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Jawa Perak Bike Insurance

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Jawa Perak Bike Insurance

Jawa is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world, and it has produced some iconic bikes. One such iconic motorcycle is the Jawa Perak which was launched in the Indian market at the end of 2018. The Jawa Perak is a unique motorcycle which reflects the rich heritage of the Jawa brand. What makes the Perak so special is the unique design with a floating rider seat and retro-style headlight and tail light. This article will provide you with all the information related to Jawa Perak Bike Insurance.

Benefits of Buying Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy for your Jawa Perak Bike
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Below are the benefits of buying Acko bike insurance policy for your Jawa Perak bike:

No Paperwork
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At Acko General Insurance, there is no paperwork involved while buying two-wheeler insurance online. The entire process of purchasing the bike insurance can be completed online with minimal documentation.

Quick Claim Settlements
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Acko offers instant claim settlements for minor damages. Applying for a bike insurance claim is easy at Acko as you can register the claim online. After the assessment of the damage, Acko will transfer the claim settlement amount directly to your account.

Best Insurance Plans
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Acko suggests the optimum IDV (Insured Declared Value) for your Jawa Perak bike and provides two-wheeler insurance plans. You can compare insurance plans and add-on covers before making the final decision.

Expert Guidance
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Acko’s team of experts will give you unbiased advice on two-wheeler insurance plans. The customer support team will guide you while purchasing Jawa Perak bike insurance or while registering a claim. The trained professionals from Acko will ensure that you choose the right two-wheeler insurance plan for your Jawa Perak bike.

Bike Insurance plans for Jawa Perak Bike
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There are mainly two types of insurance plans for Jawa Perak Bike: Third-Party bike insurance and Comprehensive bike insurance. Both the insurance plans offer different coverage benefits. Below are the coverage details of third-party and comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans:

Third-Party Bike Insurance
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As the name suggests, the third-party insurance plan provides only third-party damage cover, and it does not provide an Own Damage cover. Moreover, it’s compulsory to buy third-party two-wheeler insurance for your Jawa Perak as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy provides third-party and Own Damage cover. The insurance plan covers damage to your bike and injury/accidental death of the rider/owner. Apart from that, the comprehensive insurance plan provides coverage against loss/theft of the insured motorcycle. You can also buy add-on covers to expand the coverage benefits of the comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

What’s Covered in Jawa Perak Bike Insurance (Inclusions)
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Below are the inclusions of Jawa Perak two-wheeler insurance:

Note: Own Damage cover applies to only Comprehensive Bike Insurance plans.

Exclusions of Jawa Perak Bike Insurance
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Jawa Perak bike insurance will not provide coverage against the following circumstances:

*Note: Depreciation value is covered under the Zero Depreciation add-on cover.

Add-ons for Jawa Perak Two-Wheeler Insurance
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A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy will allow you to purchase add-on covers. Below are the available add-ons for Jawa Perak two-wheeler insurance:

Claim Procedure
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You can register a bike insurance claim at Acko General Insurance by following the below steps:

  1. Download the Acko smartphone app or log on to the website

  2. Select the ‘Bike Insurance’ option from the Products drop-down menu.

  3. Next, select the ‘Two-Wheeler/Bike Claims’ option from the Claims drop-down menu.

  4. Log in to your Acko account and enter details such as insurance policy number, vehicle registration number, etc.

  5. State the nature of the damage and upload pictures of your damaged motorcycle.

  6. After the assessment of the damage, Acko will transfer the claim settlement amount to your account.

  7. Acko offers instant claim settlements for minor damages.

  8. Minor repairs will be done at your location.

  9. Major repairs or replacement of parts can be done at Acko’s network of cashless garages.

Frequently Asked Questions
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If you are someone who is buying two-wheeler insurance for the very first time, then the technical terms can be confusing at times. To make things easier, below are the most common queries related to Jawa Perak bike insurance:


Is online bike insurance valid for Jawa Perak bike?

Yes, online bike insurance is valid for Jawa Perak bikes. In fact, by buying two-wheeler insurance online, you will save a lot of time and money. The documentation is simple, and you can compare different insurance plans before making the purchase.

How much time will it take to renew Jawa Perak bike insurance online?

Renewing Jawa Perak bike insurance online takes only a few minutes as the documentation and payment are done through digital mode.

Is Jawa Perak bike insurance expensive?

The cost of Jawa Perak bike insurance depends on the value and condition of the motorcycle. The cost of two-wheeler insurance also depends on the type of insurance plan you choose.

Is it compulsory to buy two-wheeler insurance for Jawa Perak bikes?

Yes, buying a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Comprehensive insurance plan is optional, but it provides better coverage when compared to the third-party bike insurance policy.

What is an add-on in Jawa Perak bike insurance?

Add-on is nothing but the additional coverage which you can purchase separately for a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy. You can buy add-ons such as Engine Protection Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover, Consumables Cover, etc. for a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Can I buy add-ons for third-party bike insurance?

No, you cannot purchase add-ons for third-party bike insurance as it only overs third-party damage. Only a comprehensive bike insurance plan allows you to buy add-on covers.

What is Insured Declared Value (IDV) in Jawa Perak bike insurance?

IDV is the current value of your motorcycle. IDV is also the maximum sum insured which will be paid to you by the insurer if your motorcycle is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Can I renew Jawa Perak bike insurance after it expires?

Yes, you can renew Jawa Perak bike insurance within the grace period provided by the insurer. Post grace period, you have to pay the required penalties to renew the two-wheeler insurance policy. Note that an expired bike insurance policy does not provide coverage, so it is better to renew the insurance before it expires.

Can I reduce the cost of Jawa Perak bike insurance?

Yes, you can reduce the cost of bike insurance by installing an anti-theft/security device on your motorcycle. With less risk of theft, the premium of the bike insurance will be reduced. You can also avoid buying unnecessary add-ons to reduce the premium. Lastly, you can opt for third-party bike insurance to keep the costs down.

Can I apply for a claim for minor damage on my Jawa Perak bike?

Yes, you can apply for a claim for minor damages on your motorcycle. But if you have not bought the No Claim Bonus (NCB) Cover, you will lose out on NCB while renewing the insurance.