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Maruti Gypsy Car Insurance

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Maruti Gypsy Car Insurance

Maruti Gypsy is one of the most iconic SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) in the Indian market. The Gypsy is a four-wheel-drive SUV and can tame treacherous roads effortlessly. You may need a car insurance plan that offers comprehensive coverage for such a capable vehicle. Read on as this article covers all the aspects of Maruti Gypsy car insurance and the benefits of opting for online motor insurance.

Why Online Car Insurance for Maruti Gypsy Cars?
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Here are the reasons why you should buy car insurance online for your Gypsy car.

Quick Process
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The process of purchasing four-wheeler insurance online can be completed within a few minutes, thanks to the 100% digital process. You can insure your car within a few minutes by visiting the insurer’s website ( or mobile app.

No Agent
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You can make an informed choice when you opt for online car insurance. You buy the policy directly from the insurer. There is no intermediary between you and the insurance provider. Without the influence of an agent, there are no commissions, and you can buy the policy at an economical price.

Ease of Access
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Purchase car insurance online from anywhere and at any time. You can avail of the digital insurance services at your convenience — no need to visit the insurer’s office or any agents. You can access the insurance-related services online from your computer or smartphone.

Car Insurance Plans for Gypsy Car
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You can opt for any of the two types of car insurance plans that are mentioned below.

Third-party Car Insurance Plan
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A Third-party Car Insurance Policy is compulsory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It provides coverage against damages to third-party property or death/injury to a third party. On the flip side, the insurance plan does not offer OD (Own Damage) cover. In addition to the Third-party Motor Insurance, you also need to have a Personal Accident cover. It is mandatory as per law and covers the disability/accidental death of the owner or driver. But you have to buy the PA (Personal Accident) cover separately while buying/renewing car insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan
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A Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan is not mandatory, but it is the recommended plan for your car. It provides dual coverage benefits: Third-party and Own Damage cover. The insurance plan covers third-party losses and damages to your vehicle caused by fire/explosions, accident, natural disasters or man-made disasters. Comprehensive Policy also covers theft or if your vehicle is damaged beyond repair. If you wish to enhance the policy benefits, you can do so by purchasing add-ons.

What’s Covered in Maruti Gypsy Car Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Maruti Gypsy Comprehensive car insurance provides coverage against the following circumstances.

Exclusions of Gypsy Car Insurance
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Maruti Gypsy car insurance does not cover the loss/damage caused due to the following circumstances. 

Add-ons for Gypsy Car Insurance
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Add-on is an additional cover that provides a benefit/service, in addition to the coverage offered by the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. You can opt for add-ons while renewing/buying the Comprehensive Plan. Here are the car insurance add-on covers offered by ACKO.  

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Here are the benefits of opting for ACKO car insurance for your Maruti Gypsy car.

Go Paperless

Forget Documentation
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No need to worry about complex paperwork when buying car insurance online from ACKO. All you have to do is fill in your vehicle and previous policy details on the ACKO website or mobile app to insure your car. There is no paperwork or documentation.

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Online Claims
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File a car insurance claim online within a few minutes on the ACKO website or app. Just answer a few questions and upload the soft copies of the documents to send a claim request. ACKO will settle the claim in a few hours/days.


Additional Discounts
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At ACKO, you can buy car insurance plans at incredibly low premiums. Apart from that, you may also avail of additional discounts during special occasions or festivals. With no commissions, you can buy a policy at an economical price.

Claim Procedure
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ACKO’s claim procedure is simple and straightforward. There is no need to fill any forms or submit the hard copies of the documents. You can raise a car insurance claim at ACKO by following the steps below.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Which car insurance plan is suitable for my Maruti Gypsy car?

A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy along with the add-on covers is the best motor insurance plan for your car. Comprehensive Policy offers Third-party Liability and Own Damage cover, and the insurance plan also covers circumstances such as theft or total loss of the insured vehicle. Moreover, you can purchase add-ons to enhance the coverage benefits.

Which documents do I need to submit to buy Gypsy car insurance at ACKO?

There is no need for any documents to purchase car insurance from ACKO. Visit the ACKO website or app and type in your vehicle and previous policy details. Choose your insurance plan and add-ons and complete the payment online. That’s it. ACKO will instantly send your policy document to your registered email address.

What is the procedure to renew Gypsy insurance at ACKO?

The procedure of car insurance renewal is similar to the purchase process. Log in to your profile via the ACKO website or app. Select the insurance renewal option, choose the policy and pay online. The policy renewal process is complete.

How can I get an NCB discount during Gypsy insurance renewal?

If you have made no claims during the previous policy period, the NCB discount will be automatically applied during the renewal process. The discount can go up to 50%, provided you have made no claims for five consecutive years.

Is Maruti Gypsy discontinued in India?

Yes, Maruti Suzuki discontinued the Gypsy in India in March 2019. The off-roader SUV did not comply with the latest emission and safety norms. Hence, Maruti Suzuki had to pull the plug off the Gypsy in India.

Car Insurance for Other Maruti-Suzuki Car Models/Variants
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