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Travel Insurance for Spain from India

Ensure a safe trip with Spain travel insurance plan.

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Are you dreaming about a trip to Spain? Spain has become a top destination for Indians, and if you're a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, you might have seen those incredible scenes in the movie 'Pathaan' filmed in Spain.

However, when planning your trip, it's important to think about the unexpected events that can sometimes happen while traveling. Imagine missing your flight or your airline losing your luggage. It can be really frustrating when you're in a foreign country. And guess what? Dealing with these issues can also cost you extra money. That's why it's better to have insurance than to go through these problems all by yourself. If this sounds interesting, keep reading to learn more about travel insurance for your Spain trip. 

Why do I need travel insurance for my trip to Spain?
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International travel is exciting and something that many people only get to do once in their lives. However, many unpredictable situations can ruin your vacation. Here are a few common reasons why getting travel insurance for Spain makes sense.

Medical Assistance
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You do not want to get sick or hurt while you are in Spain. But things do happen like this. If you have travel insurance, you will not have to worry about having to pay a lot for medical care.

Lost Luggage
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It is not unusual for a Spanish airline to lose or misplace luggage. Even well-known people have been in this kind of situation. If you have travel insurance, you can get money back to make up for what you lost.

Third-Party Losses
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Let us say you are driving a car while listening to one of the "Zindagi mileage na dubara" songs, and you lose your balance and crash into someone. If you want to ensure your journey's script stays exciting and drama-free, travel insurance is your way to go.

Financial Protection
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 While playing at the Tomatina festival, you tripped and broke your ankle. If you have travel insurance, even tomatoes cannot make you pay more for medical care.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Spain?
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Yes, Spain is one of the countries in the Schengen area. It is also a very important part of getting a visa to Spain. To get a Schengen visa, you must have travel medical insurance of €30,000 [26,25,349.61 Indian Rupee as of October 2023] that covers the whole Schengen area. Additionally, you may be required to show proof of health insurance coverage in Spain when you arrive at the port of entry.

Benefits of a travel insurance plan for Spain
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These are the benefits of international travel insurance for Spain from India.

Health coverage
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A travel insurance plan keeps you covered against medical emergencies while travelling. It can include coverage for hospitalisation and/or daycare treatments due to a sudden illness, accidental injury, etc.

Baggage coverage
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Travel insurance with baggage coverage offers financial protection in case of the misplacement of luggage. The coverage becomes applicable if an airline delays or loses your checked-in baggage.

Journey coverage
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A travel insurance policy usually covers several unexpected scenarios on a journey, like loss of passport, loss of travel funds, flight cancellation, etc. It helps to recover the loss of finances in the mentioned unfortunate scenarios.

What is covered?

What is not covered?

What's Covered by ACKO Travel Insurance for Spain ?
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ACKO's India-Spain travel insurance covers medical, baggage, adventure sports, and almost everything that could go wrong. You can receive up to $250,000 (₹20,561,979) in medical coverage. Our Spain travel insurance covers the following: 

Repatriation of mortal remains if you die— If you are unfortunate enough to pass away as a result of an injury or illness sustained during your trip, we will pay up to the policy limit for the transportation of mortal remains.

Physiotherapy— If you get hurt on vacation, we will pay for physiotherapy up to the policy limit for 365 days.

Hospitalization because of illness— If you get sick, your medical bills will be paid back quickly, or you can get care without paying out of pocket at one of our network hospitals. Just send us a missed call at 01246174722.

Partial disability— If you suffer partial disability from a trip injury, we will pay up to the policy limit.

Trip extension— If you are hospitalized and need to stay longer, we will pay up to the policy maximum.

Accidental hospitalisation— If you get hurt and need to go to the hospital, we will pay any bills you rack up, or you can get cashless treatment at any of our network hospitals.

Flight cancellation due to COVID-19— If your airline cancels your flight because you tested positive for COVID-19, you will be reimbursed up to the policy maximum for any associated expenses.

Trip rescheduling— If you need to change your travel plans because of an emergency (such as the death of a family member, an illness, or a natural disaster), we will pay for any additional expenses incurred as a result.

Baggage delay— If your checked bags are delayed for more than three hours, we will pay for your overhead costs up to the policy's maximum. 

Adventure sports injury cover— If you participate in high-adrenaline pursuits during your Spain trip and get injured, we will cover the medical expenses incurred up to the specified limit in the policy.

What’s not covered by ACKO’s Travel Insurance for Spain?
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Our Spain travel insurance excludes the following:

  • Travelling to Spain without a valid visa.

  • Travelling to Spain solely for medical treatment.

  • Ignoring travel-related medical advice and travelling while unwell.

  • Committing suicide or self-destructive acts.

  • Completing tasks while intoxicated or drugged.

  • Having a crime found against you.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered.

  • Getting a family member to certify a disability.

  • Medical costs associated with pregnancy.

  • Trip extensions due to pregnancy-related issues are not covered.

  • Accident-related death or disability is not covered after 365 days.

  • Adventure sports injuries are not covered (unless you buy a separate policy).

Note: Please note that this is not a complete list of all the inclusions and exclusions. We recommend that you read the policy document in detail.

How do I buy Acko’s Travel Insurance for Spain from India?
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Simply follow these steps to buy travel insurance from our mobile app or website and secure your trip in minutes.

How do I claim online travel insurance for Spain from Acko?
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Claiming your ACKO travel insurance online for Spain is super easy. Here are the simple steps to follow: 

For travel medical insurance that offers treatment without cash:

For cash reimbursement:

What’s great about ACKO’s International Travel Insurance?
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Support around the world — Regardless of where your travels take you, you can relax knowing that our travel insurance offers uninterrupted support around the world.

Immediate coverage​​— You will be protected by your insurance beginning on the first day you require it.

Zero Deductibles— You will not have to worry about any out-of-pocket expenses because we will take care of everything for you, and there are no deductibles.

Mobile-friendly Processes—  No filling out of forms is required. Simply leave a message for us at 01246174722, along with copies of your bills and receipts, and we will promptly issue a refund.

Affordable— Our basic travel insurance starts at just Rs. 49 for a five-day journey, which is equivalent to only Rs. 10 per day*, making it one of the most affordable options available.

Coverage at home— Leave your worries at home while traveling. If your home was unoccupied during your trip, we will compensate you for any losses up to the limit stated in the policy schedule.

Things you should know before beginning your Spain trip
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Here are some things you need to know to have the best time on your Spain trip.

When should you go to Spain?
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The right time to cover Northern Spain is between March and May to have soothing spring weather conditions. However, you can plan your trip between September and November as it is less crowded; also, you will spend less money to experience the same itinerary. The time between May and September is when Spain receives its maximum number of tourists, so you can plan your trip accordingly. 

What to do in Spain?
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You should not miss the following places on your trip to Spain.

Spain Visa Information for Indians
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Spain is one of the 26 Schengen countries in Europe that require you to have a Schengen Visa to pay a visit. You can apply for a visa by fulfilling the mandatory travel insurance requirements.

Indian Embassy’s location in Spain
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Here are the key contact details of the Indian Embassy in Spain.

Official website

Helpline number

+34 917693741

Email address

[email protected]

Documents required to travel to Spain
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For Indian citizens travelling to Spain, the following documents become extremely important.

  1. A valid Schengen visa.

  2. Two passport-sized photos.

  3. A valid Spanish travel insurance containing at least 30,000 euros of medical coverage.

  4. A photocopy of the entire visa section of your passport.

  5. Copies of return tickets.

  6. A letter explaining your Spain trip and details.

  7. Your accommodations for the entirety of the journey.

  8. Proof of citizenship

  9. Proof of income to show that you can support yourself in Spain.

  10. Proof of vaccination. 

Note: We recommend that you check with the Spanish embassy or consulate near you to ensure that you have all the necessary documents for your specific situation.

How can I lower my Spain travel insurance premium from India?
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If you're looking to buy travel insurance for your Spain trip, we have some tips for you.

We hope these suggestions are useful to you! Remember, while it is important to save money, do not forego necessary coverage. Safety should always come first, especially when traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Got a question about this subject? Find out if your question about Spain travel insurance is answered in this FAQ.


When should I buy Spanish travel insurance?

You can purchase travel insurance for Spain prior to visa application. Thus, you will be able to submit the required travel insurance documents along with your visa application for Spain.

What does ACKO’s Travel Insurance for Spain cover?

It covers trip cancellation, trip curtailment, medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, loss or theft of baggage, and more. Check out our policy for a comprehensive overview.

Who is eligible to buy an ACKO Spain Travel Insurance Plan, and can it be purchased for a group of travellers?

The policy applies to all Indian nationals who travel to Spain. And if you are traveling with a group, it is possible to obtain insurance for everyone.

Can I purchase ACKO Travel Insurance for Spain if I am already on my trip?

No, you cannot purchase ACKO insurance once your trip has begun. First, we do not permit it, and second, a Schengen visa requires medically-inclusive travel insurance. In both cases, it can not happen. 

Can older people buy ACKO Spain travel insurance?

Yes, if you are under 85, you can buy ACKO Spain Travel Insurance.

Can non-Indian citizens buy ACKO Travel Insurance for Spain?

No, right now, we only sell insurance to people who live in India. We will let you know if we plan to do something similar in the near future.

Are there any exclusions under ACKO Travel Insurance Spain?

Yes, just like any other insurance company, your ACKO's travel insurance from India to Spain comes with certain exclusions. To find out, please read the policy document very carefully.

Does ACKO’s Travel Insurance for Spain cover adventure sports-caused injuries?

Yes, ACKO's Spain travel insurance covers adventure sports injuries, but you must add it separately.

Is Spain a part of the Schengen area?

Yes, Spain and a lot of other European countries are part of the Schengen Agreement.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and change. Baggage cover for up to 5 days in Asia is available for just ₹49 (inclusive of GST) for adults – that's around ₹10 per day. Remember, prices may change, so be sure to check the policy details before deciding. If you have questions, reach out to us at [email protected].