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Car Insurance for Ertiga

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If you own the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, you have to spend money on fuel, servicing, washing, parking, and insurance. Here, insurance is not a mere expense but a tool to safeguard your money. Not buying car insurance can lead to monetary penalties as insurance is a mandatory requirement. And in the absence of a wide-ranging cover, you will have to handle the car repair costs on your own. But, with a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy for your Ertiga, you will be safe from penalties and have support when it comes to settling garage bills.

Why Choose Online Car Insurance for Maruti Ertiga?

This section highlights prominent reasons for opting to buy or renew your Maruti Ertiga’s insurance policy.

1. No Unnecessary Form-filling

The insurance industry has been infamous for its tedious form-filling. However, that is not the case with ACKO. Here, the process is paperless. You are not asked to fill lengthy forms or submit identity-proof documents to buy car insurance online.

2. Total Convenience

You can insure your vehicle from ACKO at your convenience. For example, if you are free on a Saturday night, you can insure your car at that time by simply logging on to www.acko.com or by downloading the mobile app

3. More Power to You

You can insure your car directly from ACKO. There are no middlemen/agents. Thus, there is total transparency. You can read product pages, blogs, policy documents and make an informed decision. If something is bothering you, simply call our Customer Care team and they will help you out.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Maruti Ertiga

Whether you are planning to insure your car for the first time or going for car insurance renewal, there are two primary types of insurance covers available for you in India. Your Ertiga car insurance price will depend upon the chosen plan.

1. Third-party Liability Car Insurance

Here are some key pointers about this standard policy.

- Mandated as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

- Covers injury to a third party or their property damage.

- Premium is decided by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

- No scope for customization.

- Does not cover damages to the insured four-wheeler.

2. Comprehensive Car Insurance

Here are some key pointers about this advanced policy.

- Includes the mandatory car insurance coverage.

- Premium is decided by the insurance company.

- Can be customized with suitable car insurance add-ons.

- Covers damages to the insured four-wheeler.

- Ideal for wide-ranging coverage.

What’s Covered in Maruti Ertiga Car Insurance? (Inclusions)

Here are the inclusions of a Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover for your Maruti Ertiga.

  • Covers third-party injuries.

  • Covers third-party property damage.

  • Cover against fire.

  • Cover against vehicle theft.

  • Cover against damages because of natural or man-made calamities.

What’s Not Covered in Maruti Ertiga Car Insurance? (Exclusions)

Here are the exclusions of a Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover for your Maruti Ertiga.

  • Damage due to natural wear and tear.

  • Depreciation of car parts is not covered unless you have a Zero Depreciation cover.

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown.

  • Instances of driving with an invalid/expired insurance policy/Driving License.

  • Instances of drunken driving.

  • Personal Accident cover needs to be purchased separately.

Add-on Covers for Ertiga

Add-on covers help to strengthen your car’s insurance policy. They widen the cover and either offer a service or help receive a better claim settlement amount. When it comes to choosing add-ons for Ertiga, you should look out for Roadside Assistance, Zero Depreciation, and an Engine Protection Add-on. While the Roadside Assistance Add-on is a service-based cover the other two are claim-related covers.

Roadside Assistance will come in handy if your vehicle breaks down and needs immediate assistance. Here, a mechanic will be sent to your location to handle the issue. The Zero Depreciation Add-on negates depreciation calculation. As a result, you get a higher claim payout. And the Engine Protection covers damages to the engine due to instances such as flooding. Some of the other relevant add-ons are as follows.

  • Key Replacement: Lost car keys? No problem. Get them replaced with this add-on.

  • Outstation Emergency Cover: Get a predetermined amount if your four-wheeler breaks down during an outstation trip.

  • Return to Invoice: Get the vehicle’s invoice value for instances involving damage beyond repair or theft.

  • No Claim Bonus Protection: Raise a claim without disturbing your accumulated renewal discount.

  • Consumables Cover: Expenses for consumables (oi, fuel, nuts and bolts, etc.) used in car repairs shall be covered.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Car Insurance Policy for your Maruti Ertiga Car

Here are the major advantages of insuring your car for the first time or opting for online car insurance renewal from ACKO. The exact Maruti Suzuki Ertiga insurance price will depend upon the kind of cover chosen by you.

1. Quick Purchase

Who says buying insurance is a lengthy process? Maybe it used to be so but not any longer. With ACKO, you can insure your car within minutes. Simply visit our website or download the mobile app and share details, pick a plan, and you will receive a free car insurance quote. Your policy will be ready to download once you make the online payment. Easy-peasy!

2. Low-cost, High-value

ACKO offers wide-ranging insurance coverage and benefits at an affordable price. This is possible because of no middlemen and a tech-enabled process.

3. Smooth Claim Settlement

ACKO is by your side when it matters the most—during claim settlement. With features like one-hour pick-up, three-day delivery, and instant settlement, our claims process is smooth, fast, and convenient.

Claim Procedure

Here’s a standard process for settling claims via ACKO’s online platform.

Step 1: Log in to My Account

Step 2: Click Claim Now.

Step 3: Mention applicable details.

Step 4: Coordinate with the claims team for further processing based on the type of damage/claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about car insurance.


Can I buy insurance for my Ertiga via ACKO’s website at night?

Yes, you can get insurance for your Ertiga via ACKO’s website or mobile app 24x7.

I own an Ertiga but it is a second-hand car. Do such cars also need to be insured?

Yes, even second-hand cars, or pre-owned cars as they are known, need to be insured with at least Third-party Car Insurance Plan if they are to be driven on public roads.

Which factors determine the Ertiga insurance cost?

The top factors determining the premium of a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy are engine capacity, location, and chosen plan.

Do I need to upload any specific documents to renew my car insurance policy from ACKO?

There is no need to upload any specific documents to renew car insurance on ACKO.

How can I find the best car insurance plan for Maruti Ertiga?

The best insurance plan for Maruti Ertiga is one that offers wide-ranging coverage without charging a lot. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. You have to pick what suits you. For instance, a Comprehensive Plan with Zero Depreciation and Roadside Assistance Covers is a good option.

About Car Insurance for Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Being a good driver does not mean you are shielded from unexpected car damages. You might follow lane discipline and speed limits but can you be sure that other drivers will also follow the same? There is also the danger of your car getting damaged because of a natural calamity like a flash-flood or a man-made calamity like rioting and vandalism. Here’s where a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy will help you out, as it offers financial assistance to get the car repaired in case of unexpected events stated as policy inclusions.

Picking ACKO as your insurer offers advantages like complete transparency and convenience, quick purchase/renewal, and stress-free claims. With ACKO, your Ertiga will be covered under a wide-ranging Maruti car insurance policy with top-notch services. You can buy or renew motor insurance from ACKO via the website or the ACKO app.

Why Should You Buy a Maruti Ertiga?

Maruti Ertiga is a good option if you often travel with friends or family. Be it a planned road trip or an impromptu weekend getaway, the Maruti Ertiga will make sure you reach your destination safely and have fun while getting there. The car features a seamless blend of comfort, quality, and style. It comes with a BS6-compliant K-15 Petrol Engine and Progressive Smart Hybrid technology to deliver a power-packed performance every time. Here are the top reasons to buy the Maruti Ertiga in India.

  • K-series engine

  • SmartPlay infotainment system

  • Third-row recliner seats

  • MID with coloured TFT

  • Heartect platform for safety

Ertiga Exterior

Top exterior features of the vehicle.

  • Chrome-studded front grille

  • Multi-spoke alloy wheels

  • Fog light

  • Projector headlamps

  • 3D tail-lamps with LED

Ertiga Interior

Top interior features of the vehicle.

  • Sculpted dashboard with wooden finish

  • Automatic climate control

  • Comfortable seating for all passengers

  • Second-row adjustable air conditioning

  • New-age SmartPlay studio

Maruti Ertiga Specifications

Here’s a table highlighting the key specifications of the vehicle.

Length 4,395 mm
Width 1,735 mm
Height 1,690 mm
Wheelbase 2,740 mm
Turning Radius 5.2 m
Seating Capacity 7
Type of Engine K15B Smart Hybrid
Capacity of the Engine 1,462 cc
The capacity of the Fuel Tank 45 litres
Mileage 19.1 kmpl

Maruti Ertiga Variants and Ex-showroom Price

Here’s a table showcasing the approximate Ertiga price for different variants of the vehicle.

Variants Price in lakhs
LXI Rs. 7.69
VXI Rs. 8.44
CNG VXI Rs. 9.14
ZXI Rs. 9.27
VXI AT Rs. 9.64
ZXI Plus Rs. 9.81
ZXI AT Rs. 10.47

Maruti Ertiga Vs Maruti XLS

Here’s a table showing a comparison between the Maruti Ertiga ZXI AT and XLS Alpha.

Specifications Ertiga ZXI AT XLS Alpha
Approximate price Rs. 10.47 lakhs Rs. 10.41 lakhs
Transmission Automatic Manual
Gearbox 4 speed 5 speed
Rear Brake Type Drum Leading & Trailing Drum
Seating Capacity 7 6
Engine K15 Smart Hybrid K15B Smart Hybrid

Maruti Ertiga vs Renault Triber

Here’s a table showing a comparison between Maruti Ertiga ZXI AT and Renault Triber RXZ EASY-R AMT.

Specifications Ertiga ZXI AT RXZ EASY-R AMT
Approximate price Rs. 10.47 lakhs Rs. 7.65 lakhs
Transmission Automatic Automatic
Gearbox 4 speed 5 speed
Rear Brake Type Drum Drum
Seating Capacity 7 7
Engine K15 Smart Hybrid 1.0L Petrol Engine

Maruti Ertiga vs Toyota Innova

Here’s a table showing a comparison between Maruti Ertiga ZXI AT and Toyota Innova Crysta 2.7 GX 7 STR.

Specifications Ertiga ZXI AT Crysta 2.7 GX 7 STR
Approximate price Rs. 10.47 lakhs Rs. 16.26 lakhs
Transmission Automatic Manual
Gearbox 4 speed 5 speed
Rear Brake Type Drum Drum
Seating Capacity 7 7
Engine K15 Smart Hybrid 2.7L Dual VVT

Maruti Ertiga Vs Mahindra Marazzo

Here’s a table showing a comparison between Maruti Ertiga ZXI AT and Mahindra Marazzo M2.

Specifications Ertiga ZXI AT Mahindra Marazzo M2
Approximate price Rs. 10.47 lakhs Rs. 11.64 lakhs
Transmission Automatic Manual
Gearbox 4 speed 6 speed
Rear Brake Type Drum Disc
Seating Capacity 7 7
Engine K15 Smart Hybrid D15 1.5 Litre Diesel Engine

CIN: U66000KA2016PLC138288

IRDAI Registration No: 157

Category: Non-Life Insurance

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