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Good Health is Rewarding with ACKO Health

Encourage your employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Good Health is Rewarding with ACKO Health

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With ACKO Health, Motivate Employees to Stay Fit and Save on Costs
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Considering a fast-paced lifestyle, your employees may find it challenging to focus on their fitness or work out regularly. Unhealthy employees may get easily stressed, which negatively impacts their motivation and concentration level. On the other hand, healthy employees boost both productivity and the bottom line number of the organisation. Here are a few reasons why you should encourage good health in your workplace:

Help employees reduce fatigue
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Many employees are spending most of their day sitting in front of the computer screen. Hence, there is a strain on the back, neck, arm and eye, which leads to fatigue. These are significant contributors to workplace stress. Hence, encouraging employees to indulge in fitness activities is important to improve body posture and reduce fatigue.

Drive faster organisational growth
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Most often, unhealthy employees display low productivity and concentration levels. Introducing fitness programs and challenges can motivate your employees to stay active and fit. Healthier employees are more focused, perform more efficiently and drive better growth for the organisation.

Improve Return on Investment (ROI)
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Improving employee's well-being can help you save a lot on absenteeism and low productivity. Also, the healthier the employees, the lesser the chances of claims. This may help you save the premium on the Group Health Insurance policy at the policy renewal time. These reduced costs will eventually help you to improve your Return on Investment.

The ACKO Health Advantage
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Inclusive. Personalised. Hassle-free. It’s exactly the way you want your employee benefits program to be.

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Beyond insurance
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Comprehensive health insurance coverage coupled with modern wellness benefits at an affordable cost.

/why-acko-for-bike-policy/>Say Bye to Paperwork

Single access to all benefits
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One-stop app to order medicines, book lab tests, tele consult doctors, access health ID cards, raise claims, find a network hospital, etc.

lives covered in Health

Tailor-made policies
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Group Health Insurance customised as per your and your employee’s needs.

Administrative Hassles

Axe administration costs
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Easy and self-serve enrolment to save on time, paperwork and costs.


Flexible payment option
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Flexible premium payment options (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually).

Hassle-free Experience

Hassle-free claims
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100% digital, frictionless and superfast claims experience along with monitoring dashboard.

Support 24/7

Constant support
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24 x 7 support via phone, chat or email at every stage - hospitalisation, claims, etc.

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Pan-India network
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Wide network of cashless hospitals, wellness partners, labs and medical experts.

What Makes ACKO Health Trustworthy?
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1. 600 million+ policies issued till now.

2. More than 2.3 million lives insured with health insurance.

3. Approx. 60 million unique lives covered.

4. 35,000+ doctors across various specialities to guide you.

5. 6,300+ network hospitals across the country for cashless claims experience.

6. 4,500+ diagnostic labs for health check-ups.