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Car Insurance for Ford Aspire

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Car insurance is mandatory if you want to drive a car in India. Not only does it cover legal liabilities, but it also covers accidental damages to your vehicle or financial losses arising from the theft of the vehicle and/or due to natural and man-made calamities. Read ahead to learn more about Ford Aspire Insurance and the benefits of buying car insurance online.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Ford Aspire

Car insurance is an integral part of owning a car. For a well-designed and premium compact sedan such as the Ford Aspire, it needs a car insurance policy so that you can be protected against financial losses arising due to accidental damages to your vehicle as well as third-party losses. Here are the benefits of insuring your Ford Aspire with the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan:

Recover any potential repair costs arising due to accidental damages to your vehicle.

The insurer will pay for third-party losses, thereby shielding you against potential financial losses.

Insuring your car with Third-party insurance helps you to adhere to the law.

Option to include add-on covers to add value to the basic plan.

Insurance Plans for Ford Aspire

There are two types of car insurance plans for Ford Aspire. Third-party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. Below are the coverage details of these plans:

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

The Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan is a bundled insurance plan which includes both the Third-party Insurance and Own Damage cover. While the Third-party insurance provides financial protection against third-party losses and legal liabilities, the Own Damage component takes care of damages or losses arising due to damages or theft/total loss of your vehicle. This plan also has the option to include several add-ons which enhance the basic plan.

Third-party Car Insurance Policy

Third-party Car Insurance (also known as Third-party Liability) is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and provides coverage against third-party losses. However, it does not cover damages or losses to your vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan Vs Third-party Car Insurance Plan:

Inclusions (Coverage) Comprehensive Car Insurance Third-Party Car Insurance
Third-party injury or damages to their property
Accidental damages to the insured Ford Aspire
Damages or losses arising due to vandalism, riots or such man-made calamities
Damages or losses caused due to floods, storms or such natural calamities
Theft of the insured car
Personal Accident cover (PA) (To be taken if not opted)
Add-on covers
Modify Sum Insured amount (Insured Declared Value - IDV)

What is Covered in Ford Aspire Car Insurance (Inclusions)?

The Comprehensive Car Insurance for your Ford Aspire comes bundled with the Third-party Insurance and Own Damage cover. Here are the coverage details of the Ford Aspire car insurance:

  • Damages to your car due to accidents.

  • Losses arising due to third-party injuries or damages to their property.

  • Damages or losses arising due to natural causes (floods, storms).

  • Damages or losses arising due to man-made calamities (riots, vandalism).

  • Loss due to theft of the car.

  • Damages or losses arising due to an explosion or fire.

What is Not Covered in Ford Aspire Car Insurance (Exclusions)?

Car insurance also comes with certain exclusions. Here are the details of the non-coverage details of the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan:

  • Driving the car in a rash manner.

  • Driving the car under the influence of alcohol.

  • The car breaks down due to mechanical or electrical failure.

  • Losses or damages caused outside the specified geographical area.

  • Regular wear and tear of parts.

  • Driving the insured vehicle without valid documents.

  • If the policy has expired.

Add-ons for Ford Aspire Insurance

Add-ons are small coverage plans which enhance the scope of the basic plan. You can include add-ons with the Comprehensive Insurance Plan. Here are the add-ons that you can choose from:


Zero Depreciation

During the settlement of claims against your policy, the depreciation of the motor parts being replaced will not be deducted, thereby getting the maximum claim amount.


Personal Belongings Protection

Get coverage for personal belongings left inside the insured vehicle during an accident. The car insurance add-on will cover the repair or replacement of personal belongings such as laptops, smartphones, etc.


Roadside Assistance

Get assistance during an emergency. Through the add-on, you can avail services such as emergency towing, fuel fill, minor repairs, etc.


NCB Protection

Even if you register a claim during the policy period, the No Claim Bonus is protected so that you continue to enjoy the discount for the renewal premium.


Consumables Cover

Engine oil, nuts and bolts, screws, lubricants and such consumable items are not covered under the basic plan. This add-on provides coverage for the same.


Engine Cover

Expenses arising from repair or replacement of internal parts of the engine, gearbox and differential assembly caused due to water ingression or oil leakage shall be covered under this add-on.


Invoice Cover

In case of theft of the insured vehicle or the insured vehicle is damaged beyond repair, the insurer will pay the difference between the invoice value and the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle under this add-on cover.


Key Protect

The insurer will pay the cost of the insured vehicle’s key in case it is lost, stolen or damaged. It also covers the cost of repairing the lockset in case it is damaged.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Car Insurance for Ford Aspire:

ACKO is a digital-first insurer providing insurance through the online platform. The entire process is digital, making the experience hassle-free and easy. Here are the advantages of buying car insurance from ACKO for your Ford Aspire:

1. Buy, Renew or File a Claim Online

You can buy car insurance or file a claim online with zero paperwork. Additionally, the car insurance renewal can be done online. You can do this through the website ACKO.com or download the ACKO app to transact online.

2. Instant Claim Settlement

ACKO settles claims for minor damages instantly. Damages such as a dent on the bonnet, broken rearview mirror will be settled instantly (within 2 hours) by transferring the claim amount directly to your bank account.

3. Pickup and Drop Facility

Get pickup and drop facility from your location. Our claims team will get the car repaired at the network garage and drop the vehicle back in three days. This service is available in select cities.

4. Low-Cost Car Insurance Plan

You can transact directly with ACKO without the need for an agent or middlemen to buy, renew the insurance policy or file a claim against the policy. Since there is no commission paid to the middlemen, the savings are passed on to you as low-cost insurance, thereby getting the right Ford Aspire insurance cost.

5. Get Professional Assistance

Get assistance from our insurance experts on matters related to buying, renewal of the insurance policy or filing a claim against the policy.

6. Discounts and Offers

ACKO offers discounts and offers on special occasions and festivals so that you get the maximum advantage while buying the car insurance plan.

Claim Procedure

Claim settlement might seem difficult and complicated; however, with ACKO’s digital advantage, you can file a claim within a few minutes without any paperwork. Here are the steps to raise a claim against a car insurance policy:

  • Step 1: Visit our website ACKO.com or download the ACKO app.

  • Step 2: Login to your account with your registered mobile number.

  • Step 3: Under the insurance policy for your Ford Aspire, click on ‘Claim Now’.

  • Step 4: Upload the pictures of the damages to your vehicle and submit.

  • Step 5: For minor damages, ACKO will settle the claim instantly by transferring the money to your bank account. For major damages, our insurance team will guide you with the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about insurance for cars


What are the advantages of buying Ford Aspire car insurance online?

Through ACKO you can buy and renew car insurance policies online instantly without any paperwork. You do not require paperwork for raising a claim. Since you transact directly with ACKO and not through agents or middlemen, there are no commissions to the agents. These savings are passed on as a low-cost insurance premium. The entire process of buying car insurance online is hassle-free and quick due to the digital environment.

What documents are required to buy car insurance for Ford Figo Aspire?

Insuring your car through ACKO requires zero paperwork. Visit our website ACKO.com or download our ACKO app to answer a few details about your car. Select a plan that provides coverage for your vehicle as well as for third-party liabilities. Pay the premium and receive the policy by email immediately.

Is it possible to renew my Ford Aspire car insurance with another insurer?

Yes, you can renew or switch the policy to a new insurer. Ensure that the new insurer provides a wider coverage at a lower insurance premium. Also, check if the new insurance company is able to provide assistance and help settle claims without any hassles.

What should I do to cancel my Ford Aspire car insurance policy?

You can write or call the customer service team of the insurer to inform them about the cancellation of the insurance policy of your vehicle.

How to get the No Claim Bonus (NCB) while renewing the car insurance policy?

The NCB is a reward for not raising any claims during the previous policy period. Hence, the discount is automatically applied to the premium while renewing the insurance policy for your car.

I bought a new Ford Aspire. Can I transfer the NCB from my previous insurance policy?

Since the NCB is earned by the policyholder, the NCB remains with the policyholder and not with the insured vehicle; hence, you can transfer the NCB from the previous policy to the insurance plan for your new Ford Aspire.

What documents are required to file a claim against my Ford Aspire insurance?

You do not have to submit any physical documents to raise a claim against ACKO’s car insurance plan. Visit our website ACKO.com or download the app to file the claim online without any paperwork. Answer a few questions about the damages to your vehicle and get instant claim settlement for minor damages. For major damages, our claims team will further process your claim.

What does Insured Declared Value (IDV) mean? How does it affect the car insurance premium?

Insured Declared Value is the sum insured amount declared in the insurance policy. Its calculation is based on the approximate market value of the vehicle; hence, it is directly related to the insurance premium. You have the option to increase or decrease the IDV; however, this will increase or decrease the premium accordingly. This is also the amount that you will receive as a claim settlement in case your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair. It is important to choose the right IDV to ensure that you receive the right compensation in case of a total loss.

What are the primary components which influence the car insurance premium?

The primary components or factors which affect the car insurance premium are the age, the location, fuel type and the value of the vehicle. Additionally, other factors such as the No Claim Bonus and add-ons will affect the insurance price.

Will the insurance company inspect my car before approving the car insurance?

Inspection of the car is required in case your car insurance policy has expired; however, if you are renewing the policy before the due date, car inspection is not required to issue a new insurance policy for your vehicle.

Can I buy add-ons with my Third-party Car Insurance Policy for my vehicle?

No, you cannot include add-ons with the Third-party Car Insurance. It is available only with Comprehensive Car Insurance. This is because Third-party Cover does not come with Own Damage cover; hence you cannot buy the add-on covers.

Can I buy only the Third-party Car Insurance Plan instead of the non-mandatory Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan?

While the Third-party Insurance Plan is mandatory, it does not provide coverage for your vehicle. In case of damages to your vehicle due to accidents, theft or other losses, the Third-party Insurance Plan does not provide coverage since it provides coverage only for third-party losses.

How long does it take to insure my Ford Aspire?

Instantly! Yes, we at ACKO provide a complete online experience so that you can buy, renew insurance policy without any paperwork. Enter a few details about your Ford Aspire such as the age, location, fuel type and the variant to insure the vehicle within a few minutes.

About Car Insurance for Ford Figo Aspire

Car insurance for your Ford Figo Aspire is a crucial factor in securing your finances in case of unforeseen losses. This can be due to accidental damages, theft of the vehicle or losses arising from man-made or natural causes such as riots, floods, etc. Car is an integral part of your daily commute or for travelling long distances. Whatever may be the need, it is important to insure your vehicle to avoid unnecessary or potential repair costs.

An ideal Ford car insurance plan should offer wider coverage at a lower price. That being said, it is also about the insurance company. The insurer should be able to provide a faster and hassle-free experience while buying and renewing the insurance policy or while filing claims against the policy.

Another aspect of an ideal insurance plan for your Ford Aspire is the Insured Declared Value (IDV). The IDV is one of the primary factors in determining the car insurance premium since it is the current market value of the vehicle. This will ensure that you will receive the right compensation in case of a total loss.

Why Should You Buy Ford Aspire?

The compact sedan segment has seen a rush of launches in recent years. Ford was not far behind in launching the Ford Aspire to fill this space in their vehicle portfolio in India. In 2018, the company launched the facelifted version of the Ford Aspire. This small sedan seemed upmarket and the most muscular looking small sedan in the market. On the inside, the Ford Aspire boasts of a new 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system and premium leatherette upholstery.

On the performance front, the Ford Aspire is well-equipped with a powerful engine, which offers both practicality and fuel efficiency. With upgraded equipment, new engines and aggressive pricing, the Ford Aspire is well-positioned to compete against the leaders of the segment.

While the Ford Aspire may feel smaller on the inside and may want more equipment, it is a capable small sedan which delivers on its performance. If you are looking for a compact sedan which feels good to drive, is entertaining and offers good performance, then you should consider buying the Ford Aspire.

Ford Aspire Exterior

  • Distinctive Ford Design Language.

  • Ford Signature Front Grille

  • 15-inch Alloy Wheels

  • Muscular and Chiselled Body

Ford Aspire Interior

  • Premium interiors

  • Touchscreen with Navigation

  • Push Button Start

  • Automatic Climate Control

  • 6 Airbags

Ford Aspire Specifications

Mentioned below are the specifications of the Ford Aspire compact sedan

Engine (cc) 1.2-litre (Petrol)/1.5-litre (Diesel)
Fuel Type Petrol/Diesel
Power (PS) 96/100
Torque (Nm) 119/215
Gearbox 5-Speed Manual
Seating Capacity 5
Fuel Efficiency (kmpl) 18.5 (Petrol)/24.4 (Diesel)
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres) 42/40
Steering System Electric

Variants and Ex-Showroom Price of Ford Aspire

Variants of Ford Aspire Gearbox Fuel Type Ex-Showroom Price (Lakhs)*
Ford Aspire Titanium  Manual Petrol Rs. 7.24
Ford Aspire Titanium+ Manual Petrol Rs. 7.59
Ford Aspire Titanium Manual Diesel Rs. 8.34
Ford Aspire Titanium+ Manual  Diesel Rs. 8.69

CIN: U66000KA2016PLC138288

IRDAI Registration No: 157

Category: Non-Life Insurance

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