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Travel Insurance for Mexico from India

Ensure a safe trip with Mexico travel insurance plan.

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Hola amigos! Are you planning a trip to sunny Mexico from India? Well, before you pack your sombrero and sunscreen, there's one important thing you don't want to forget: travel insurance! And not just any travel insurance, but ACKO Travel Insurance specifically designed for your Mexican adventure. So, let's taco 'bout why Travel Insurance for Mexico from India is the perfect side dish for your trip.

Why do I need travel insurance for my Mexico trip?
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Here are some reasons why you might want to consider getting travel insurance for your trip to Mexico.

Medical emergencies can be expensive
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If you get sick or injured while in Mexico and require medical attention, the costs can quickly add up. Having travel insurance with medical coverage can help cover these costs, including emergency medical transportation if necessary.

Trip interruption or cancellation
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Unexpected circumstances occasionally make it necessary for you to postpone or cancel your trip to Mexico. If you have travel insurance that covers trip interruption or cancellation, you can get reimbursed for non-refundable costs like airfare and hotel reservations.

Lost or stolen belongings
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Unfortunately, theft and loss of personal belongings can happen while travelling. With travel insurance, you can get coverage for lost or stolen luggage, as well as other personal belongings like passports and wallets.

Natural disasters and other unexpected events
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Natural disasters and other unexpected events like terrorist attacks can disrupt travel plans and cause financial losses. Having travel insurance with coverage for trip cancellations or delays due to unforeseen events can help protect you financially.

Peaceful trip
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Ultimately, travel insurance can provide peace of mind knowing that you're protected financially in case something goes wrong during your trip to Mexico.

What is the benefit of buying Travel Insurance for Mexico online?
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Here are some benefits of buying travel insurance for Mexico online.

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Buying travel insurance Mexico online is incredibly convenient, allowing you to compare policies, review coverage details, and make a purchase all from the comfort of your own home.

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With online travel insurance, you can save time by avoiding the need to visit a physical insurance office or spend time on the phone with an agent.

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Online travel insurance policies can often be more cost-effective than those purchased through traditional channels, as insurers have lower overheads and can pass on the savings to customers.

Broad coverage
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Many online travel insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage, including emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation, and theft or loss of personal belongings.

Tailored to your needs
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When purchasing travel insurance for Mexico online, you can select a policy that is tailored to your specific travel needs, such as adventure activities, pre-existing medical conditions, or extended trip duration.

Instant confirmation
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Once you purchase travel insurance online for Mexico, you'll typically receive instant confirmation and policy documents via email, allowing you to travel with peace of mind knowing that you're protected.

Key features of ACKO’s Mexico Travel Insurance Policy
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Listed below are some of the notable features of ACKO's Travel Insurance Policy for Mexico. It is recommended to refer to the relevant policy documents for accurate and comprehensive information.



Baggage delay/loss

You can claim reimbursement if your baggage is delayed or lost during air travel.

Adventure sports caused injuries

The policy provides coverage for injuries sustained during adventure sports.

Loss of passport

If you lose your passport while travelling, the policy covers the cost of obtaining a new one.

Trip cancellation and interruption

You will receive specific monetary compensation in case of flight cancellation or trip interruption as per the policy terms.

Illness-related medical expense reimbursement

You can claim reimbursement for any illness-related medical expenses incurred during travel.

Trip rescheduling

If your flight is rescheduled, you can claim a fixed sum compensation in accordance with the policy terms.

COVID-19-related hospitalisation

The policy provides coverage for hospitalisation due to COVID-19 while travelling.

Trip cancellation due to COVID-19

If you need to cancel or reschedule your trip due to a positive COVID-19 test, you will receive compensation in accordance with the policy terms.

Missed/delayed flight

If you miss or face a delayed flight, you can claim lump-sum compensation as per the policy terms.

Loss of travel fund

The policy guarantees money to complete your trip if you lose or have your travel funds stolen.

Accident-related medical expense reimbursement

The policy covers any medical costs related to accidents during travel.

Benefits of ACKO’s Mexico Travel Insurance Plan
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ACKO offers various additional features to improve your insurance experience.

What is covered

What is not covered

Our policy includes the following features.

Expenses for medical care

Our medical travel insurance for Mexico protects you from having to pay out-of-pocket for expensive medical care by covering hospitalisation, ambulance fees, and other medical costs up to a predetermined cap.

Personal liability coverage

If you are found to be at fault for incidents that cause harm to a third party, such as bodily injury, wrongful death, or property damage, our policy offers monetary compensation and covers legal fees.

Compassionate visits

If you require hospitalisation due to illness or injury, our policy covers the expenses of bringing a family member from India to Mexico to provide emotional support and ensure that you receive proper care.

Repatriation of mortal remains

In the unfortunate event of your demise during your trip, our insurance plan covers the cost of repatriating your body to your hometown, relieving your loved ones of any financial burden.

Trip cancellation due to COVID-19

Our medical travel insurance covers your financial losses if you have to cancel your trip due to COVID-19 related reasons.

Cancellation and rescheduling of travel

If your flight is cancelled, you miss a connection, or experience rescheduling or delays, our policy offers fixed compensation to reduce any additional expenses or inconvenience.

Injuries related to adventure sports

Our policy covers medical bills resulting from injuries incurred during adventure sports, so you can enjoy them worry-free.

Loss and delay of luggage

Our policy will compensate you for any inconvenience in the event that your luggage is lost or delayed while you are travelling.

Replacement of lost passport

If you lose your passport while travelling in Mexico, our policy covers the cost of obtaining a new one, saving you money and frustration.

To ensure that you understand the coverage provided by our insurance policy, we have categorised the exclusions into three types as mentioned below.

Travel exclusions

Under our policy, the following conditions will prevent you from being covered.

  • Travelling to Mexico without a valid visa

  • Travelling to Mexico solely for medical treatment

  • Ignoring travel-related medical advice and travelling while being unwell

Legal exclusions

Claims for ACKO's Travel Insurance for Mexico from India are not permitted under the following circumstances.

  • Engaging in self-harm or suicidal behaviour

  • Performing tasks while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Being found guilty of a crime

  • Performing risky tasks such as mining, tunnelling, aerial photography, and other similar activities

Medical exclusions

Our policy does not cover the following medical expenses.

  • Aggravation of pre-existing medical conditions while in Mexico

  • Obtaining a medical certificate from a family member

  • Maternity-related medical expenses

Note: This list is not exhaustive, and we advise you to review the policy documents carefully to fully understand the coverage provided by our policy.

Tips to buy the best travel insurance for Mexico from India online
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Take note of these suggestions when looking for an online ACKO Travel Insurance that matches your needs and budget for your upcoming trip from India to Mexico.

Pick a suitable sum insured
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It's essential to choose a sum insured that is financially viable and enough to cover any possible risks that may occur during your trip. To save money, choose a reasonable sum insured that isn't overly high, as this may increase the cost of your travel insurance policy.

Assess your coverage needs
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To decrease the cost of your ACKO International Travel Insurance for Mexico, evaluate your specific requirements and only select the necessary coverage. This will prevent you from paying for any extra coverage that isn't needed.

Understand the claim process
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Before getting a travel insurance policy for Mexico, make sure you comprehend the process for filing a claim with the insurer. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently make a claim if you encounter an emergency while travelling, which can save you both time and money.

How to buy ACKO Mexico Travel Insurance
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To easily purchase insurance from ACKO for your upcoming trip to Mexico, just follow these straightforward steps.

Step 1: Head over to the ACKO website at or download their mobile application.

Step 2: Once you're on the website or app, navigate to the "Travel" section and indicate the countries you'll be visiting.

Step 3: Input the start and end dates of your trip.

Step 4: Ensure that everyone who will be travelling with you is included in the insurance coverage.

Step 5: Choose the coverage options that are best suited to your needs for your Mexico travels.

Step 6: Finalise your purchase by making an online payment. Your policy documents will be sent directly to your email.

With ACKO's Mexico Travel Insurance Cover, you can enjoy your trip with the knowledge that you are financially protected in case of any unexpected circumstances.

How to raise a claim under ACKO’s Travel Insurance for Mexico
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To ensure a smooth processing of your ACKO Mexico Travel Policy claims, please follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Initiate the claims submission process by sending an email to [email protected] or giving a missed call to 8061617799.

Step 2: Gather all the necessary documents required for your specific type of claim and submit them to us.

Step 3: Your work is done. We will handle your claim request and settle it according to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Note: The time needed to settle a claim may vary depending on its complexity. Claims that involve more intricate procedures may require additional processing and resolution time.

Things you should know before beginning your Mexico trip
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Prepare for your trip to Mexico by reading through these interesting facts about the country.

Things you can’t miss!
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Here are some of the top places you absolutely cannot miss when visiting Mexico.

Mexico Visa Information for Indians
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The most common types of visas for travellers to Mexico are listed below.

Visa type


Tourist Visa (FMM)

This visa is intended for tourists and allows visitors to stay in Mexico for up to 180 days. It is a multiple-entry visa, which means visitors can leave and re-enter Mexico during their stay. The FMM visa can be obtained at the port of entry, such as airports, land borders, and sea ports.

Business Visa

This visa is intended for individuals travelling to Mexico for business purposes, such as attending meetings or conferences, negotiating business deals, or exploring potential business opportunities. The business visa is also known as the Visitor Visa with Permission to Perform Remunerated Activities (VV-T). The maximum stay with this visa is 180 days.

Temporary Resident Visa

This visa is intended for individuals who wish to stay in Mexico for more than 180 days, but less than four years. This visa is usually granted to individuals who have a job offer or are studying in Mexico. The Temporary Resident Visa can also be used for retirees who can prove that they have sufficient income to support themselves during their stay.

Permanent Resident Visa

This visa is intended for individuals who wish to stay in Mexico permanently. This visa is usually granted to individuals who have a close family member who is a Mexican citizen or permanent resident, or to individuals who have made a significant investment in Mexico.

Note: We recommend that you check with the nearest Mexican embassy or consulate for specific information on visa requirements and application procedures.

Indian Embassy’s location in Mexico
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Contact the Indian Embassy using the information in the table below in case of an emergency while you are in Mexico.


Embassy of India, Mexico


Musset 325, Col. Polanco, Mexico City – 11550

Phone number

5531-1002/1050/4636/6638, 5545-1491, 5203-4803

Working hours

Monday – Friday: 0900 - 1730 hrs


List of international airports in Mexico
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Here is a list of some of the international airports present in Mexico.

  1. Mexico City International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México)

  2. Cancun International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún)

  3. Guadalajara International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Guadalajara)

  4. Monterrey International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Monterrey)

  5. Tijuana International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Tijuana)

  6. Puerto Vallarta International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Puerto Vallarta)

  7. Los Cabos International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Los Cabos)

  8. Mérida International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Mérida)

  9. Cozumel International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Cozumel)

  10. Puebla International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Puebla)

Documents required to travel to Mexico
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Below-listed are some of the commonly required documents for travelling to Mexico.

  1. A valid passport: Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date.

  2. Tourist card: Also known as a Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM), it's a document issued by the Mexican government, which you need to fill out and submit to the immigration officer upon arrival.

  3. Visa: Depending on your nationality and the length of your stay, you may need a tourist visa. Check with the Mexican consulate or embassy in your country to find out if you need one.

  4. Return or onward ticket: Mexican immigration may require proof of your intention to leave the country, so having a return or onward ticket can help.

  5. COVID-19 related documents: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you may need to provide additional documents, such as a negative COVID-19 test result or proof of vaccination.

Note: Kindly check with the Mexican embassy or consulate in your country for the most up-to-date and specific requirements before your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are responses to frequently asked inquiries about travel insurance to Mexico


Is ACKO Mexico Travel Policy valid for all types of trips?

ACKO insurance for Mexico travel is valid for most types of trips, including leisure trips, business trips, and adventure trips. However, it is best to check the policy documents or speak to the customer service team for more information on coverage limitations.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Mexico?

No, travel insurance is not mandatory in Mexico.

What does ACKO’s Mexico Travel Plan cover?

ACKO Mexico Travel Insurance covers a range of risks, including trip cancellations, medical emergencies, personal accidents, loss or theft of luggage, emergency dental treatments, trip delays, and more.

Who can buy ACKO Travel Insurance to Mexico?

Any Indian citizen who is planning a trip to Mexico can buy ACKO Travel Insurance Mexico.

What is the cost of ACKO’s Travel Insurance plan for Mexico?

The cost of ACKO Travel Insurance for Mexico varies depending on several factors, such as the duration of the trip, the age of the traveller, and the level of coverage required. It is best to get a quote from the ACKO website or speak to their customer service team for more information.

How do I buy an ACKO Travel Policy to Mexico?

You can buy ACKO’s Travel Plan for Mexico online by visiting the ACKO website and filling in the required details. Alternatively, you can also call the ACKO customer service team to get assistance with buying the policy.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and changes. Please check the applicable policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions.