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Maruti Suzuki Zen Car Insurance

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Maruti Suzuki Zen Car Insurance

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Although the Maruti Suzuki Zen isn't in circulation anymore, it is still loved and driven on Indian roads. Note that as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all cars need to be covered under at least a basic insurance policy. So, if you happen to be a lucky owner of this classic car and are looking for vehicle insurance, read ahead; this page is for you. Here, we will highlight the advantages of buying online insurance for your car and why you should choose ACKO as your insurance provider.

Importance of buying online car insurance for Maruti Suzuki Zen
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Here’s why buying online Maruti Suzuki Zen insurance is a good choice.

1. Ease of use
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Online car insurance for your Zen is very convenient. You can buy, renew and claim insurance from anywhere using an internet-connected laptop, desktop or smartphone. Also, time doesn’t matter! You can access the online features at any time of the day and any day of the week.

2. 24x7 support
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Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. That is why online insurers generally have a text or call option for assistance. So, even if you are stuck in a remote place because of an accident, you can easily get the required help you need to recover your vehicle.

3. No form-filling
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In this digital era, paper is hardly used. This is true for digital car insurance as well. You do not need to spend time filling up countless forms to buy car insurance! Just enter your car’s details online on the website/app of an online insurer and proceed to buy a suitable car insurance policy.

Car insurance policies for Maruti Suzuki Zen
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The following are two main car insurance policies offered for Maruti Suzuki Zen.

Third-party Car Insurance Policy
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This policy provides coverage against property damage, injuries or death occurring to a third party (due to the insured car). However, it does not offer financial compensation if your own four-wheeler endures damages due to an accident. As per road laws, you cannot legally drive on Indian roads without buying this policy.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
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This car insurance policy offers both the legally required Third-party Insurance coverages and also the coverage for damages occurring to your own vehicle. Under this plan, you can further extend coverage by opting for add-ons (based on availability). There are different add-ons for different types of coverages. You can choose add-ons based on your car insurance needs.

What’s covered in Maruti Suzuki Zen car insurance?
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You can claim against your Zen Comprehensive Car Insurance under the following circumstances.

What’s not covered in Maruti Suzuki Zen car insurance?
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You cannot claim against your Zen Comprehensive Car Insurance under the following circumstances.

Add-ons for Maruti Suzuki Zen car insurance
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Here are some of the commonly offered add-ons for a Comprehensive Zen Car Insurance Policy. However, they are subject to availability.

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If you have a Maruti Suzuki Zen and are looking to get it insured, here’s why you should choose ACKO as your insurance provider.

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1. Low priced policies
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Since we exclude middlemen from our transaction process, there are no commissions included in our car insurance premium. Also, since we operate online, we save on operational costs. These factors help us offer affordable insurance policies.

Easy Claims

2. Immediate claim settlements
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At ACKO, we understand that waiting for a claim to be processed after enduring an accident can test your patience. That is why we make sure to settle the claims for minor damages to your vehicle within just a few hours from when you report them.

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3. Hassle-free insurance
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It is super simple to buy our online Maruti Suzuki Zen insurance. It is also easy to renew an existing policy and perform other related functions via the ACKO app/website. Additionally, you can call our toll-free number if you require personal assistance.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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Here are the simple steps you need to follow to raise a claim with ACKO.

Step 1: Visit the ACKO website/mobile app and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Head to your car’s policy card and click on the submit button next to it.

Step 3: Reply to the questions about the accident that appear on your screen and upload images of the damaged vehicle.

Once you have successfully raised a car insurance claim, our team will process your claim request and settle it as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

Frequently asked questions
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The following are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Maruti Suzuki Zen insurance.


What is the price of ACKO’s Zen insurance?

The price of ACKO’s Zen insurance depends on the plan you choose. You can visit our website ( to find the plans available for your car and check their respective prices. You can choose a suitable plan based on your budget and the coverage you require.

If I port my Zen car insurance to ACKO, will it affect my accumulated No Claim Bonus (NCB)?

No, if you port your Zen car insurance to ACKO, it will not affect your accumulated NCB. It will be transferred, and you can continue to receive its benefit.

Do I need to insure my second-hand Zen car?

Yes, you need to insure your second-hand Zen car. As per Indian road laws, it is mandatory to buy Third Party Car Insurance even if you own a second-hand car.

Car Insurance for Other Maruti-Suzuki Car Models/Variants
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