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Audi Q3 Car Insurance

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Audi Q3 Car Insurance

Audi Q3 is a crossover compact SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) popularly known for its exceptional engineering. Its stunning exterior design and top-notch interior make the Audi Q3 a dream car for many people. However, it also becomes important to buy the right car insurance for a luxurious vehicle like Audi. You should know about the Audi Q3 insurance cost, features, and benefits before buying it. Hence, this article will help you understand how to buy/renew Audi Q3 car insurance online.

Benefits of buying online car insurance for Audi Q3
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Below are the benefits of buying your Audi Q3 car insurance online.

1. Compare policies
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The best part about buying car insurance online is the ease with which you can compare car insurance policies. Using the digital platform, you can analyse multiple policies for your Audi Q3 car to find the best-suited coverage and features at a budget-friendly price.

2. Quick access
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Thanks to the online availability of insurers, you can now obtain insurance-related services 24*7. There is no need to make multiple calls or book appointments for every information or service you require. Digital insurers offer their services and assistance online these days.

3. Instant purchase
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Buying/renewing vehicle insurance has become so easy with online platforms nowadays. You can simply enter some essential details of your Audi Q3 and previous insurance (if available) to make an instant purchase of an insurance plan for your car.

Types of car insurance plans for Audi Q3
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Depending on the Audi Q3 insurance price, features and coverages, there are two key plans available.

1. Third-party Car Insurance
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A Third-party Car Insurance Plan is mandatory for all motor vehicles in the country. This insurance is a legal requirement to drive your car in India. It keeps you financially covered against any third-party property damage, injury or death as a result of an accident while driving. The only problem with this policy is that it doesn’t cover your Audi Q3 car against damages, theft or loss.

2. Comprehensive Car Insurance
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A Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan allows you to expand your vehicle insurance coverage. It includes Own Damage cover (OD) along with Third-party Insurance cover. Hence, you get financial protection against both third-party liabilities and damages to your own vehicle as well. With this type of policy, you can claim against theft, total loss or damages to your car due to accidents, explosions, fires, man-made disasters, natural calamities, etc.

Note: The Personal Accident or PA cover is mandatory to purchase along with motor insurance. Every vehicle owner must have this cover for financial protection against temporary/permanent disability or death due to a vehicle accident.

What’s covered in Audi Q3 car insurance? (Inclusions)
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With a Comprehensive Audi Q3 Car Insurance Plan, you obtain coverage against the following conditions. 

What’s not included in Audi Q3 car insurance? (Exclusions)
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Below are the situations when your Audi Q3 insurance can’t offer coverage.

Add-ons for Audi Q3 car insurance
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A Comprehensive Insurance Plan gives you the benefit of purchasing add-ons by customising Audi Q3 insurance price. These car insurance add-ons help you expand the coverage of your policy for more services and benefits.

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These are the reasons why you should buy Q3 insurance from ACKO.

Go Paperless

Zero paperwork
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ACKO offers a digital mode of insurance purchase with zero physical paperwork. You can simply enter details related to your Audi Q3 and previous policy (if applicable). Thus, buying or renewing a policy becomes an instant process.

Low Premiums

Low premium
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ACKO’s digital infrastructure and direct-to-customer model help to keep the operating costs low. Hence, you can buy insurance directly from ACKO without any involvement of middlemen. All this results in low-cost policies for you.

Contactless Car Insurance

Pickup and drop
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ACKO offers pickup and drop service for claims related to repairs in select cities. We arrange the pickup of your vehicle, get it repaired and drop it back at your doorstep. The duration of repair depends on the extent of damages.

ACKO’s claim process
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Below are the simple steps you can follow to raise a claim for Audi Q3 insurance.

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO account via the website or mobile app.

Step 2: Find your Audi Q3 policy and click ‘Claim’.

Step 3: Upload images of the damaged car and answer questions related to the damages to raise a claim.

Once you request a claim, the claim settlement team initiates the process right away. Minor claims are usually settled within a few hours. However, the duration of settlement depends on the complexity of damages. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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The following are a few common questions regarding Audi Q3 insurance.


How can I renew car insurance online for my Q3 from ACKO?

The car insurance renewal is an instant process at ACKO. All it takes is a few steps to get your car insurance quote and renew. The process involves entering your Audi Q3 details along with previous insurance information. Then, you can purchase Third-party Car Insurance online or Comprehensive Insurance online in just a few minutes. 

What is the Audi Q3 insurance cost at ACKO?

The cost of insuring your Q3 depends on several factors like the policy type you choose, add-on covers you include and others. Thus, we recommend you use ACKO’s car insurance premium calculator to get an accurate car insurance quote. 

Do I need to buy insurance for a second-hand Audi Q3?

Third-party Insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicles, including your second-hand Audi Q3. Moreover, you should get a Comprehensive Insurance Plan to expand your coverage beyond third-party liabilities. It will protect you financially against Q3 damages, loss or theft and allow you to get add-on covers for more coverage.

Car insurance for other Audi car models/variants 
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