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Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Car Insurance

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Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Car Insurance

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Car insurance is a legal requirement to drive a car in India. The Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy offers financial protection against damages to the insured car and third-party liabilities. Insuring your Maruti Wagon R assures you are protected financially in case of unforeseen liabilities. Read on to learn more about the advantages of online Wagon R car insurance.

Importance of Buying Online Car Insurance for Maruti Wagon R
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Following are the primary reasons why you should buy online Wagon R car insurance over offline insurance.

1. Zero Paperwork
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Buying car insurance for your Maruti Wagon R at ACKO requires zero paperwork. There is no need to submit documents or fill forms to insure your vehicle. Provide a few details of your car and the previous policy details to insure your vehicle instantly.

2. Quicker Turnaround Time
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Whether you want to buy/renew the plan or raise a claim, visit ACKO’s website or download the mobile app for a quicker experience. Visit the website or use the app anytime and anywhere using your mobile to insure your Wagon R instantly.

3. Transact Directly with ACKO
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ACKO is a digital-first insurer and all transactions are processed through its digital platforms such as the website or mobile app. There are no middlemen to influence your decision. With no agents involved, ACKO is able to design low-cost car insurance plans as there is no commission involved.

Types of Car Insurance for Maruti Wagon R
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Third-party Car Insurance Policy and Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy are the main types of four-wheeler insurance. Here are the coverage details of each type of car insurance plan.

Third-party Car Insurance Policy
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For coverage against third-party liabilities such as injury to the third party/death of the third party or damages to their property, this plan covers such liabilities. For the Wagon R insurance price you pay, it helps you adhere to the legal requirements. While this plan is mandatory, it does not provide coverage against damages or losses to your car.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
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This type of plan provides coverage for third-party liabilities and also covers damages or losses to the insured car. Damages or losses can be due to an accident, fire, theft, natural/man-made calamities. You can also choose from various add-on covers that extend the coverage of the standard plan.

What’s Covered in Wagon R Car Insurance (Inclusions)?
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The Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan offers financial protection during the following circumstances.

It is mandatory to buy the Personal Accident (PA) cover while purchasing or renewing the car insurance policy. And, this cover has to be bought separately.

What’s Not Covered in Wagon R Car Insurance (Exclusions)?
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Here are the circumstances when the Wagon R car insurance will not provide coverage.

Add-ons for Wagon R Car Insurance
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Add-ons for your car insurance plan are small and specific coverages that extend the basic coverage of the policy. You can purchase the add-ons along with the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. Below are the car insurance add-ons that you can opt for.

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Here are the benefits of choosing ACKO insurance for your Maruti Wagon R.

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Hassle-free Online Experience
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Being a digital insurance company, all insurance-related services are online. The online environment helps you to buy/renew the policy or raise a claim without any physical paperwork.

Instant Claim Settlement

Super Quick Claims
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Access your account by visiting ACKO’s website or the mobile app to enter a few details about the damages to your car and raise the claim without any documentation except if an FIR is required.

Incredibly Low Premium

Low-Cost Insurance
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With tech-based infrastructure and a no-commission model, the Wagon R insurance price is one of the lowest in the industry and is passed on to you as low-cost Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans.

ACKO’s Claim Procedure
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The car insurance claim procedure at ACKO is super easy and simple. Here is how you can file a claim against your policy in a few minutes.

The claims team will reach out to you to guide you through the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are the frequently asked questions about car insurance in India.



How to buy ACKO car insurance for Maruti Wagon R?

Insuring your Wagon R at ACKO is super fast and hassle-free. Visit ACKO’s website or download the mobile app, enter a few details of the Wagon R and previous policy details to insure it within a few minutes. All this with zero paperwork.

How to file a claim at ACKO for Maruti Wagon R car insurance?

Filing a claim against the Wagon R car insurance policy at ACKO is simple and easy. Access your account through the website or mobile app, enter a few details of the damages to your car, upload photos of the damages and documents (if required). ACKO may settle the claim instantly for minor damages such as a dent on the bumper or a broken rear-view mirror. For severe damages, our claims team will pick up the car from your location, repair the car at a network garage and deliver it to you within three working days (in select cities).

Can I renew my Wagon R car insurance online?

Yes, you can renew the Wagon R car insurance policy online by accessing your account through ACKO’s website or app. You can pay the premium through our online process and receive the policy documents within a few minutes.

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