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Maruti S-Presso Car Insurance

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Maruti S-Presso Car Insurance

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For car buyers who enjoy the commanding stance of a vehicle, the Maruti S-Presso is an impressive crossover with an SUV design concept. Maruti Suzuki offers this mini SUV with peppy engine performance to make each drive a pleasure for you. But the joy of a drive also depends on how safe you feel. That is why this article talks about different aspects of vehicle insurance such as S-Presso insurance cost, online purchase, renewal, and claim procedure as well. So, keep reading to know more about S-Presso car insurance.

Benefits of buying Maruti S-Presso car insurance online
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The following advantages will enhance your experience of buying Maruti S-Presso insurance online.

24x7 online presence
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The digital insurance platform stays available 24x7 online. Whenever you want to buy or renew policies, or raise claims, simply take out your smartphone and access the online insurance platform to complete the process instantly. Thus, you don’t have to book appointments or wait for callbacks from the insurance company.

Easy policy comparison
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There is no better way to purchase a car insurance policy than by comparing it online. You can quickly understand the prices, services and features of multiple policies all in the same place Thus, you get to choose a policy that perfectly aligns with your insurance needs. That too, without having to physically visit the insurance company.

Swift insurance processes
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Insurance procedures, such as policy purchase and renewal become instant when you choose the online method. You only have to provide specific vehicle details and previous policy information (if applicable) to instantly buy or renew a policy.

Types of car insurance plans for Maruti S-Presso
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Here are two major car insurance plans available for Maruti S-Presso.

Third-party Insurance Plan
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A Third-party Insurance plan helps to comply with the driving regulations in India. At the same time, this type of insurance enables you to have financial protection against any third-party injury/death or property damage. Driving your S-Presso without this type of insurance is illegal and can result in penalties. While Third-party Insurance is mandatory, it does not cover your own S-Presso against damages, loss or theft.

Comprehensive Insurance Plan
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To broaden your vehicle insurance coverage, you can select the Comprehensive Insurance plan. This type of policy comes in a bundle of Third-party Insurance as well as Own Damage (OD) cover. As a result, you are financially safeguarded against damages and losses related to accidents, fire/explosion, natural/man-made calamities, vehicle theft, etc. The ability to extend coverage with add-ons is another valuable benefit of a Comprehensive policy.

What is covered in S-Presso insurance? (Inclusions)
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The S-Presso insurance cost returns with financial protection in the following scenarios.

Important note: When you buy or renew a Third-party or Comprehensive Car Insurance plan, it must be bundled with a Personal Accident or PA cover. While you have to purchase a PA cover separately, it is mandatory as per the law to protect car owners against permanent or temporary injuries or death caused by accidents.

What is not covered in S-Presso insurance? (Exclusions)
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The following can be the causes of not receiving financial protection from your insurance policy.

Add-ons for S-Presso insurance
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Add-ons offer you the ability to increase the coverage of your Comprehensive Insurance plan. This can benefit you with additional features, benefits and services for your S-Presso. Below are the add-ons you can buy with your S-Presso insurance plan. 

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Let’s look at the reasons why ACKO is beneficial when you want to buy car insurance online.

Low Premiums

Affordable policies
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ACKO has a direct-to-customer model and a 100% digital infrastructure. This removes the requirement for middlemen and lowers the operating costs as well. Hence, you can expect a low car insurance quote with ACKO.

Contactless Car Insurance

Paperless experience
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The online infrastructure allows ACKO to offer you a paperless experience when buying or renewing your S-Presso car insurance. You can simply enter the details of your S-Presso and previous policy (if required) to purchase or renew insurance


Quick claim process
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Raising a claim is an instant process with ACKO. You can access your account via the website or mobile app to request claims in a few simple steps. The settlement process for minor claims takes not more than several hours.

ACKO’s claim process
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It takes only three steps to submit your claim using ACKO’s online platform.

Once submitted, our claim settlement team will contact you for more information to initiate the settlement process. For minor claims, this process may take a few hours only. However, in case of severe damages, the claim settlement can take at least 3 working days or more.

Frequently asked questions
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Below are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions about S-Presso car insurance at ACKO.


Which is the right insurance policy for S-Presso at ACKO?

At ACKO, you can buy Third-party Car Insurance online or a Comprehensive Insurance plan. However, a Comprehensive policy will provide third-party coverage along with insured vehicle coverage against damages, theft and loss. Moreover, you will be able to purchase service-specific add-ons for better coverage. Thus, a Comprehensive S-Presso Insurance policy would be an ideal choice. 

How can I renew my S-Presso insurance plan with ACKO?

To renew car insurance online with ACKO, you can utilise the official website or mobile app. The online insurance renewal process requires a few vehicle details along with the information related to your previous policy (if available). Then, with a single click, you can renew your vehicle insurance instantly. 

What kind of documents will I need when buying or renewing S-Presso insurance?

You don’t need to submit any type of documents when buying or renewing S-Presso insurance with ACKO. The entire process is paper-free and involves simple steps you can perform digitally. 

Car Insurance for Other Maruti-Suzuki Car Models/Variants
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