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Honda CR-V Car Insurance

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Car Insurance for a Honda CR-V

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There are so many stories where wearing a seat belt has been the difference between life and death in case of an accident. Car insurance is also, in a way, like that seat belt. Of course, the question is not about life or death but about financial safety. Opting for a Comprehensive Honda CR-V Car Insurance policy will ensure that you have financial backing in case of third-party liabilities and damages to your vehicle. Read ahead to know how to go about purchasing Honda CR-V car insurance online in India.

Why Choose Online Car Insurance for a Honda CR-V?

Here’s why it is beneficial to go for car insurance online.

Simple Process

Online car insurance does not involve complex procedures. It is as simple as ordering food from a delivery app. At ACKO, you just have to share some car details, select a plan and pay for it online, and your car will be insured.

Paperless Process

With all the technological development, there’s no need for physical form-filling when it comes to car insurance. ACKO’s seamless process ensures you do not have to upload documents or write your names in boxes on forms to insure your vehicle.

Your Preference

In online insurance, you have the right to choose a policy of your liking, the time you want to buy it, and the method you want to use to buy it. For example, you can buy a Comprehensive Plan with multiple add-ons, buy it on a Sunday from the ACKO app on your mobile.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Honda CR-V

Primarily, you can pick a Third-party Liability Policy or go for a Comprehensive Plan with additional covers for broad insurance coverage for your Honda CR-V. The Honda CR-V insurance price is directly proportional to the insurance coverage, less for third-party coverage and more for comprehensive coverage.

Third-party Liability Policy

A Third Party Car Insurance Policy is a must-have as per Indian law. This is the plan that the officials look for when they check for car insurance. Not buying this cover can lead to penalties. This plan covers your liabilities towards third party injury/death/property damage.

Comprehensive Cover

A car like Honda CR-V must have wide-ranging coverage, like the one offered by a Comprehensive Cover. The dual advantages of this plan are that it offers the law-required cover and insures your Honda CR-V against damages due to accidents, fire, calamities, etc. Car theft is covered as well.

What’s Included in Honda CR-V Car Insurance? (Inclusions)

A Comprehensive Plan comes with the following inclusions. Note that a Personal Accident Cover is not a part of this list and needs to be bought separately.

  • Third-party injury/death

  • Third-party property damage

  • Damage to your four-wheeler because of fire, calamities, accidents, etc.

  • Inclusions as per the car insurance add-ons

  • Theft of the four-wheeler

What’s Not Included in Honda CR-V Car Insurance? (Exclusions)

  • The following circumstances are not covered under car insurance.

  • Driving your car in a drunk state

  • Driving your car without valid documentation

  • Driving your car in a way that traffic rules are not followed

  • Damage to your four-wheeler because of mechanical/electrical failure

  • Damage to your four-wheeler due to natural wear and tear

Add-on Covers for Honda CR-V

While buying a Comprehensive Plan, you get the opportunity to enhance the coverage by picking the following additional insurance covers for your Honda CR-V.


Listed below are the top reasons for you to buy Comprehensive Honda CR-V insurance offered by ACKO.

Low Premium

ACKO offers four-wheeler insurance at an incredibly low premium without cutting down on the features or services of the policy. This is possible due to our tech-based and no-commission processes executed via the ACKO website/app.

Easy Insurance

Everything is easy when it comes to ACKO insurance. Whether it is buying or renewing your car insurance policy or raising a claim, the processes are done in a hassle-free and transparent manner, thanks to our digital processes and a top-notch claims team.

Smooth Claims

If the need arises, your claims journey will be a seamless one due to our user-friendly claims interface. With features like On-account Settlement, One-hour pick-up and Three-day delivery of the vehicle, ACKO’s claims process is smooth as silk.

ACKO’s Claim Process

This section highlights the step-wise car insurance claims process offered by ACKO.

Step 1: Visit the ACKO website/app and log in to your account via OTP verification.

Step 2: Initiate the process by clicking ‘Claim Now’ and share basic claim details.

Step 3: Follow the stated claim settlement process; for example, on-account settlement for minor claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common queries about Honda CR-V Car Insurance.


How can I buy Honda CR-V car insurance without uploading any documents?

You can buy car insurance without uploading documents by visiting ACKO’s website or using the mobile application.

Which is the best Honda CR-V car insurance policy online?

You can opt for a Comprehensive Cover with suitable add-ons like Zero Depreciation or Roadside Assistance for the best Honda CR-V car insurance policy/cover.

How much time does it take to purchase insurance coverage for my Honda CR-V via the ACKO website?

Insuring your car via the ACKO website can take less than three minutes, as all you have to do is share car and insurance details, select a plan, and make an online payment to insure your vehicle.

Will my previous No Claim Bonus be taken into consideration if I switch to ACKO from a different insurer to insure my Honda CR-V?

Yes, your previous No Claim Bonus shall be considered while renewing your policy from ACKO.

Is Honda CR-V costly to insure?

The cost of insuring your Honda CR-V depends upon the type of policy you choose and the extent of the coverage. For example, a Third-party Policy costs less than a Comprehensive Plan, as it offers comparatively lower insurance coverage.

About Car Insurance for Honda CR-V

Motor insurance can be approached from two perspectives. One, that is a compulsion. The other, that is a financial safety net. And by picking a Comprehensive Honda Car Insurance Cover, you get to meet the compulsion aspect as well as have the financial cushioning if the car needs repairs because of an accident or damage due to calamities, fire, etc. Repairing a Honda CR-V can be a costly affair, and a broad insurance cover can help you save the repair cost. If you want to buy or renew car insurance online, you can do so in an easy and convenient way via the ACKO app/website.

Why Should You Buy the Honda CR-V?

The Honda CR-V is a spacious four-wheeler. It offers a comfortable short as well as long ride. This Sports Utility Vehicle can be termed as a family car for long weekend trips. With a great combination of sturdy and good-looking exterior, and a pleasing interior, the Honda CR-V can be a good four-wheeled companion. Honda CR-V cars in India have been discontinued; however, you can opt for a pre-owned car.

Key Specifications of Honda CR-V

Here’s a section highlighting key specifications of the four-wheeler.

Specifics Details
Mileage in kmpl 14.4 to 18.9
Engine capacity in cc 1597 to 1997
Transmission Auto and Manual
Fuel Diesel and Petrol
Seating Capacity 5 & 7

Honda CR-V Variants and Ex-showroom Price

Here’s a table highlighting vehicle variants and their Honda CR-V price (approximate).

Variant Price in lakhs (Rs.)
2WD Petrol CVT (2018-20) 28.34
2WD Petrol CVT 28.34
Special Edition 2WD Petrol CVT 29.57
2WD Diesel Automatic 30.74
AWD Diesel AD 32.84

CIN: U66000KA2016PLC138288

IRDAI Registration No: 157

Category: Non-Life Insurance

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