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Ducati Scrambler 800 Bike Insurance

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Ducati Scrambler 800 Bike Insurance

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The Ducati Scrambler 800 is on the affordable side as compared to other bike models from the Italian manufacturer. Many enthusiasts can now bring home the Scrambler 800 to experience the pleasures of riding a Ducati. But first, it is important to get well-designed insurance for your Ducati Scrambler 800. This article will help you understand the procedure of getting the Ducati Scrambler 800 bike insurance online.

Benefits of buying online two-wheeler insurance for Ducati Scrambler 800
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The following are the perks of buying the Ducati Scrambler 800 two-wheeler insurance policy online.

Insurance choices
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The availability of digital insurers enables you to understand and compare policies online. The instantly available information enables you to analyse important factors such as the coverages, costs and features of a policy before buying.

Service access
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With the online platform for insurance, you can initiate associated services without waiting for callbacks or physically visiting the insurance office.  All the information and services stay available to you 24x7, whether you want to purchase/renew a policy or request a claim.

Quick procedures
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Along with 24x7 availability, the online platform makes several procedures quicker than usual. For instance, you can buy/renew a plan almost instantly simply by entering the necessary details of your vehicle and previous insurance (if applicable).

Bike insurance plans for Ducati Scrambler 800
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You can choose between these major kinds of Ducati Scrambler 800 bike insurance.

Third-party Insurance Policy
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To ride your Scrambler 800 on roads in India, you must have at least this type of policy. A Third-party Bike Insurance Policy is mandatory to provide financial protection to you from potential liabilities such as damages to a third party property, demise of a third party or injuries to a third party as well. While this policy is mandatory, it offers no coverage in case of any damages to your own vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy
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The Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy is a practical way to buy the combination of Third-party Insurance cover and Own Damage cover. This way, you can fulfil the legal motor insurance requirements and obtain financial protection from damages, theft or total loss of your bike. This type of policy includes the damages related to accidents, explosions, fires, and disasters (both natural and man-made).

Important: Along with the insurance of your choice, you must buy a Personal Accident or PA cover as well. This cover is mandatory to protect yourself financially against permanent/temporary disability or death caused by accident. 

What’s covered in Ducati Scrambler 800 insurance?
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With Comprehensive Ducati Scrambler two-wheeler insurance, you receive coverage in the following situations.

What’s not covered in Ducati Scrambler 800 bike insurance? (Exclusions)
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Your Ducati Scrambler 800 bike insurance can’t offer coverage in these conditions.

Important: Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of exclusions. You can ask your insurer or read the policy document carefully to understand all the exclusions.

Add-ons for Ducati Scrambler 800 two-wheeler insurance
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You can purchase the following add-ons along with a Comprehensive policy by adjusting the Ducati Scrambler 800 two-wheeler insurance rates.

Disclaimer: Please check with your insurer to understand the availability of the add-ons mentioned above.

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Here is why you should buy Ducati Scrambler 800 insurance at ACKO.

Lower premiums
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The digital infrastructure helps to keep the operating cost low at ACKO. Plus, the direct-to-customer model enables policy purchase without agent commissions. All this helps us to provide you with low-cost insurance plans.

Zero paperwork
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The ease of buying a policy is also a perk you will enjoy at ACKO. The purchase or renewal of an insurance plan is completely digital, which requires no paperwork. You can use our mobile app or website to buy a policy with essential information.

Faster claims
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ACKO offers you a hassle-free way to raise claims via the digital platform. In fact, the settlement for minor claims usually takes only a few hours after submission. Plus, you receive complete guidance throughout the settlement of major claims.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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These are the easy steps to follow to raise Ducati Scrambler insurance claims at ACKO.

Once you submit your claim, ACKO’s support team initiates the settlement process right away. For a minor claim, you can receive the settlement amount just in a few hours. But the major claims may need more time, depending on the damage complexities.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some of the common questions answered about Ducati Scrambler 800 insurance at ACKO.


Which is the plan from ACKO for accidental damage cover for Ducati Scrambler?

You can buy Comprehensive Ducati Scrambler bike insurance at ACKO to obtain coverage against accidental damages. Beyond that, this policy will also cover your bike against third-party liabilities as well as theft, total loss or damages caused by natural disasters, man-made calamities, fires or explosions.

What is the process to renew Ducati Scrambler 800 bike insurance at ACKO?

ACKO has the mobile app and website to enable an instant online renewal of Ducati Scrambler 800 two-wheeler insurance. All you need to do is enter your motorcycle details and provide information related to the previous insurance policy. Then, you can instantly renew the insurance plan online. 

What are the documents needed to buy Ducati Scrambler 800 bike insurance at ACKO?

In order to buy Ducati Scrambler 800 two-wheeler insurance, you don’t need any physical documents. The process at ACKO is completely paperless and involves simple steps via the mobile app or website. You can provide basic details of your previous insurance (if available) and Scrambler to buy a policy instantly.

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