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Audi A4 Car Insurance

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Audi A4 Car Insurance

From superior driving comfort to impressive top speed, Audi A4 is a commendable car to drive. This luxurious compact executive sedan offers a top-notch finish inside, leaving nothing else to wish for. But to drive this luxury sedan on Indian roads, you need to purchase motor insurance so you can stay protected financially against different situations such as theft, loss, damages, etc. Below you will find information related to Audi A4 insurance cost, features and the process of buying vehicle insurance online.

Benefits of buying online car insurance for Audi A4
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Now with many insurers offering a digital presence for services, it has become easier to buy car insurance online. Following are the advantages of buying Audi A4 car insurance online.

Compare plans
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You can compare car insurance prices for different policies for your Audi A4 car online. Along with the cost, the online platform eases the process of comparing policy features, coverages and associated benefits. Thus, the ability to find the right policy for your car requires nothing but a smartphone with an active internet connection.

24x7 presence
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The digital presence of insurers enables you to access insurance-related services 24x7. So, you can buy/renew policies or raise claims without having to physically visit the insurance company. There is no need to book appointments or wait for the insurer to give you a callback.

Faster procedures
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Along with quick access to car insurance online, the digital platform also cuts down the time duration traditionally required to complete procedures related to insurance policies. Plus, there is no physical paperwork involved when you are buying/renewing a policy online.

Types of car insurance plans for Audi A4
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Not all car insurance policies are the same. They may differ with respect to coverage, services and benefits. Thus, you should evaluate all kinds of vehicle insurance policies before choosing one. There are two primary kinds of policies you can choose from when buying Audi A4 insurance.

Third-party Insurance Plan
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To drive your Audi A4 in India, you must at least purchase a Third-party Insurance Plan. This type of policy has been mandated by the government to financially protect vehicle owners against third-party liabilities. A Third-party Insurance Plan provides coverage if your Audi A4 causes property damage to a third party or injury/death of the third party. But when it comes to providing coverage for Audi A4 damages, theft, or loss, a Third-Party Insurance Plan can’t help.

Comprehensive Insurance Plan
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You can buy a Comprehensive Insurance Plan to combine third-party coverage with Own Damage coverage (OD). This type of policy includes Third-party Insurance as well as OD cover, which provides dual financial protection for your Audi A4. The OD cover takes care of financial burden if your car gets damaged due to disasters (man-made/natural), accidents, fire/explosion, etc. Another valuable benefit of this insurance policy is the ability to buy add-ons to include more services and coverages into your basic plan.

What’s covered in A4 car insurance? (Inclusions)
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The right selection of A4 insurance can offer you a wide range of coverage against various situations. With a Comprehensive policy for Audi A4 insurance, you obtain coverage against the following conditions.

Important: When buying vehicle insurance, you must purchase a Personal Accident or PA cover separately. A PA cover is a mandatory coverage required by car owners for financial protection in case of a temporary/permanent injury or death of the policyholder due to a car accident. 

What’s not covered in Audi A4 car insurance? (Exclusions)
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With Comprehensive Insurance for Audi A4, the coverage is not possible in the following situations.

Add-ons for Audi A4 car insurance
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You can use add-ons as extensions to your basic Comprehensive Insurance Plan. Add-ons offer the ability to customise the Audi A4 insurance price, features and benefits as per your requirements. Each add-on can bring in a new cover that you don’t get in a basic insurance plan. Below are the add-on covers you can purchase with your A4 insurance.

Why Acko
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ACKO is making car insurance buying simple for customers via an easy to access mobile app and website. Following are the benefits of buying ACKO car insurance policy for your Audi A4.

Low Premiums

Affordable plans
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ACKO takes away the involvement of insurance agents with a direct-to-customer model and 100% digital infrastructure. This results in the removal of agent commissions that usually increase the Audi A4 insurance cost in India.

Go Paperless

No paperwork
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ACKO enables a paperless purchase/renewal of car insurance online. The online procedures are easy to follow and don’t require physical documentation. You simply need to give your car details and previous insurance information.

Contactless Car Insurance

Pick-up and drop service
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ACKO provides the facility to pick up and drop for repair-related claims in select cities. The repair and delivery of the car for minor damages usually take around 3 working days. But this duration may vary as per the complexity of the damages.

ACKO’s claim process
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To raise a claim for your Audi car insurance, you can follow these simple steps.

Once the claim is registered, ACKO’s support team will contact you to better understand the details of the damages. The settlement amount for a minor claim may reach your bank account within a few hours. However, if a claim involves severe car damages, the settlement may require several days based on the complexity of the repair requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Let’s answer a few common questions related to Audi A4 car insurance at ACKO.


What would be an ideal policy for my Audi A4?

At ACKO, you can buy Third-party Car Insurance online or Comprehensive Car Insurance for your Audi A4. Purchasing a Comprehensive Insurance policy will allow you to cover your A4 against third-party liabilities as well as damages, loss or theft of your vehicle. You can also buy service-specific add-ons with a basic plan to extend the coverages. Hence, a Comprehensive Insurance Plan seems an ideal policy for an Audi A4.

How can I renew car insurance online for my Audi A4 from ACKO?

The process of car insurance renewal is completely digital and instant with ACKO. You can use the official website or mobile application to find multiple policies. When renewing, provide a few details of your vehicle and enter the information regarding your previous policy online. Thus, you will be able to renew car insurance in a few minutes with ACKO.

What are the suitable add-ons from ACKO for a luxury car like Audi A4?

For Audi A4, you can purchase a variety of add-ons from ACKO such as a Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Cover, Key Replacement Cover, Engine Protection Cover, etc. You must also purchase a Personal Accident Cover, which is mandatory by law for motor vehicle owners in India.

Do I need insurance even for my second-hand Audi A4?

Every motor vehicle needs at least a Third-party Insurance Plan as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This law is applicable for second-hand cars as well. Along with that, you should invest in a Comprehensive policy to financially protect yourself against vehicle damages, theft, loss, etc. Thus, it makes sense to purchase insurance even if you have a second-hand Audi A4.

What would be the cost of buying insurance for my A4?

The Audi A4 insurance price in India depends on various factors, including the insurer you choose. Apart from that, other factors such as the type of policy, car insurance add-ons, etc., will also impact the car insurance quote. Hence, you should visit ACKO’s online platform to find an exact quote for an Audi A4 policy.

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