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Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Insurance

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Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Insurance

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Revolt Motors launched their environmentally-friendly electric bike in the latter parts of 2021. It dons a sporty-muscular look that could easily match with any bike that runs on conventional fuels. The colour palate is currently made up of three basic pairs of dual tones. We have listed detailed specifications in the latter part of the article, but first, let’s look at some information on Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Insurance.

Bike Insurance plans for Revolt RV400 electric Bikes
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Following are the major types of bike insurance plans available for Revolt RV400 Electric bikes.


Third-party Bike Insurance Plan
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This is a type of bike insurance policy that every bike owner must buy. Buying at least a basic Third-party policy is mandated by the government under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It majorly covers third-party liabilities like property damage, death, and/or disability.


Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan
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This plan offers more coverage as compared to the basic Third-party Liability Bike Insurance plan. Along with covering third-party liabilities, it also covers your electric bike against a number of damages like accidents, fire, natural or man-made calamities, theft, etc.

What’s covered in Revolt RV400 Electric bike insurance (Inclusions)
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When you opt for a Comprehensive Bike Insurance plan for your Revolt RV400 Two-wheeler insurance, you get the following set of coverages. 

Note: You can find the full list of coverage in your Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Insurance Policy document.

Note: As per government rules, you must also buy a Personal Accident (PA) cover when you buy a bike insurance policy for your Revolt RV400. This cover needs to be purchased separately. It offers a sum insured of Rs. 15 lakhs in case of death/disability of the bike owner.

Exclusions of Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Insurance
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Exclusions are situations in which you cannot raise a claim against your bike insurance policy. 

Note: Please contact your bike insurance company for a complete list of exclusions or refer to the policy wordings of your bike insurance plan.

Add-ons for Revolt RV400 Electric bike insurance
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By opting for a Comprehensive Bike insurance policy, you have the option to enhance the coverage with certain add-ons. The following ones are suitable for your Revolt RV400 electric bike.

Disclaimer: Please check the availability of add-ons while buying your bike insurance plan.

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Following are some of the major reasons why you must choose ACKO for getting your electric bike insured.


Discounted premium
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ACKO works with the help of a digital infrastructure that helps generate bike insurance plans at a lower rate as compared to other plans available in the market. Our operational costs are low and we pass on the savings as discounts to our customers.

Incredibly Low Premium

Instant claim settlements
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A bike can sometimes suffer minor damages. A claim for such minor damages can be settled instantly at ACKO. You don’t have to go through the hassle of a full-fledged claim process for small damages. Raise a claim and we will settle it within a few hours.

Protect your bike

No bike inspections
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ACKO does not inspect your bike when you buy a policy from us. This helps us insure your bike instantly and you don’t have to wait for a time-consuming inspection process. However, please note that bike inspection is necessary in case of claims.

Frequently asked questions
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Following is the list of common questions related to Revolt RV400 electric bikes. You can also contact us by sending an email at [email protected] in case you need information about your electric bike insurance policy.


Does the Revolt RV400 electric bike come with tubeless tires?

Yes, the STD variant of the Revolt RV400 bike comes with tubeless tires. These are more reliable as compared to regular tires. 

If I forget to charge the Revolt RV400, does it have an option to run on other types of fuels?

Revolt RV400 is a fully electric bike that runs only on a battery that needs to be charged before use.

Do I need to get a charging station installed for charging the Revolt RV400?

No, currently the manufacturer gives you the option of changing the bike at home with the need for a separate charging station.