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Porsche 718 Car Insurance

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Porsche 718 Insurance

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The legendary Porsche 718 line is the apex of slick and sleek sports roadsters. With that kind of power comes a great responsibility to bear as well. Protect your luxury sports machine with the best insurance policies which it deserves. Read ahead to get a grasp of the kind of policy you should go for and the coverage benefits of Porsche 718 insurance.

Why You Should Buy Car Insurance for Porsche 718
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It is illegal to drive on Indian roads without adequate third-party insurance coverage. It is a must-have, government-mandated policy in the interest of public safety.

Financial protection
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Getting sufficient coverage against unfortunate accidents reduces the burden of spending from your pocket.

Car thefts
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natural calamities and other reasons beyond our control can be a heavy financial burden. Insurance coverage can help ease the load with partial or total reimbursements. 

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Add-on options are a part of policies, wherein you can avail services and benefits like assistance with roadside breakdown cases, zero depreciation, and many more smart options that can help you save potential risk-related costs

The Most Common Types of Car Insurance for Porsche 718
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Basic types of insurance policies you should be aware of:


Third-Party insurance
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Damages caused by your vehicle onto other property, vehicles, or individuals need to be financially covered. This insurance policy is mandatory, as per the Motor Vehicle Act. 


Comprehensive insurance policies
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This type of policy covers third-party liabilities and damages to your vehicle and damages caused due to unforeseen and/or uncontrollable circumstances.

What is Covered

What is Not Covered

What is Covered in Porsche 718 Car Insurance?
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Usually, a comprehensive insurance policy would cover the following:

  1. Third-Party liabilities: Damage incurred by other vehicles, individuals or properties inflicted by your vehicle is financially protected under this policy.

  2. Damage or loss because of natural disasters like floods, typhoons, and earthquakes. 

  3. Damage or loss because of man-made incidents like strikes, burglaries, and thefts. 

  4. Damage or loss because of accidents like collisions, overturns and road wrecks.

  5. Damage or loss because of incidents like self-ignition, explosions, and fires.

A wide range of options and add-ons are available to you. Browse and select the one that is most relevant to you. 

What is Not Covered by Porsche 718 Car Insurance?
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Exclusions in comprehensive policies that you should know about:

  1. Natural wear and tear: Depreciation of parts of the vehicle due to the normal ageing process is not covered. 

  2. Damages due to mechanical and/or electrical problems in the car are not covered unless they were caused by an accident.

  3. Policies won’t cover any damages that existed prior to the policy’s commencement date. 

  4. Damages because of drunk driving are not covered either. 

Add-ons for Porsche 718 Car Insurance
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The quality of a comprehensive insurance policy can be improved by opting for add-ons like: 

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Your Porsche 718
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You should consider getting a comprehensive car insurance policy online for the following reasons:

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Add multiple add-ons and build a holistic, personalised coverage policy.

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 No hidden charges. You will only have to pay your insurance premium and nothing else.

24x7 support
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Dedicated and highly trained specialists are available to you at all times.

No paperwork
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Instant and easy online payments on the website or the app.

How to Buy/Renew Porsche 718 Insurance Online
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Buy or renew your insurance policy online by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the insurer's website or download the app.

  2. Select car insurance, and enter your basic details along with the car’s registration number.

  3. Browse through the policy offerings and add-ons, and customize your coverage.

  4. Make an instant payment online.

4 Easy Steps to Raise a Claim Online for Porsche 718 Car Insurance
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Here are the steps to raise a car insurance claim online:

Step 1: Intimate the claim through insurer’s website or mobile app by providing some basic details.

Step 2: Upload necessary documents like copies of policy, FIR or repair estimates through the app. For cashless claims, contact the authorized workshop directly.

Step 3: The insurance provider’s claims team will reach out to you for further assistance.

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The legendary Porsche 718 is a luxury car that embodies style and smoothness. A machine as well-made and precious warrants a robust and wholesome insurance policy. Hope this article helped you. All the best with your insurance decision-making! We’re always here and always happy to help. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Porsche 718 Car Insurance
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How soon should I renew my expired Porsche 718 insurance policy?

Ideally, you should renew your policy immediately after expiration. Any damage caused during the lapsed period would not be covered.

Does my Porsche 718 insurance cover regular servicing and maintenance?

Wheel alignments, tune-ups, and oil changes aren’t covered under the policy. 

What’s the waiting period for the insurance policy for my Porsche 718?

10 minutes! That’s how easy and fast it is with ACKO.

Can I get discounts on my own damage premiums?

Yes, by opting for voluntary deductibles, you can get discounts on your own damage premiums. The higher the deductible, the lesser the premium outgo.

Can I insure accessories like roof wraps, body kits, etc?

If you declare and pay the relevant premiums to cover accessories under motor insurance, you can definitely insure body kits, wraps, music systems, navigation systems, etc.