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Harley-Davidson Road King Insurance

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Harley-Davidson Road King

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Harley-Davidson Road King is a premium retro-cruiser motorcycle and an impressive-looking bagger. The bike has been in production since the 1960s, making it one of the most popular motorcycles worldwide. If you have purchased this bike or already own one, and want a robust insurance plan, then this article is for you. Here, we bring you insights into Harley-Davidson Road King bike insurance and the benefits of buying it online. Read on!

Importance of buying online bike insurance for Harley-Davidson Road King
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Here are some of the benefits of online Harley-Davidson Road King insurance.

1. No physical form-filling
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If you buy bike insurance for your Harley-Davidson Road King online, you can avoid the hassle of filling out physical forms. Visit our website or app to instantly insure your brand-new motorcycle or renew your existing policy with ACKO. Pay the premium online and receive the policy document by email immediately.

2. Easy and simple process
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Traditionally, buying or renewing two-wheeler insurance and registering claims against it required you to visit your insurance company in person or depend on middlemen. However, online bike insurance can be purchased, renewed and claimed anywhere from an internet-connected computer or smartphone, making your insurance experience easy and simple.

3. 24/7 assistance
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You can access your account anytime through our website or mobile app. If you don’t have access to an internet connection, then you can call us for assistance 24/7. We shall assist you and help you with any query you may have about your bike insurance for your Harley.

Bike insurance policies for Harley-Davidson Road King
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The two primary two-wheeler insurance policies available for Harley-Davidson Road King are as follows.

Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
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A Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance Policy is the most basic insurance policy for your Harley-Davidson Road King. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates every bike owner to insure their motorcycle with this type of insurance coverage. Failure to insure it with 3rd Party Insurance shall attract a traffic penalty of up to Rs. 4,000 and/or imprisonment. The policy covers you against collision-caused injury, death or property damage faced by a third party.

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
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A Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy provides the coverage of a Third-party Policy and of the Own Damage (OD) cover. An OD cover offers financial protection against accidental damages, fires and natural and manmade calamities, and theft. You can also include suitable add-on covers to enhance the policy coverage (subject to availability).

What’s covered in Harley-Davidson Road King bike insurance?
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Under a Comprehensive Insurance Policy for Harley-Davidson Road King, you will receive coverage for the following.

What’s not covered in Harley-Davidson Road King bike insurance?
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Under a Comprehensive Insurance Policy for Harley-Davidson Road King, you shall not receive coverage under the following instances.

Add-ons for Harley-Davidson Road King bike insurance
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The following are some of the offered add-on covers offered under a Comprehensive Insurance Policy for Harley-Davidson Road King. Please note that these are subject to availability. 

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Here’s why you should consider choosing ACKO’s online bike insurance for your Harley-Davidson Road King cruiser.


1. Affordable policies
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ACKO’s digital infrastructure helps us to reduce operating costs. This, coupled with our no-commission model, enables us to offer bike insurance policies at a low premium.

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2. Instant claims
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Traditionally, there is a processing delay when you raise a claim for accidental damage claims. However, with ACKO’s online platforms (website/app), claims for minor damages are settled within a few hours.

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3. Uncomplicated online experience
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Our digital platform lets you buy or renew a two-wheeler insurance policy and raise claims without hassles. Whether you have queries about your policy or claim-related questions, you get all the information on our website or app.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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If your Harley-Davidson Road King is damaged, you can raise a claim with us by following the below-given steps.

We shall review your claim request and process the settlement within a few hours for minor damages, while claims for major damages could take a few more hours, depending on the severity of the damages. Note that claims are settled as per the applicable policy’s terms and conditions.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are the answers to some of the common questions about Harley-Davidson Road King bike insurance.


How is the Insured Declared Value (IDV) calculated during claim settlement for Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle?

The IDV is the approximate current market value of the Harley-Davidson Road King. In case of total loss or theft, ACKO shall pay the IDV as per the applicable terms and conditions. 

Which is the most suitable bike insurance for a Harley-Davidson Road King bike?

Opt for Comprehensive Insurance since it is a combination of Third-party Insurance and Own Damage (OD) cover. It shall provide compensation for both third-party liabilities and damages to the insured bike. 

How to buy bike insurance for Harley-Davidson Road King from ACKO?

Scroll to the top of this page. Enter a few details of the vehicle on the widget. Upon submitting the required information, you get to view different insurance plans and the approximate Harley-Davidson Road King bike insurance cost.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Harley Davidson Bike Models/Variants
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Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any queries.