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Harley Davidson Roadster 1200 Bike Insurance

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Harley Davidson Roadster 1200cc Bike Insurance

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Harley Davidson Roadster is a retro-themed bike with a V-Twin 1,200cc air-cooled engine. Currently, it has been discontinued in India, and only a select few own it. If you are an owner of this stylish bike, this article is for you! Here, we have enumerated the different Harley Davidson Roadster 1200 cc bike insurance policies and highlighted the upsides of online bike insurance.

Importance of buying online bike insurance for Harley Davidson Roadster
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In this section, we will list some of the key benefits of online bike insurance for Harley Davidson Roadster.

Less cost
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Online insurers rely on a digital set-up. This, coupled with a no-commission model, helps reduce their operational costs. Such an approach results in low-priced policies for the customer.

Anywhere access
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Buying an offline bike policy typically involves visiting the insurer's office or meeting an agent. Conversely, major processes related to online bike insurance can be accessed anywhere via a phone or computer.

Anytime aid
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You can easily get answers to general or claim-related queries on the insurer’s official website or app. Alternatively, you can call the insurer on their toll-free number and speak to an executive to clarify your doubts.

Bike insurance policies for Harley Davidson Roadster
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Here are the primary types of bike insurance policies you can purchase for your Harley Davidson Roadster.

Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
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As per Indian road laws, it is mandatory to possess this insurance policy to ride legally. A Third-party Policy offers coverage against third-party liabilities such as injury to or property damage of a third party. However, it does not offer coverage if your bike endures accident-related damages.

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy
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This policy clubs the benefits of a Third-party Cover with an Own Damage (OD) Cover. An OD Cover provides coverage for theft, collision-caused damages and damages resulting from man-made and natural calamities. A Comprehensive Policy also provides an option for purchasing add-ons (based on availability).

What’s covered in Harley Davidson Roadster bike insurance?
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In this section, we have listed the coverages under Harley Davidson Roadster insurance.

What’s not covered in Harley Davidson Roadster bike insurance?
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This section lists the conditions under which you cannot claim damages.

Add-ons for Harley Davidson Roadster bike insurance
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Here are some commonly offered add-ons (based on availability) with a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy.

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As you may already be aware, ACKO is a leading online insurer that offers bike insurance. In this section, we will outline some of the benefits you can avail of by buying our online bike insurance.

Optimize savings

Zero commissions
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Typically, insurers hire middlemen to sell their insurance. This may inadvertently bump up their policy’s premium. Since ACKO follows a “no-commission” approach, our policies are sold direct-to-customer via our website/app at incredibly low premiums.

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Instant processing
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Damage-related claim settlements generally take time to be processed, which can take a toll on your patience. In contrast, ACKO’s claim process is quick. For instance, claim requests for minor bike damages are settled within just a few hours.

Same Day Claim Settlement

Special discounts
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Apart from our policies being low-cost and commission-free, we also offer special discounts during festive occasions. Buying our two-wheeler insurance during these periods can help you further maximise your savings.

ACKO’s claim procedure
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ACKO’s claim process involves these simple steps.

After receiving your claim request, we will process it at express speed and credit the settlement amount as per your policy’s terms.

Frequently asked questions
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This section answers common questions regarding Harley Davidson Roadster insurance.


Does ACKO provide insurance for discontinued bikes like Harley Davidson Roadster?

Yes, ACKO provides insurance for discontinued bikes like Harley Davidson Roadster.

Do add-ons come with Comprehensive Bike Insurance for Harley Davidson Roadster, or do they need to be purchased separately?

Usually, add-ons can be selected (based on availability) under a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy for Harley Davidson Roadster. However, each add-on has a price. So, based on the type of add-ons you choose, the policy premium will increase.

Is the premium payable for insuring my Harley Davidson Roadster dependent on its age?Yes, the premium for insuring your Harley Davidson Roadster depends on the vehicle's age. This is because the Insured Declared Value (IDV) or the current market value of your bike reduces with time, and the lesser the IDV selected while buying/renewing a policy, the lower the premium payable.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Harley Davidson Bike Models/Variants
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