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Jeep Meridian Car Insurance

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Jeep Meridian Insurance

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Bringing home your dream Jeep Meridian is super exciting! However, the responsibilities that come with owning this beast of an SUV cannot be ignored. One of the most important tasks is to buy a car insurance policy for your Jeep Meridian. Read on to understand why you need insurance and how to go about buying the best Jeep Meridian car insurance policy.

Why Should You Buy Car Insurance for a Jeep Meridian?
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It's legally mandatory
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As per the Motor Vehicles Act, it is illegal to drive any vehicle on Indian roads without valid third-party insurance. So, buying at least a basic third-party policy is a must.

Protection from financial loss
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In case of accidents, damages, theft, etc., having car insurance ensures you don't have to bear heavy expenses out of your pocket. The costs will be covered as per your policy guidelines.

Compensation for third-party losses
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Your car insurance policy will cover liabilities arising out of damages caused to a third party in an accident - be it property damage, injury or death.

The Most Common Types of Car Insurance for Jeep Meridian
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Third-party insurance
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This basic mandatory cover takes care of third-party liabilities - injury, death and property damage. Your own car damages are not covered.


Comprehensive insurance
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It is the most popular policy; it covers third-party liability along with damages to your own Jeep SUV in case of perils like accident, theft, natural disaster, fire, etc.

What is Covered

What is Not Covered

What is Covered in Jeep Meridian Car Insurance?
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A comprehensive motor insurance policy for your Jeep Meridian will typically include the following:

  • Third-party liability for injury/death/property damage

  • Loss or damage to Jeep in accidents

  • Theft of accessories/components

  • Fire, explosion, self-ignition, lightning, earthquake, etc.

  • Terrorism, riots, strikes

  • Natural disasters like floods, typhoons, hurricanes, etc.

What is Not Covered by Jeep Meridian Car Insurance?
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There are some general exclusions in comprehensive Jeep Meridian insurance like -

  • Normal wear & tear, ageing

  • Mechanical/electrical breakdowns

  • Damage outside the geographical area

  • Damage when driving without a license

  • Losses due to drunk driving

  • Damage to tyres and tubes

Add-ons for Jeep Meridian Car Insurance
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You can opt for relevant add-ons to enhance and customise your Jeep Meridian's insurance coverage as per your needs:


Zero depreciation cover
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This add-on waives off any deductions towards depreciation on parts that need to be replaced after an accident or damage. It makes sure you get the full insured amount without any cuts.


NCB protection cover
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The NCB (No Claim Bonus) on your policy can be protected from getting reset even if you make a claim during the policy tenure. This add-on ensures your NCB continues to accrue.


Consumable expenses cover
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Small expenses like nuts, bolts, screws, washers, grease, lubricants etc., required during repairs are covered under this add-on, so you don't have to pay out of pocket.


Roadside assistance
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This provides 24/7 assistance if your car breaks down anywhere on the road due to mechanical/electrical faults, flat tyres, battery discharge, etc. It covers the costs of repairs at the spot or towing to a garage.


Engine and gearbox protection
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Major damage to the gearbox or internal engine parts due to water ingression or leakage of lubricating oil is covered under this add-on.


Accessories cover
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Non-electrical and electrical accessories fitted in your Jeep, like music system, alloy wheels, etc., can be covered by opting for this add-on.


Hydrostatic lock cover
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Flooding of the engine due to water entering the combustion chamber is covered. It occurs in case a car gets stuck in floods.


Tyre protection cover
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Accidental damage, burglary, or theft of tyres and tubes can be covered under this add-on.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Car Insurance for Your Jeep Meridian
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ACKO offers a seamless and convenient direct-to-customer car insurance buying experience:

Zero paperwork & instant policy
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The entire process from purchase to policy issuance is digital without any paperwork. You get your Jeep's insurance policy instantly on completion of purchase.

Competitive pricing
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ACKO offers comprehensive Jeep Meridian insurance policies at very competitive premium rates as compared to traditional insurers. It ensures you get optimum coverage at lower costs.

Option to customise plans with add-ons
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You can modify your basic Jeep insurance plan extensively by selecting suitable add-ons for accessories cover, zero depreciation, engine protection, etc., as per your specific requirements.

Hassle-free claims with speedy settlements
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The claim settlement process is simplified with fewer documents and fast claim processing. The claim amount is transferred conveniently to your bank account.

Cashless repairs at network garages
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ACKO has tied up with many authorised garages across India. You can get your Jeep repaired cashlessly without any payment hassles.

Expert support and transparency
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Dedicated customer support teams are available for guidance and assistance. Complete policy terms and claim process are explained clearly for transparency.

How to Buy/Renew Jeep Meridian Insurance from ACKO
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Follow these steps to buy or renew Jeep Meridian insurance from ACKO:

Step 1: Visit the ACKO website or download the app

Step 2: Enter vehicle details and click on "Check Prices."

Step 3: Choose a plan and add-ons and make payment to get an instant policy

Step 4: Renewals are also quick and paperless

4 easy steps to raise a claim
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Step 1: Intimate claim via ACKO app /website

Step 2: Upload the required documents

Step 3: Get free pick up and drop for repairs (in select cities)

Step 4: Get the claim amount directly in the bank account in case of minor damages; for major damages, an ACKO representative will get in touch with you for further assistance.

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Buying comprehensive Jeep Meridian car insurance is crucial for a stress-free and safe ownership experience. Compare prices online and choose the right insurer, like ACKO, for optimum coverage and hassle-free claims. Drive safe!

Frequently Asked Questions on Jeep Meridian Car Insurance
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Is car insurance mandatory for a Jeep Meridian?

Yes, as per Indian motor vehicle laws, third-party car insurance is compulsory for all vehicles plying on public roads. Comprehensive cover is optional but highly recommended.

Does Jeep Meridian insurance cover accidents abroad?

No, a standard Jeep insurance policy is valid only within the geographical boundaries of India. You need special overseas cover for foreign trips.

Are modifications covered in Jeep Meridian insurance?

Modifications like music systems, alloy wheels, etc, are covered if you opt for the accessories cover add-on. Mechanical modifications and CNG/LPG kits may need special declaration.

Can I buy Jeep Meridian insurance with an expired previous policy?

It is recommended to buy Jeep insurance before expiry to maintain policy continuity benefits. However, the grace period differs across insurers from 15-30 days.

What documents are required to buy Jeep Meridian insurance online?

You'll need a copy of your Jeep's registration certificate, your driver's license, previous policy, if any, and KYC documents like ID/address proof. However, at ACKO, you just need to provide the basic details of your vehicle.

Does a Jeep Meridian insurance policy cover theft of car parts?

Theft of detachable car parts like music systems, alloy wheels, etc., is covered if you have opted for the accessories cover add-on in your comprehensive policy. Theft of stock factory-fitted parts is covered in the standard policy.