement existing coverage by selecting add-ons (as per availability).

What’s covered in Benelli Bx 250 bike insurance?
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If your Benelli Bx 250 is insured with a Comprehensive Bike Policy, you will be eligible to claim the following coverages.

What’s not covered in Benelli Bx 250 bike insurance?
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Comprehensive and Third-party Bike Insurance cannot be claimed in the following scenarios.

Add-ons for Benelli Bx 250 bike insurance
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The following add-ons are typically offered with Benelli Bx 250 bike insurance. Nevertheless, check for availability before policy purchase.

Why Acko?
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In the previous section, we explained the advantages of online insurance. In this section, we will lay out reasons why ACKO is the ideal insurer for your Benelli Bx 250.


Pocket-friendly policies
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Our digital-first approach helps us save on operating costs. We also follow a “no- commission policy” that helps us sell directly to our customers via our website/app. Both these factors enable us to sell low-cost bike policies.

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Quick claim processing
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In a traditional setup, if your vehicle endures damages and you raise a claim, it is unlikely that you will receive the settlement immediately. However, ACKO's claim process is lightning-quick. For eg; we settle claims for minor damages within a few hours!

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One-stop insurance shop
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We not only provide bike insurance, we also offer car and health insurance. So, by using our platform, you can meet your insurance needs in one place. To learn more about our other insurance products, visit

ACKO’s claim procedure
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Raising an accident-related claim under ACKO’s Benelli Bx 250 bike insurance cover involves three easy steps.

Once we receive your claim request, we will process it as per your policy’s terms and credit the settlement amount as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions
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This section provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding Benelli Bx 250 bike insurance.


How do I check if ACKO provides Benelli Bx 250 bike insurance in my city?

You can check if ACKO provides Benelli Bx 250 bike insurance in your city by visiting and entering your bike and city details.

I have a second-hand Benelli Bx 250 bike, do I need to get it insured?

Yes, you need to get your Benelli Bx 250 bike insured even if you bought it second-hand. The Motor Vehicles Act states that all motor vehicles must legally be insured to ride/drive them legally on Indian roads.

Do safe bike riders require Comprehensive Benelli Bx 250 bike insurance?

Accidents are unpredictable. That is why it is wise to insure your Benelli Bx 250 with Comprehensive Bike Insurance. Besides, vehicle theft can occur irrespective of the rider’s riding prowess. A Comprehensive Bike Policy offers coverage against such scenarios.