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Lohia Oma Star Bike Insurance

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Lohia Oma Star Bike Insurance

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The Lohia Oma Star is a jazzy-looking electric bike. Along with its appealing design elements, it also offers a noiseless and emission-free riding experience. However, if you are planning to buy the Oma Star or already own one, note that it is legally mandatory to buy bike insurance. This article highlights the different types of Lohia Oma Star bike insurance policies and the benefits of online bike insurance. So, read ahead to know the available options!

Importance of buying online bike insurance for Lohia Oma Star
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Buying bike insurance online has several advantages. In this section, we will discuss a few.

Cost-effective policies
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Buying online insurance is usually more cost-effective than the offline alternative. Here’s how. Offline bike insurance companies typically incur more operational costs as compared to their online counterparts. Online insurers take advantage of the resulting savings (due to their digital set-up) by lowering the premium of their bike policies.

Effortless transaction
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If you buy two-wheeler insurance offline, it is likely that you may have to deal with an insurance company in person or get in touch with a middleman/broker. On the other hand, online insurance can be bought from anywhere as long as you have an internet-connected smartphone or computer.

Anytime aid
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Online insurance is pretty straightforward. However, if you are a newcomer and need assistance, there is usually a support section you can refer to. Alternatively, if you require personalised assistance, there may also be a 24x7 toll-free number you can call.

Bike insurance policies for Lohia Oma Star
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There are, fundamentally, two bike insurance policies that are applicable for Lohia Oma Star bikes. In this section, we have highlighted both and shared their features.

Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
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A Third-party Bike Insurance Policy is a legal necessity as per The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. A Third-party Policy gives coverage against third-party liabilities such as injury, death and property damage resulting from a bike collision. However, accident-caused damages to your vehicle are not covered by the policy.

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
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A Comprehensive Policy offers two covers. Firstly, it provides the legally mandatory Third-party Cover. Secondly, it provides an Own Damage (OD) Cover that will offer coverage for accident-related damages to your vehicle. Apart from these two covers, you can also opt for specialised coverages by purchasing add-ons.

What’s covered in Lohia Oma Star bike insurance?
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The following are some of the prominent coverages under Comprehensive Lohia Oma Star bike insurance.

What’s not covered in Lohia Oma Star bike insurance?
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The following are universal exclusions under bike insurance policies.

Add-ons for Lohia Oma Star bike insurance
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The following are the add-ons that can be purchased along with a Lohia Oma Star Comprehensive Bike Policy.

Why Acko?
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You can buy online Lohia Oma Star insurance from ACKO easily and quickly via our website/app. Here’s how our two-wheeler insurance products stand out from the rest.

Same Day Claim Settlement

No extra charges
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Usually, insurance products are sold via middlemen/brokers. Consequently, the policy premiums may likely get inflated. Fortunately for you, ACKO follows a “no-commissions” policy. Thus, you get policies without extra charges.

Optimize savings

Instant claim processing
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Waiting endlessly for your claim to be settled can be challenging. Considering this, we have designed our claim process to be seamless and quick. For example, we settle claims for minor damages within just a few hours.

Unique Plans & Discounts

Seasonal discounts
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Above and beyond the low premium policies we offer, we also offer exciting discounts during festivals and special occasions. You can take advantage of these discounts and buy our policies at a low premium.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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Our claim process is simple. Just follow the below steps to raise an accident-related claim for your Lohia Oma Star.

As soon as we receive your claim request, we will settle it rapidly per your policy's terms.

Frequently asked questions
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In this section, we have answered some of the most common questions on Lohia Oma Star insurance.


Does it cost more to insure an electric bike as opposed to its diesel and petrol variants?

Yes, it generally costs more to insure an electric bike as opposed to its diesel and petrol variants. This is because the cost of spare parts for electric bikes is typically higher than spare parts for diesel and petrol two-wheelers. Consequently, in the event of an accident, an insurance company may have to bear more expenses to restore your bike.

How is the premium for Lohia Oma Star insurance calculated?

The premium for Lohia Oma Star insurance (Comprehensive Policy) is calculated based on the type of policy, add-ons chosen, Insured Declared Value (IDV) selected, etc. 

Is buying Lohia Oma Star insurance online safe?

Yes, buying Lohia Oma Star insurance online is safe, provided you buy from an Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) licensed insurance company.