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Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance

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Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance

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Vespa is a quintessential name for scooters, and the Elegante lives up to its reputation. Another Italian classic from the house of Piaggio, Vespa still enjoys a cult-level presence in the domestic two-wheeler market for its simplicity in design and sheer driving pleasure. 

Since scooters are best suited for extensive usage, you would need a comprehensive Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance package to cover all costs of the two-wheeler in the long run.

When buying a new Vespa elegante, the ex-showroom price includes two-wheeler insurance for a limited time. However, when your Vespa elegante needs an insurance renewal, ACKO offers you a comprehensive deal to long last its elegance.

What Do You Get With Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance?
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Ride your Vespa elegante carefree with ACKO's comprehensive two-wheeler insurance that includes:

Coverage against nature's fury

Dedicated personal accident coverage

Covers potential third-party damages

Protection against vehicle damage from fire

Receive insurance on vehicle theft

Covered against accidental damages

ACKO's Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance protects your scooter for 60 months, besides extra discounts and personal accident coverage worth 15 lakhs INR. 

Why Buy Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance?
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Having valid two-wheeler insurance is legally mandatory for safe riding. ACKO offers you online insurance from anywhere, 24*7. Renew your Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance today with these added conveniences:

Which Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance Should You Buy?
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Two-wheeler insurance is mandatory for driving on the road. New scooters come with a 5-year comprehensive insurance package. After that, you must renew (minimum 1-year and maximum 3-year). You can buy ACKO's Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance under the following plans:

Key Features of Third-Party Two-Wheeler Insurance

Key Features of Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

Buying ACKO's Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance against third-party damage offers limited coverage for any potential vehicle damage. It includes:

Third-party damages to your scooter (both during riding and not riding it)

Coverage for injury or death of the rider and any third-party involved 

Also, the third-party insurance for a two-wheeler doesn't include:

Accidental coverage

Damage from fire-related mishaps to the vehicle

Damage or loss of vehicle (theft)

Coverage against nature's fury

Personalised coverage options or claims

Cashless claim

No claim bonus offers

Customised IDV on offer

The third-party two-wheeler insurance doesn't suit those using their scooter for daily commuting. However, if you ride less but need scooter insurance, this plan is an affordable package. You can buy this per annum or for a maximum 3-year to save on premium charges.

Give your Vespa elegante 125 complete protection against all elements with ACKO's comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. This Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance policy offers:

Full accidental coverage (both personal and third-party)

Receive fire coverage

Insured against nature's fury

File for a cashless claim

Eligible for no claim bonus (NCB) up to 50%

Third-party damages covered (vehicles and property)

Insured against riding injury/death

Receive theft protection or loss of scooter

Enhance your IDV to maximise insurance cover at an affordable annual premium

Receive personalised insurance offers for maximum coverage of your two-wheeler

Receive instant claim settlement in less than 2-hour

The comprehensive two-wheeler insurance stays included in the ex-showroom price of new vehicles. It's best suited for those commuting daily or having a vehicle location with a high risk of damage. Acko offers maximum comprehensive coverage for 3-year. 

How Do You File a Claim for Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance?
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ACKO offers a hassle-free claim filing experience in just three steps. You can file a claim for Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance through the ACKO app or website.

If you have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, choose a cashless claim and get an instant settlement within 2-hour. 

Renewal of Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance
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ACKO offers online renewal facilities with an instant paperless experience ensuring your Vespa elegante stays covered in less than 30-minutes. Here's how to renew your Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance:

It's best to renew your insurance before the expiry of the present one. You can get better offers and affordable premium options for two-wheelers having active insurance. Also, if you buy from the same insurance provider and have no record of claim filing, you can receive additional discounts on the premium. 

Key Features and Specifications of the Vespa Elegante 125
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Elegante 125 is a limited edition scooter from the assembly of Vespa. An appealing sibling of the Vespa VX, elegante 125 sports a premium chrome grille (front), matching leather upholstery on the seats, and an iconic limited edition badge, marking its significance. Here are the key features of this pleasure riding scooter:

Wrapping Up
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An agile scooter with a seat height of 770 mm, the Vespa elegante 125 is a fusion of class and comfort. Vespa scooters are an iconic statement in the two-wheeler market. Ride without worries with ACKO's Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance keeping this luxurious scooter covered when you sport style on the wheels.

FAQs on Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance
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Commonly Asked Questions About Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance


1. What Is the Warranty Period for Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance?

ACKO offers comprehensive Vespa elegante bike insurance for a 5-year coverage (new vehicles) and 3-years subject to renewal since previous two-wheeler insurance. 

2. Can I Renew Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance Online?

Renew your Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance policy through the ACKO app or visit the website. The seamless interface ensures insurance checkout and renewal in less than 30-minutes.

3. What Is the Expected Premium for Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance?

ACKO's Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance premium depends on your vehicle's age, condition and insurance location. For new two-wheelers (5-year plan), comprehensive insurance starts from INR 4945 and third-party damage insurance INR 3851.

The renewal premium (comprehensive insurance) starts from just INR 1230/year, and the third-party plan begins at INR 714/year. 

4. Will I Get Covered Under Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance for Careless Driving?

ACKO's Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance offers no coverage for accidents under drunk and irresponsible driving, riding without a helmet, or damage from unsafe behaviour. 

5. Does Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance Cover Extensive Damage?

ACKO's Vespa elegante bike insurance covers no damage beyond repair, whether from natural calamities, third-party involvement, or personal accident. However, you are liable to receive the insured value and personal accident coverage if present with your two-wheeler insurance plan.  

6. Does Vespa Elegante Bike Insurance Include Personal Accident Coverage?

Both comprehensive and third-party plans of ACKO's Vespa Elegante 125 Bike Insurance don't include personal accident coverage. It's mandatory to have one, and you can add it for INR 350 to stay insured up to INR 15 lakhs against potential driving injuries.

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