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Hyosung Bike Insurance

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Hyosung Bike Insurance

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Buy/Renew Hyosung Bike Insurance Online
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Hyosung is a Korean brand of motorcycles. This brand is owned by S&T Motors. In India, the brand has partnered with Garware Motors to cater to the middleweight motorcycle industry. They are planning to expand their offerings soon.

Indian bike enthusiasts can choose from four appealing Hyosung models. They come in the range of Rs. 3 to 6 lakhs. Whether you choose a 3-lakh bike or a 6-lakh bike, it is mandatory to choose Hyosung bike insurance. Read ahead to know more about Hyosung bike insurance in India. 

Buying or renewing bike insurance is no longer difficult. You can buy/renew Hyosung bike insurance easily thanks to the digitization of the industry. Earlier, you had to seek the help of an agent or an insurance company’s employee to buy bike insurance. But that is not the case anymore. Nowadays, you can buy/renew Hyosung bike insurance from the comfort of your home from your smartphone by visiting your preferred insurance company’s website.

Types of Hyosung Bike Insurance
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Third-party Bike Insurance
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As the name suggests, this policy insures the policyholder against damages to third parties and their property. It is a compulsory policy as per law. Therefore, you must ensure that such a policy is always active while you are riding your Hyosung bike.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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This type of insurance is an advanced way of insuring your bike. This not only includes the third-party cover but also offers an Own Damage cover. This means your bike will be insured against third-party liabilities as well as damage to the bike due to fire, theft, calamities, etc.

Why should you insure your Hyosung bike?
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There are two prominent reasons why you should insure your Hyosung bike. First, you need to insure your bike as it is mandatory to do so as per The Motor Vehicles Act. The other reason to insure your bike is the Own Damage cover, which comes with a Comprehensive bike insurance policy. With this cover, your Hyosung bike will be insured if it faces damages due to fire or calamities and will be insured against theft.

Renew Expired Policy for Hyosung Bike
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Bike insurance comes with an expiry date. This means you need to renew your Hyosung two-wheeler insurance policy to ensure that the coverage offered by it is valid. You have two options when it comes to renewing Hyosung bike insurance: the offline process and the online process.

The Offline Process
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As per this process, you will have to renew your Hyosung’s bike policy by filling forms and meeting an agent or an employee of the insurance company. Bike dealers also act as insurance agents and you can renew your bike policy from them as well. The offline process can be time consuming and inconvenient.

The Online Process
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This option is both quick and convenient. In certain cases, it can be less expensive as well. In the online bike insurance renewal process, you have to visit the website of your preferred bike insurance company and renew the policy by following the mentioned steps.

Add-on Covers for Hyosung Bike Insurance
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You can choose to buy Add-on covers with your Comprehensive policy to enhance the insurance coverage of your Hyosung bike. Add-on covers increase your bike insurance premium but they also increase the cover. Listed below are some popular Add-ons you can choose for your Hyosung bike.

Zero Depreciation
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While settling claims, insurers consider the bike’s depreciation value as well. However, with a Zero Depreciation Add-on, the insurance company will not consider the depreciation amount while settling claims.

Pillion Rider Cover
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You can choose this cover if you often have a pillion rider seated behind your Hyosung bike. Such a cover is like the Personal Accident cover but for the pillion rider.

Invoice Protection
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In case of a total loss, insurers offer the policyholder the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the bike. This value is lower than the invoice value. However, with an Invoice Protection Add-on, you shall receive the invoice value of the bike in case of a total loss.

NCB Protect
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This stands for No Claim Bonus protection. Such an Add-on ensures that your No Claim Bonus stays valid even in the situation where you have to raise a claim or two during the policy period.

Engine Protection
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This Add-on offers an extra layer of insurance when it comes to matters pertaining to the bike’s engine. It can be best suited for people residing in a flood-prone area.

Hyosung Bike Insurance Claim Process
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Whether it is a third-party claim or an own-damage claim, first and foremost you need to inform your two wheeler insurance company about it. They will tell you the step-by-step process to raise a claim. If you have an online insurer, you can register a claim by visiting their website as well. If there is an accident or bike theft, you will have to file an FIR with the police. In most cases, the insurance company will appoint a surveyor, you must comply with the officer and be patient. The claim will be settled by payment made through cheque or bank transfer.

Models Manufactured by Hyosung
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Here’s a list of models manufactured by Hyosung in India.

Model Name Variants Engine (CC) Mileage (kmpl) Power Price Range (Rs.)
Hyosung GT650R GT650R STD 647 18 73.68 PS@ 9000 rpm 6,94,000
Hyosung GT250R GT250R 250R 249 27 28.38 PS @ 10000 rpm 3,39,000
Hyosung Aquila Pro NA 647 18 75.02 PS @ 9000 rpm 5,40,000
Hyosung Aquila 250 Aquila 250 Standard 249 27 26.57 PS @ 9500 rpm 2,94,000

Reasons to buy Hyosung Bike Insurance from Acko

Acko Bike Insurance Coverage Details

Things a Two-Wheeler Insurance Covers for Any Hyosung Bike
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Things a Two-Wheeler Insurance Does Not Cover for Any Hyosung Bike
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Here’s a list of generic exclusions:

How to use a bike insurance premium calculator for Hyosung bikes?
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This is how you can use a bike insurance premium calculator on

Step 1 – Visit ACKO Website

Step 2 – Choose the bike model

Step 3 – Choose the purchase year of your bike

Step 4 – Choose if your current policy is active

Step 5 – Select View Prices

Step 6 – Choose a plan

Step 7 – Make payment

Step 8 – Download the policy

Top-selling Hyosung Bike Models
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Here’s a list of best-selling Hyosung models:

Variants of Hyosung Bike Models
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Here’s a list of top-selling Hyosung model variants:

Hyosung Insured Declared Value
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You have the option to choose your Hyosung’s insured declared value from a range if you are purchasing your policy online. It is commonly understood as the market value of your bike, however, it is not to be mistaken with the bike’s resale value.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hyosung Bike Insurance
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Commonly Asked Questions About Hyosung Bike Insurance


Q1) What happens if I do not buy Hyosung bike insurance?

You can be penalized or imprisoned for riding an uninsured Hyosung bike.

Q2) Is it possible to purchase Add-ons with a basic liability policy?

No, Add-ons cannot be purchased with a basic liability policy.

Q3) Will installing an anti-theft device reduce my bike insurance premium?

Installing a certified anti-theft device has the potential to reduce your bike insurance premium.

Q4) Is it possible to purchase multiple Add-ons?

Yes, it is possible to purchase multiple Add-ons.

Q5) Can I renew my Hyosung bike insurance from a different insurer while renewing the policy?

Yes, it is possible to renew Hyosung bike insurance from a different insurer while renewing the policy.