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Mitsubishi Car Insurance

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Mitsubishi Car Insurance

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Mitsubishi is a legendary Japanese automobile company which has a rich motorsport legacy. Mitsubishi is the brand which produced iconic cars such as the Lancer, Cedia and the series of Lancer Evolutions. The Japanese automaker is also known for its tough and rugged SUVs such as Pajero and Outlander. Unfortunately, the company had to discontinue the Lancer sedan in India due to lack of demand, and the company was also unable to update the model to meet the new safety and emission norms. Do you own a Mitsubishi car, and looking to buy an insurance policy? Then read on for all the details about Mitsubishi car insurance.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Mitsubishi Models
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Buying car insurance for Mitsubishi models is crucial as it provides a host of coverages. Below are the benefits of buying car insurance for Mitsubishi models.

Third-Party Liability
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As per law, it is mandatory to purchase third-party car insurance which provides coverage against damage to third-party property or life. Third-party insurance policy is inexpensive, but the coverage is limited to third-party.

Own Damage Cover
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Comprehensive insurance is optional, but it provides third-party and own damage coverage. The comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages to your car and injuries to the driver or passengers. The damage might be due to accident, natural disaster, fire or man-made calamity.

Vehicle Theft Coverage
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A comprehensive insurance plan also offers coverage against theft of the vehicle. If your car is stolen or if it’s totalled in a crash, the insurer will pay the IDV amount.

Additional Coverage
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Comprehensive car insurance also allows you to buy add-ons which improves the coverage. You can purchase several add-ons such as engine protection cover, consumables cover, roadside assistance cover, IDV cover, no claim bonus (NCB) cover, passenger cover and invoice cover.

Peace of Mind
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A car insurance policy will provide you peace of mind, whenever you take out the vehicle. Car insurance is a must in India as the roads are chaotic and filled with vehicles and pedestrians.

Car Insurance plans for Mitsubishi Car
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There are two types of insurance plans for Mitsubishi cars: Third-party and Comprehensive insurance policy. Both types of policies have different benefits and coverages. Below are the coverage benefits of third-party and comprehensive Mitsubishi car insurance.

Third-Party Car Insurance
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As the name suggests, third-party insurance for Mitsubishi cars provides coverage against damage to third-party life or property. As per law, it is compulsory to purchase third-party insurance for your car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
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Comprehensive car insurance provides all the coverages of third-party insurance and also offers own damage cover. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage against damage to your car and accidental death/injuries to driver or passengers.

What’s Covered in Mitsubishi Insurance (Inclusions):
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The car insurance policy offers the following coverages: (Note: Own damage cover applies to only comprehensive insurance)

What’s not Covered in Mitsubishi Insurance (Exclusions):
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The car insurance policy will not offer coverage against the following:

Add-ons for Mitsubishi Car Insurance:
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Add-ons apply only to comprehensive car insurance. Below are the add-ons for Mitsubishi car insurance:

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance for your Mitsubishi Car
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Below are the benefits of buying Acko car insurance.

Paperless Insurance Process
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Acko is an online insurance provider, you can purchase/renew insurance online, and you can also apply for claims. The whole process is online, and it will save a lot of time and money.

Quick and Hassle-free Claims
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Applying for a claim at Acko Insurance is very simple, and the entire process can be completed online. The claims are settled depending on the nature of damage, and there is zero paperwork.

Expert Advice
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You will get unbiased advice from trained professionals at Acko car insurance. You will get assistance for purchasing/renewing or while applying for a claim. All your queries related to car insurance will be addressed by our team of experts.

Claim Procedure:
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Below are the steps to apply for a claim on the Acko Insurance smartphone app/website:

Note: Vehicle pickup service is available in select cities. Please refer to the website for the list of cities.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Common queries related to Mitsubishi car insurance.



How long does it take to renew Mitsubishi car insurance?

It will take only a few minutes if you opt for online renewal of Mitsubishi car insurance. But if you choose to renew it offline, it might take a few hours depending on the insurance company.

Which add-ons should I buy with Mitsubishi car insurance?

For all-round protection of your Mitsubishi car, you should buy the following add-ons: >No Claim Bonus Cover >Zero Depreciation Cover >Insured Declared Value Cover >Engine Protection Cover >Passenger Cover >Roadside Assistance Cover >Consumable Cover >Invoice Cover

How much does it cost to insure a Mitsubishi car?

The cost of insurance depends on the model and variant, and value of the vehicle. The cost also varies depending on the condition of the vehicle. The higher the value of the vehicle, the more you pay for the insurance.

From where I can purchase Mitsubishi car insurance?

The best option is to purchase car insurance online. You can buy the insurance within a few minutes, and there is zero paperwork. Online car insurance will save you a lot of time and money.

 I am buying insurance for my Mitsubishi car. Which insurance company has the best claim settlement ratio?

The insurer will have a good claim settlement ratio if the claim process is fast and efficient. Usually, online insurance providers offer quick and hassle-free claim procedures which are completely online, and there is zero paperwork.

Where can I get the best price for Mitsubishi car insurance?

Online insurance companies will offer you the best price for Mitsubishi car insurance. If you buy insurance online, there will be no middleman, and there is no paperwork.

How can I cut the cost on my Mitsubishi car insurance?

You can opt for a third-party car insurance policy which costs less than comprehensive insurance. But note that third-party insurance will only cover damages to third-party life/property. If you are opting for comprehensive insurance, then you can avoid buying add-ons to cut the cost.

Does Mitsubishi India have a toll-free customer care number?

Yes, Mitsubishi India has a toll-free customer care number. The contact number is 18001022955.

Car Insurance for Mitsubishi Car Models/Variants:
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Below are the car insurances for Mitsubishi models in India: