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Preventive Healthcare on Your Fingertips

What is Preventive Care?

Preventive care comprises actions undertaken to prevent medical problems. Such care can be as simple as changing your sleep cycle and as complicated as speaking with a psychologist to take apt measures to prevent a mental breakdown. In an organisational setup, preventive care plans offered by employers to their employees help to ensure that employees are physically and mentally fit in the long run, resulting in mutual growth.

Preventive Healthcare: How it Benefits You and Your Employees?

Reduced absenteeism

An unwell employee can not only negatively impact individual performance but also place an extra load on the team. If preventive measures are undertaken to keep the employee healthy, it will lead to reduced absenteeism and associated problems.

Increased productivity

Healthy employees often form the core of an organisation. When this core is mentally and physically fit, it has the mindset and the strength to achieve ambitious goals set by the organisation.

Enhanced goodwill

Nowadays, employees appreciate contemporary plans that add value to their life. Offering plans that encourage a healthy lifestyle will translate into enhanced goodwill for the organisation, as such efforts will be genuinely appreciated by the employees.

Drive Better Health Outcomes with ACKO Health


Facilitates teleconsultations with doctors

At a time when social distancing has become the norm, consulting doctors virtually has emerged as a beneficial trend. With the ACKO Health app, employees can tele consult doctors across specialities for any medical concern and seek timely, professional advice.


Helps in boosting immunity

Immunity is the buzzword amidst the pandemic. And eating the right food, in the right amount, at the right time plays a key role in boosting immunity. Employees can speak to dieticians via the ACKO Health app for a customised immunity-enhancing diet plan.


Offers mental health support

Mental health is as important, if not more important, as physical health. The pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges that have taken a toll on mental health. The ACKO Health app offers employees access to mental health experts for virtual sessions.


Enables access to online pharmacy

Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the prescribed medicine in the vicinity. And even if they are available, the quantity can be an issue. Such concerns can be resolved with the ACKO Health app, as it allows employees to buy prescribed medicine online and that too at a discount.


Assists to schedule discounted lab tests

It is good to opt for health check-ups at regular intervals. This way, a medical issue can be tackled before it becomes a cause for concern. Whether it is a preventive check-up or one recommended by a doctor, employees can book lab tests at a discounted rate via the ACKO Health app.


Encourages a fit lifestyle

Employees can track daily fitness activities via the ACKO Health app. For example, the number of steps walked in a day can be tracked, analysed, and improved to meet fitness goals. Achieving fitness goals can also lead to fascinating benefits via the app’s Reward Mall.

Why ACKO Health?

Hassle-free administration

No need to sweat over heaps of paperwork. For example, employees can add family members directly thanks to the app’s self-serve enrolment process.

Streamline processes

With one app for all health insurance needs, there’s no need to keep track of multiple apps and worksheets to manage insurance processes.

Optimise coverage, save costs

Ensure value for money for policy inclusions, enhancements, and a variety of services offered via ACKO Health.

Flexible premium payment

Manage the payment cycle as per your requirements. Payments can be made at regular intervals (monthly/quarterly) instead of an upfront, yearly lump sum.

Quick claims process

Settling claims is not a pain point with ACKO Health. Our tech-driven approach to settle claims makes the entire process hassle-free.

Countrywide network

ACKO Health features a countrywide network of 6,300+ hospitals, 4,500+ labs, and 35,000+ doctors to provide access to holistic and quality healthcare.

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