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Car Insurance For Lexus

Lexus is a car brand that is synonymous with luxury and style. The brand has been offering spectacular models for three decades. Lexus has its roots in Japan and caters to car enthusiasts’ needs all over the globe. Lexus cars can be seen zooming on the roads of 70 countries. Just like any important asset you need to insure your Lexus for peace of mind. Lexus car insurance is available in India and can be purchased online.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Lexus Cars:

Here are the top benefits of insuring your Lexus Car.


Buying a car insurance policy and keeping it active helps you to comply with the law.

Financial Protection:

Repairing a Lexus can be costly. With the right insurance plan, you do not have to worry about repair costs.

Personal Accident Cover:

A car insurance policy extends a basic accident cover to the car owner/driver in case of permanent disability or death due to a car accident.

Car Insurance Plans for Lexus Cars:

Here’s a table highlighting different types of plans available for your Lexus cars.

Point Third-party Liability Plan Comprehensive Plan Comprehensive Plan+ Add-ons
Meaning This is a minimalistic plan that covers third-party liabilities. This is a wide-ranging plan that covers third-party liabilities. In addition, it offers ‘Own Damage’ cover for the car. This is an upgrade to the Comprehensive Plan. Add-ons are specific insurance covers that enhance the coverage. Details in the next section.
Coverage Lowest coverage out of the three plans as it does not offer ‘Own Damage’ cover and the option to buy Add-ons. Higher coverage than the basic liability policy. Highest coverage owing to the Comprehensive Plan and selected add-on covers such as Zero Depreciation, Roadside Assistance, etc.
Premium Low High Highest
Lexus Compatibility Low High Highest

What’s Covered in Lexus Car Insurance (Inclusions)

Considering you are purchasing a Comprehensive Plan for your Lexus, here’s what you can expect to be covered by the car insurance policy.

  • Third-party Liability Car Insurance Coverage, which is mandated by Indian law.

  • A cover for Personal Accident for the vehicle’s owner or the driver covering permanent disability and death in case of a car accident.

  • Damage to the Lexus due to an accident.

  • Damage to the Lexus due to fire.

  • Damage to the Lexus due to flooding.

  • Damage to the Lexus due to riots and vandalism.

  • Car theft.

  • Other miscellaneous coverage as mentioned in the Policy Wordings.

What’s Not Covered in Lexus Car Insurance (Exclusions)

Considering you are purchasing a Comprehensive Plan for your Lexus, here’s what is usually not covered by the car insurance policy.

  • Damage to the Lexus arising due to normal wear and tear.

  • Damage to the car or any losses arising when the Lexus is driven by a person without a valid Driving License.

  • Damage to the Lexus outside India’s geographical borders.

  • Damage to the Lexus if it is driven by a person in an intoxicated state.

  • Claim raised against an invalid or expired insurance policy.

  • Other miscellaneous exclusions mentioned in the Policy Wordings.

Add-ons for Lexus Car Insurance:

Listed below are suitable car insurance add-ons for your Lexus that can be purchased with a Comprehensive Cover. Note that Add-ons need to be purchased based on suitability, which can be gauged after analysing one’s driving habits, the location where the car is parked and usually driven around, and other insurance requirements.

1) Engine Cover:

A Lexus’ engine is expensive to repair and an Engine Protection Add-on will provide the much-needed engine cover.

2) Invoice Protection:

If the insured car is damaged beyond repair or stolen, the insurer will pay the invoice value of the car, which in case of a Lexus can certainly be beneficial. 

3) Roadside Assistance:

If your car breaks down mid-journey? Don’t stress. Call your insurer. Help will be on its way. This is the benefit of a Roadside Assistance Add-on. 

4) Zero Depreciation:

A car insurance claim is settled after factoring in depreciation. With a Zero Depreciation add-on, this will be skipped. 

5) Other Options:

Apart from the ones mentioned above, here are some other add-on options.

  • Consumables Cover

  • Accessories Cover

  • Passenger Cover

  • No Claim Bonus Protection Cover

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance Policy for Your Lexus Car:

You would want nothing but the best for your Lexus car when it comes to insuring it against perils. With Acko, you will get No Commission and No Paperwork Car Insurance. You can purchase car insurance online within the time taken to listen to your favourite song. Moreover, claiming car insurance is streamlined. You can raise claims via acko.com or via Acko app. Here are some major benefits of insuring your Lexus with Acko.

Everything’s Online

Just as cars have evolved from wagons with an engine to sophisticated, beautiful, and lean machines, car insurance has also changed for good. With Acko, you do not have to find an agent, fill forms, and submit a bunch of documents to insure your Lexus. Visit acko.com and insure your car seamlessly. From buying to renewing, and from raising a claim to settling it, everything’s online with Acko.

Low Premiums:

Acko is an online insurer. Unlike traditional insurers, the company does not spend a lot on operational costs and sells policies directly to customers like you. This means less expenditure and no commission. As a result, there is a cost advantage, which is translated into low premiums.

Friendly Claim Settlement

Settling claims can be a pain. But not with Acko. You can get instant claim settlement for minor damages. If there’s major damage, the car will be picked up from your place, taken to the garage for repairs, and delivered to you as per the terms and conditions.

Cashless Claims:

Acko offers Cashless Claims settlement so that you do not have to pay upfront and then claim reimbursement. The repair bill is settled between the company and the garage directly.

Prompt Support:

Confused about a policy’s coverage? Don’t know what to do if your car gets damaged? Or feel like you need assistance to understand the claim settlement? Acko’s customer support team is available to resolve your insurance queries promptly.

Car Insurance Claim Procedure:

The claim procedure will vary depending upon your insurance company. If the insurer is tech-savvy, much of the process will be automated requiring minimal or no paperwork. If the insurer follows the traditional process, you will be required to fill forms and submit documents for claim application and settlement. Here’s a generic process followed by insurance companies in India to settle car insurance claims.

Step 1: You are required to initiate a claim by contacting the insurer. Nowadays, there are multiple contact points available. 

Step 2: The insurance company will go through your claim application. If it all adds up, the company will let you know the next steps based on the extent of the damage.

Step 3: If it’s minor damage, the company might offer instant settlement. If they do not support such a measure and if the damage is a major one, they will allocate an officer to inspect the damages.

Step 4: Assuming the inspecting officer checks the damages and authenticates them, the damage can be repaired in a Cashless manner or via the reimbursement model. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Listed below are some of the common questions and answers about Lexus car insurance.


The Lexus car is not in my name but the owner has asked me to renew the Lexus car insurance policy online. Can I do it?

Yes, you can renew a car insurance policy online on behalf of someone provided you have the right details to do so.

For the past three years I have been renewing the insurance policy of my Lexus from my car dealer. Can I renew it online instead as I am getting a better deal?

Yes, you can renew your car insurance policy online even if you had not done it previously.

I am comfortable with a Third-party Liability Car Insurance Policy but I want a Zero Depreciation cover with it. Is it possible?

No, it is not possible as you cannot buy add-ons with a Third-party Liability Car Insurance Plan. You can purchase add-ons with a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

Do all insurance companies offer Comprehensive Car Insurance for a Lexus?

You will have to check with the respective insurance companies for the answer. You can visit acko.com and check it out.

Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy cover damages due to vandalism?

Yes, damages due to vandalism are covered by a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy as per the terms and conditions.

What is the major benefit of a Roadside Assistance Add-on?

With a Roadside Assistance Add-on, the insurer will ensure that the broken-down car is attended to and revived by a professional mechanic. If the problem is a serious one, the car will be towed to a garage and worked on. In the absence of this add-on, you will have to drift away from your schedule and make efforts to cater to the car’s needs.

Is a Zero Depreciation Add-on a good buy for a Lexus?

You will get a comparatively higher claims pay-out with a Zero Depreciation Add-on as it does not factor in depreciation while settling claims. Replacement parts of a Lexus can be costly. Thus, this add-on is a good buy, especially for a new car.

What is Cashless and Reimbursement Claim Settlement?

In a Cashless process, the car is taken to a garage that has a tie-up with the insurer. The repair work is done and the bill is settled by the insurer. You just pay the balance amount as per the terms and conditions of the policy. In the Reimbursement process, you can pay the bill and reimburse the amount by sending the repair receipt to the insurer.

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