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Body Type Calculator

Knowing your Body Type is an important aspect of determining the appropriate dietary habits and exercise routines. Use the Body Type Calculator to accurately identify your body type. Know more.

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Everyone has a unique genetic composition that determines their body shape or how fat is distributed throughout their body. While body shape might have negative connotations connected with superficial looks or beauty, knowing your Body Type is an important aspect of determining the appropriate dietary habits and exercise routines to follow in order to live a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we will learn about the Body Type Calculator, its usage, types, and advantages.

What is a Body Type Calculator?
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A Body Type Calculator (BTC) is a tool or application that helps people discover their body type based on measurements such as weight, height, body shape, and proportions. These calculators often use algorithms or equations to categorise people into body types such as ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs. Some BTCs may also give recommendations for suitable workouts or diets based on the user's body type.

Physical measurements differ for different body types, and let's start with some basics for a better understanding before learning about this female and male Body Type Calculator which helps in determining the ideal size for both.

What is my body type?
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Determining your body type is an important step in creating a fitness plan that works for you. The three main types are as follows.

How to measure body shapes
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To identify your basic body type, the Body Type Calculator requires four measurements from various parts of the body, such as your shoulder, chest/bust, waist, and hips. Here's how to take measurements with a soft measuring tape.

What body type do you have?
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The Body Type Calculator can categorise your body shapes into seven main types. They may include the following.

1. Inverted Triangle Body Type

People with inverted triangle body types have a larger shoulder or breast measurement than their hip measurement. This implies that they have wide shoulders and a thin waist. 

2. Rectangle Body Type

The rectangular body type is also known as the ruler or straight body type. 

3. Round/Apple Body Type

Apple-shaped individuals have a waist measurement that is larger than their hip and bust dimensions. This indicates they have a greater prevalence of abdominal obesity because of the visceral fat deposition around their abdominal region. Thus, many apple-shaped people are at a higher risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

4. Triangle or Pear Shaped Body Type

Pear-shaped Body Type people bear more weight in their hips and buttocks than in their stomachs. Their bust or shoulder dimension is more than 5% smaller than their hip measurement. They have a thin upper torso with considerable volume in the hips and bottoms.

5. Hourglass-shaped Body Type

The waist circumference of an hourglass body shape is at least 25% smaller than the shoulder or chest dimensions. Furthermore, their waists are at least 25% smaller than their hips, and their shoulder and hip dimensions are within 5% of one another.

How to get body measurements with Body Type Calculator
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Body Type Calculator is used to determine various body types in men and women, as well as their waist-to-hip ratio. Simply take your body measurements to determine your Body Type. Before you select the calculate button, provide information on your bust, waistline, hip, and high hip measurements in inches or centimetres. The step-by-step process of body measurement calculation with the help of a BTC may be done as follows.

The Body Type Calculator may give you exact body shapes along with the waist-to-hip ratio, according to the inputs given.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are some FAQs related to the Body Type Calculator.


What is Waist-Hip-Ratio (WHR)?

The waist-hip ratio is the relationship between the measurement of the waist and the hip. Various body types have varying waist-hip ratios, which are found by dividing the waist size by the hip size. If a woman has a 24′′ waist and a 30′′ hip, her waist-hip ratio is 24/30 or 0.85. The waist-hip ratio may also be used to determine body type.

Does a woman's physical appearance change with age?

Yes. The changes in hormones in a woman's body cause her body shape to change as she ages. The most significant changes occur throughout adolescence. Young males and females have nearly identical hip-waist ratios, but oestrogen causes a female's hips and breasts to grow with time. With ageing, oestrogen causes fat to accumulate in the thighs and hip regions. Pregnancy raises oestrogen levels, resulting in increased weight gain in females.

Which shape is the most appealing?

This is subjective. However, the hourglass Body Type is considered appealing since it has the shortest waist-to-hip ratio. Similarly, the ideal male Body Type is an inverted pyramid with broad shoulders and a smaller waist.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes.