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Ampere Zeal Bike Insurance

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Ampere Zeal Bike Insurance

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Ampere// Zeal is a part of the new market of electric vehicles in India. Apart from its environmental benefits, it also has a sleek design, practical features and a detachable battery. If you are buying this bike, it is wise to be prepared for expenses arising from accidental scenarios by purchasing bike insurance. Read on to learn more about Ampere Zeal bike insurance and how to buy/renew bike insurance online.

Bike insurance plans for Ampere Zeal bikes
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The following are the bike insurance policies that ACKO offers for Ampere Zeal electric scooters.

Third-party Bike Insurance Plan
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This is the most basic insurance available for bikes and is mandatory by law. It covers injuries, death or property damage to a third party.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan
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This type of bike insurance offers an Own Damage (OD) cover and coverage from third party liabilities. Also, add-ons can be selected under this plan to extend its coverage.

What’s covered in Ampere Zeal bike insurance (inclusions)
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The following are the inclusions of a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy for an Ampere Zeal electric scooter.

Note: Although the law mandates that bike owners must possess a Personal Accident (PA) cover, it is not an inclusion under a Comprehensive Bike Insurance. A PA cover offers financial compensation against disability or death resulting from an accident. 

What’s not covered in Ampere Zeal bike insurance (exclusions)
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The following are the exclusions of a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy for an Ampere Zeal scooter.

Add-ons for Ampere Zeal bike insurance
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The following are the commonly offered add-ons under a Comprehensive Bike Insurance for Ampere Zeal scooters.

Disclaimer: The add-ons mentioned above are subject to availability.

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Here are the reasons why you should opt for ACKO’s bike insurance.


Inexpensive cost
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ACKO is a fully digital insurer and thus, has direct interactions with customers. That means middlemen and other intermediary costs are skipped. This helps ACKO cut costs and offer inexpensive policies.

Incredibly Low Premium

Claims settled instantly
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If a claim is raised for accidental damage, we make sure to settle the claim as soon as possible. Claims raised for less impactful damages to the insured scooter are settled on the same day. However, more serious damages may take longer based on the impact

Protect your bike

No vehicle inspection
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Usually, when a two-wheeler is insured for the first time, insurers send a surveyor to inspect the vehicle. Only after the inspection takes place, bike insurance is provided. Nonetheless, ACKO doesn’t expect any prior inspection before providing insurance.

Frequently asked questions
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Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Ampere Zeal bike insurance.


Which is the most recommended ACKO bike insurance policy for Ampere Zeal electric scooters?

As discussed earlier, the two bike insurance plans ACKO offers are Third-party Bike Insurance Plan and Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan. A Third-party Bike Insurance Plan only offers financial protection for accidental injury, death or property damage to a Third Party. It does not offer any protection against damages to the insured two-wheeler.

A Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan provides an Own Damage (OD) cover and financial protection against third-party liabilities. Under OD cover your insured scooter will receive financial protection against accidental damage, theft and damages resulting from natural or manmade causes. You can also include add-ons in this plan. Since this plan offers border coverage, it is the more recommended plan of the two.

Is it mandatory to buy bike insurance for Ampere Zeal electric scooters?

Yes, as per The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is compulsory for bike owners to purchase at least Third-party Bike Insurance. Not carrying valid insurance while driving is a punishable offence.

Why should I opt for online bike insurance for my Ampere Zeal scooter?

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider opting for online bike insurance for your Ampere Zeal.

  • Online bike insurance is more convenient since you can buy, renew and raise claims from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer or smartphone with an internet connection.

  • Online bike insurance is paperless, so you don’t have to worry about submitting physical documents or completing paperwork.

  • Buying bike insurance online is quicker than the offline alternative. Buying bike insurance offline could take a few weeks to complete. Conversely, online insurance may only take a few minutes.