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Skoda Car Insurance

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Skoda Car Insurance

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Skoda cars are known for their solid build quality, premium interiors and features offered at an accessible price point. The Czech carmaker entered India in 2001 and since then, they have introduced some of the best premium sedans and SUVs. This article dwells into the importance and benefits of Skoda car insurance, the claim process and answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance for Skoda Cars
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Vehicle insurance for your Skoda is not only mandatory according to law, but it protects you against third party liabilities as well as that of the insured vehicle. Car parts are not cheap and require their due attention when it comes to replacing or repairing it. While the Third-party insurance covers third-party life and damages to property, the Comprehensive covers offer the mentioned below extensive coverage:

Coverage against liabilities arising out of the loss of third-party life or damage to their property.

Coverage for the insured Skoda car.

Personal accident cover for the owner-driver.

Coverage against man-made calamities such as vandalism, riots, etc.

Coverage against natural calamities such as storms, earthquakes, floods, etc.

Get the full sum insured amount in case of total loss or damage.

Insurance Plans for Skoda Car
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Car insurance for your Skoda are of the following two types.

Third-Party Car Insurance
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Covers third-party life and damages to their property and is mandatory as per the law with no coverage to the insured vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
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Covers third-party and the insured vehicle and has the choice to include Add-on covers.

Inclusions Comprehensive Insurance Third-Party Insurance
Third-party life and property damages/losses
Damages/Losses to the insured Skoda car
Man-made Calamities (riots, etc.)
Natural Calamities (floods, etc.)
Personal Accident (PA) cover for Owner-Driver
Theft of the insured Skoda car
Customise Insured Declared Value (IDV)

What’s Covered in Skoda Car Insurance (Inclusions)?
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While the Third-party car insurance covers third-party life and property, it is the Comprehensive plan that offers the following wider coverage:

Exclusions of Skoda Car Insurance:
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The following are exclusions or limitations under the Skoda car insurance:

Add-ons for Skoda Car Insurance:
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Below are the car insurance add-on covers are available with the Comprehensive car insurance for your Skoda:

Benefits of Buying Acko Car Insurance for Your Skoda Car
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Acko has transformed the way you shop vehicle insurance for your vehicle by harnessing the power of digital. Below are the advantages of buying Acko car insurance for your Skoda:

Faster Online Procedure
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Be it buying or renewal to servicing the claims, everything is online by transacting through the website or smartphone app.

Quicker Claim Settlements
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With the elimination of paperwork, settlement of claims has never been quicker than before.

Guidance From Experts
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Throughout the policy period, get assistance from experts on premium, claims, renewal and other insurance-related services.

Cashless Service
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Get your Skoda fixed at any garage of your choice and avail cashless service.

Pickup and Drop Facility
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Get your vehicle picked up, repaired at a garage of your choice and dropped off by Acko.

Claim Procedure
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Follow the steps below to raise a claim with an online insurance company such as Acko:

Step 1: Visit the website of the insurer or access the mobile app.

Step 2: Log in to your account and select the claim section to raise a claim.

Step 3: Upload the pictures of the damages to your vehicle.

Step 4: The surveyor will assess the damages, pick up your car and get it repaired at a garage of your choice and deliver it back to you.

Note: You can also opt for the reimbursement method which is generally considered a cumbersome procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Skoda car insurance.



Where can I buy Skoda car insurance?

You can buy car insurance for your Skoda online. Digital insurance companies such as Acko provide paperless processes which are quicker and faster than the traditional car insurance. You can visit the website or download the mobile app to buy car insurance online by entering a few details such as the registration number, manufacturing year of the car, location and the variants along with personal details of the policyholder. Upon purchasing the motor insurance, you will receive the policy instantly to your registered email address.

Is Skoda car insurance costly?

The cost of car insurance depends on the value of the car, make and variant as well as the location of the vehicle. However, compared to traditional insurance providers, new-age digital insurers have removed the need for an agent or middlemen to sell insurance policies. They have digitised most of the transactions online, which has resulted in reduced operational cost. This benefit is passed on to the customers which result in cheaper car insurance for your Skoda along with higher coverage.

How much does it cost to insure a Skoda Octavia?

Insurance cost depends on several factors, which include the cost of the vehicle, the make and variant and the location of the vehicle. To check the premium of a Skoda vehicle, you can visit the insurance company’s website such as Acko ( and calculate the premium for your exclusive Skoda car by entering a few details.

How fast can I renew my Skoda car insurance?

Car insurance renewal online is the fastest way to renew your Skoda car insurance. Visit the insurance provider’s website or download their smartphone app to renew the policy instantly from anywhere and at any time. Traditional insurers may request to submit paperwork and visit their branch or talk to their agent to get the insurance policy renewed.

What is the list of documents required to buy insurance for my Skoda car?

With the advent of digital insurance policies, insurers have made the process of buying vehicle insurance online quicker and hassle-free. You do not have to submit any documents to the digital insurer; however, you need to provide a few details such as the registration number, make and the variant of the vehicle, and existing policy details, if any. Apart from these details, you need to provide a few personal details such as name and nominee details.

How to reduce the cost of Skoda car insurance?

While the premium for the Skoda car insurance mainly depends on the value of the car, you can adopt a few practises which reduce the insurance cost. The fitment of anti-theft device, being a member of the Automobile Association of India and/or the Western Automobile Association of India can reduce car insurance cost since insurers consider the customers initiative to secure their vehicle against any possible liabilities.

What is the best car insurance for Skoda cars?

The best car insurance for your Skoda should offer a wide coverage at a lower cost. However, your search should not end there. You need to research the post-sales service offered by the insurance company as well as its reputation in the industry and how well do they settle claims. Also, you should be able to get support from professionals during the entire policy period and not just while buying the policy. Select an insurer which can offer good service along with a wider coverage at a competitive price.

Do insurance companies provide cashless claim settlements for Skoda cars?

Yes, insurance companies such as Acko have tied with a wide range of garages across the location it operates and services. These garages are called “Cashless Garages” through which the insurance company and the garage will settle the repair bill and you will have to pay the deductibles if any.

Can I buy Add-on covers with the Third-party car insurance for my Skoda?

No, you cannot buy Add-on covers along with the Third-party cover but can be bought with Comprehensive car insurance. You can choose from various add-ons mentioned above to extend the coverage of the basic car insurance.

Can I renew my expired Skoda car insurance?

Yes, you have a 30-day grace period from the date of expiry to renew your Skoda car insurance; however, your vehicle will not be covered until the policy is renewed. If the grace period has expired, you can renew it by paying the respective penalties and continue the coverage.

Car Insurance for Skoda Car Models/Variants:
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Below is the car insurance for different Skoda models in India: