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Vespa Urban Club 125 Bike Insurance

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Vespa Urban Club 125 Bike Insurance

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Vespa Urban Club 125 is a lightweight scooter, and it is easy to handle for riders. The stunning design and excellent built quality make this a reliable ride. But before you take your Vespa on the road, make sure it has the required insurance. This article will help you understand how to buy Vespa Urban Club 125 bike insurance online.

Benefits of buying online two-wheeler insurance for Vespa Urban Club 125
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Here are the advantages when you buy a Vespa Urban Club 125 two-wheeler insurance policy online.

Insurance options
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It is easy to find insurance policies and compare them online. You can check policy prices, coverages, benefits, etc., before choosing an insurance plan for your bike. The online platform makes policy comparison easier and faster with readily available information.

Easy access
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The access to insurance policies and associated services is 24x7 via the digital platform. There is no need to book appointments with the insurer and wait for callbacks. All you need is a smartphone/computer to find and purchase/renew insurance or initiate a claim procedure.

Quick process
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You can purchase a Vespa Urban Club 125 bike insurance online almost instantly. There is no waiting period or physical paperwork involved. You can use the online platform to enter vehicle details, and if available, the details of your previous insurance also to buy insurance.

Bike insurance plans for Vespa Urban Club 125 scooter
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Your Vespa Urban Club 125 bike insurance can be of two types as mentioned below.

Third-party Insurance Policy
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Motor vehicles in India require at least a Third-party Bike Insurance Policy as mandated by law. The policy takes care of the situations related to third-party liabilities such as damages to a property of the third party, injury to a third party or death of a third party caused by the insured scooter. However, the financial coverage of this policy is limited to third-party liabilities. This means that your insured Vespa Urban Club 125 won’t get coverage against loss, damage or theft.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy
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Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy offers a well-balanced cover for a bike. It includes Third-party Insurance and Own Damage cover (also called OD cover). This policy allows you to have coverage for third-party liability along with any loss, damage or even theft of the insured bike. This way, you get to obtain financial protection in case any harm comes to your own bike while riding.

Important: Every vehicle owner must purchase a Personal Accident cover along with the basic insurance plan. The PA cover is mandatory coverage as per law for people riding/driving a vehicle in India. This coverage financially safeguards temporary or permanent disabilities as well as the death of the policyholder in case of an accident.

What’s covered in Vespa Urban Club 125 insurance? (Inclusions)
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When you purchase a Vespa Urban Club 125 scooter insurance plan, it covers your vehicle in the below-mentioned conditions.

What’s not covered in Vespa Urban Club 125 bike insurance? (Exclusions)
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Below are the conditions when your Vespa Urban Club 125 two-wheeler insurance won’t offer coverage. 

Add-ons for Vespa Urban Club 125 scooter insurance
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You may find the following add-on covers for additional coverage by customising your Vespa Urban Club 125 scooter insurance quote.

Disclaimer: The availability of the above-mentioned add-on covers may differ from one insurer to another. Please check with your insurer before buying a plan.

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ACKO simplifies the process of buying, renewing and raising claims for your Vespa Urban Club 125 insurance.

Low premiums
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ACKO follows a direct-to-customer approach with a 100% digital infrastructure. This allows the insurance services to reach you without any middlemen or expensive operating costs. Hence, the premiums cost low for policy buyers at ACKO.

No paperwork
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ACKO saves you from indulging in lengthy physical paperwork when buying or renewing bike insurance. You can visit the online platform, select a policy and buy/renew simply by entering your vehicle details and previous policy information (if available).

Quick claims
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Registering a claim is an instant process at ACKO’s online platform. The claim settlement also takes a minimal period of time, based on the repair requirements. The settlement for a minor claim usually takes a few hours only.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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You can register your Vespa Urban Club 125 insurance claims in just three steps.

Once your claim is submitted, the settlement process will be managed by the support team at ACKO. The complexity of the damages usually decides the settlement period. However, for a minor claim, you can expect to receive the settlement in a couple of hours only.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are some of the questions answered to help you buy Vespa Urban Club 125 insurance from ACKO.


Which insurance policy can I buy from ACKO for accidental damages?

ACKO’s Comprehensive Insurance Policy provides coverage against accidental damages to the insured bike. This policy also covers your bike against other kinds of damages related to natural calamities or man-made disasters, loss and theft as well. Plus, you get third-party liability cover as well.

How to renew Vespa Urban Club 125 scooter insurance from ACKO?

The process of renewing Vespa Urban Club 125 scooter insurance is 100% digital at ACKO. You can use ACKO’s mobile app or website to add your previous policy details along with vehicle information to renew insurance. 

Which documents will I require to purchase Vespa Urban Club 125 insurance at ACKO?

There is absolutely no physical paperwork involved in the process of purchasing or renewing bike insurance at ACKO. All you need to do is provide certain information related to your scooter and enter previous insurance details (if available).